Alright so this little sprout of an idea flew into my head and I decided to fly with it. This is my first long Death Note fanfiction so forgive me if the characters seem a little ooc, I'm trying to stick to their character as best as possible. Also, feel free to give both good and bad reviews, without the critiques how would I know where I needed to improve? His death is based on the anime death, not the manga death, so forgive if I take some artistic license with his thought process. Also, I plan on including a semi-relevant quote from Peter Anspach's Evil Overlord List for fun and giggles at the top of every chapter, so here goes.

Number 46: If an advisor says to me "My liege, he is but one man. What can one man possibly do?", I will reply "This." and kill the advisor.

Oh, and I don't own Death Note, or the Evil Overlord List, or a lot of other stuff in this world.


He knew the second he felt the hard thumping in his chest as the stairs pushed into his back as he rested on them, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds and only adding to his pain.


There was no way he could stop it, Kira, the God of the new world.. was going to die. His gaze drifted up to the window, stubbornly refusing to give into the thoughts racing through his mind as the rays of light shined through and illuminated him in a last, twisted irony. A soft sound, the slightest of sighs, escaped from his lips as his expression calmed and already he could feel the pain drifting away.

The human who uses this note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell.

The thought just flew into his mind, he would become nothing.. drift into nothing.. nowhere wanted him, and thus end the reign of the God of the New World, he thought. His heart throbbed one last time, and he saw of all figures, a hunched and loosely dressed one with a slight smile on his face that almost-but-not-quite reached those large black eyes. The last words heard by the living ears of the most wanted mass murderer of the century was, "I win," perfectly in line with the last beats of a drum.

He felt light, almost airy, which confused him as he sat up on the stairway and shook his head. Did I fall asleep here? Light asked himself before dismissing the idea, brushing off some dust from his jacket out of habit, no.. but.. I could have sworn, he finally opened his eyes and barely restrained his immediate reaction as he saw his bloody and broken corpse splayed out over the stairway, appearing to the outside world as just a minor twitch of his eyes. The figure from before leaned over and gave him a tap on the shoulder, his dark eyes shining with a light of mysterious amusement, even if his face didn't express it.

"I win, Light-kun," he said, and the other on the stairway gave a noncommittal grunt in response, watching as Near and the detectives approached the fallen body that lay on the staircase soaked in blood. Matsuda immediately dropped his gun and brought a hand over his mouth, taking a step back at the sight despite being the one to cause the wounds, and Light watched silently, mentally piecing it all together.

He looked back up at L who was leaning against a wall watching the action, so that's it? No shining light, sudden realizations, or anything? He shook his head lightly at his internal sarcasm before voicing, "so they can't see us, or presumably hear us."

L nodded his head and walked over to look down at Near, the silver-haired youth rifling through the body's jacket as he searched for something, before snapping his gaze back up to Light, who was busy glaring at the small one as if the look alone could cause him to have a heart attack, the same red glint in his eyes that the detective learned to be wary of. He spoke with guarded tones, sounding emotionless unless one knew how to read him, "Light-kun, its over. You've lost," but he simply fixed his glare from Near to L.

"I'm aware of that Ryuzaki," he said with fully intended sarcasm before grinning with wicked intent, "or should I call you Lawliet?" He stood up from the staircase and stepped around the detectives as they looked over his body, the red glint already beginning to die down a bit as the other nodded his head and stepped forwards.

With hands in pockets, L paused right before reaching Light, looking up at the face that had returned to a normal expression, "yes, thats my name." Light examined L, looking him over before asking, "have you been.. following me?"

There was that shine again in L's eyes, that amused look that didn't quite reach the rest of his face before the man let the hint of a smile show through. "Yes Light-kun, I wanted to be there when it was over. I wanted to see you when I won." The recently deceased one seemed to be lost in thought as the living continued to work, two men stepping forwards to place the corpse into a body bag.

Light muttered to himself, "shame, I liked that suit," as he watched the action before looking around the area in silence. Already the forms of the living that were wandering around looked paler and slightly transparent. Dare the thought cross his mind he whispered, "almost ghost-like.." only to realize it had been said aloud when the other there let a grin flick its way onto his face and said, "welcome to the afterlife Yagami-kun."

Yeah yeah I know its pathetically short, bare with me its the opening chapter. More to come my pretties I promise. I already have twelve chapters outlined, even if I don't have them written.