Chapter 10

Kyra re-entered Meta Knight's room, the book of fairy tales clutched under her arm.

"So Kyra, did you find out anything?" Sword asked, turning to face her

"Yeah, I did, but if I tell you, you have to promise not to laugh." She handed the book to the knights. "Guess what they have in common."

"Well, let's see," Blade muttered, flipping through the pages, "In all the stories is the saying 'at loves first kiss-," he broke off, staring at Kyra, "the spell shall break." He finished

"Yeah, I know."

"Well, do you uh… love Meta Knight?" Sword asked uncomfortably, shifting from foot to foot


"Do you?"

"Um… I guess."

Sword and Blade looked at Kyra, then at their lord, then back to Kyra, and back to their lord.

"Are you willing to do this?" Sword asked, still feeling a bit weird having this conversation.

"If it'll save Meta Knight, then yes." She walked over to the star warrior who looked worse that ever. His skin was no longer a midnight blue, but more of a grayish blue. His eyes had gone dark, as he had most likely fallen into a coma.

Kyra leaned her face over his, and breathed deeply. When finally, she mustered the courage, she pressed his lips to his. At that moment, one thought exploded inside her head OH MY GOD! I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM FINALLY DOING THIS!!

Meta Knight's eyes flickered and Kyra jerked her head away. The knight's skin seemed to regain its bluish tinge as he sat up, looking at each of them in turn.

"You… kissed me." He murmured staring at Kyra his eyes turning a deep purple (embarrassment).

"Well, it was the only way to save your blue hide." Kyra said in a small voice, not sure if she was about to become confetti for what she did.

Meta Knight walked over to her, his eyes returning to normal, "Thank you," he nodded, showing a small smile.

"Um… thanks." She said, returning his smile

"Aw! You two look so cute together!" Blade teased, both Kyra and Meta Knight glared daggers at the two, who backed up, "Uh, we're going to go now…" Sword said and he and Blade ran out of the room.

"So Kyra," Meta Knight started, "where did you get the… creative idea to do that?"

Kyra looked at the ceiling. "Um… this." She handed him The Fairy Tale Grimmery. As he flipped through it, he noticed something, "At true love's first kiss, the spell shall break. I've never really been in love before. It just seemed like a distraction from what's really important."

"And what, mysterious, cold-hearted, Meta Knight is really important?" Kyra asked in mock annoyance

"At the moment, you." He felt really stupid saying that, like he was going soft.

Kyra hugged him and, instead of pulling away, or slicing her in half like he would if anyone else hugged him, he put his arms around her and hugged back, savoring the moment.

At that moment, a thud came from the other side of the door and Sword and Blade fell into the room as the door swung open.

"I told you were leaning against the door too much!" Sword said, pushing himself off the ground. Then, they looked up at the two who had stopped mid-hug and were now staring at them. Meta Knight's eyes were some color between red and pink, trying to decided whether he should through Sword and Blade out a window or just start rolling on the floor laughing.

"We ruined the moment didn't we?" the two knights said in unison. Kyra and Meta Knight nodded.

"Well, we better start writing our wills now Blade, they're probably going to slice us up and use us as lunchmeat." Sword said solemnly.

"We weren't, but would you prefer it that way?" Kyra joked folding her arms.

"No, we're fine being in one piece thanks for the offer though," Blade chuckled

-the next day-

Kyra was up in her room, cramming stuff into her book bag. Her parents were coming to pick her up today. Despite the events of the past two days, she had enjoyed herself greatly.

As she walked down the hall, she noticed Meta Knight, Sword and Blade pacing.

"Hey guys! What's up with you?"

Sword sighed, "Nothing really, what's with the bag?"

"I'm going home today. My parents are coming to pick me up in about an hour." Kyra sighed

Meta Knight's heart sank, It felt as if she had only just gotten here, and now she was leaving. Why had he thought she was going to stay forever? He had been too stupid to realize that she did not belong to him, nor to anybody else.

Kyra noticed Meta Knight's mood dampen, "Don't worry, it's not like I'm never going to see you again. I'll probably be back in a year or two, when I am old enough to drive my parent's boat." Kyra attempted to cheer him up, but it didn't exactly work.

She decided to leave them be and went to go find Tiff and Tuff. They were in the village with Kirby, Honey, Iroo, and Spikehead (seriously, who the crap names their kid Spikehead??).

When she told them the news, their smiled faded. "Why now? I assumed they wouldn't be back for another week if they were overseas?" Tiff said


"So did I, but apparently, the dragon thing was a dud so they're coming to pick me up early."

As if on que, off in the distance, they heard the revving sound of a speed boat motor on water. Kyra, Tiff, Tuff, Kirby and company ran as fast as they could to the beach just as the boat pulled up to shore.

Kyra's parents hopped out. They looked a bit like Kyra. Her father, Dave, had short, spiky black hair while her mother, Audrey, had long, waist length brunette hair and wire- rimmed glasses.

Kyra ran up and hugged her parents, "S' good to see you guys again! How did the dragon thing go?"

"The guy that showed us the island was a complete loon. It was all desert and we didn't see a thing." David said annoyed, "Did you and your uncle get on alright?"

Kyra shrugged, "More or less," she lied, "He's up in the castle, do you want to say hello?"

They two nodded and followed Kyra and her friends up to castle Dedede.

King Dedede was sitting in his throne, about to order another monster from Nightmare Enterprises when the throne room doors burst open and standing in the doorway was Kyra, followed by her parents.

"Hey Dave, Audrey, you're back early!" Dedede exclaimed, walking up to Kyra's parents and shaking both of their hands in turned.

"Likewise," Audrey forced a smile, she, along with her husband, new that Dedede was an evil, conniving, twit.

"How did our daughter do while she was away?" David asked pulling his hand out of his brothers.

"She was an angel. Couldn't have been better." Dedede lied. He knew that if he said anything bad about their daughter that they would get all miffed and blame him for everything.

"We're happy to hear that but, time being what it is, we have to leave. We were assigned a project to do some deep sea photography and we need to get the equipment." Kyra's parents were leaving the throne room and just as they stepped outside its doors. Meta Knight, Sword and Blade came up to them.

"Goodbye Kyra, we hope to see you soon." Meta Knight nodded

"Yeah, see you later, we'll miss you." Blade said.

Kyra flashed her mischievous smirk, "Ill miss you guys too, I guess I'll see you later."

As they left the castle and walked towards the speed boat, Kyra's father asked, "Kyra, who were those knights?"

Kyra looked up at her father, "Those knight's were Meta Knight, Sword Knight, and Blade Knight. They're a few of my friends I picked up while I was here. Basically, it feels as if everyone in the castle is just one big sappy- I mean, happy family."

The end!

I forgot to say this at the beginning of the story but I don't own Kirby or any of the characters except Kyra and her parents. This story is dedeicated to Ivy Starr. I hope you enjoyed it.