Everyone keeps saying, saying Joker you need to brush your Teeth two times A Day.

And flossing is an important part of dental Hygiene.

And, look, I know I come across as Pretty confident. Not a Care in the world. But.

But that kind of Talk just hurts my Feelings.

I have given SO Much to this city and all you can talk about is the gum Disease known as GINGIVITIS.

So I thought, Why don't I give you all Something Else to think about?

See, I've got this bag Of teeth and and, this is One of those things that Keeps a guy up at night.

How Many teeth can I feed Scarebear before he vomits Up his insides?

Poor spooky is sooooo Thin that it shouldn't take Much.

Ha hi hu he ho

Oh the Look on His face right now. Priceless!

Wish Me luck gentle reader.