So there we were, standing Oh So Dramatically on the steps of St. Swithun's Cathedral, the Batman and I.

And Batman, he's doing his usual Glare and Scowl routine at me.

And then he goes off about Justice and Clenched Fists and Furrowed Brows, though I'm really only guessing about the eyebrow thing.

And I'm doing my best to pay attention to him, I mean, communication is Vital to any stable Relationship, right?

But all I could think was, was, wouldn't it be Funny if right now, right this very Second, some Chinese soldier bumped the wrong switch and Whoops.

Nuclear War.

So I start Laughing, and Batsy's looking a little Put Out. Doesn't like being Ignored.

And never let it be said that The Joker is an unfeeling Man.

Never let it be said that I Don't Care.

I mean, I couldn't just leave the Poor Bat feeling so Lonely, could I?

How was I supposed to know that His Little Cop Friend Gordon would Laugh if I hugged him?

I was just trying to Help. He didn't need to Throw me into the Baptistery like That and mess up my Makeup like That and ruin my New Suit like That.

I try to do a Good Deed, and That is what I Get.