Welcome, welcome to chapter three of my lovely story here. Now some pretty important stuff happens here in chapter three so I'll try not to rush through it like I, admittedly, did in chapter two. Not for the faint of heart or those with weak constitutions. Also, I -am- in the market for a beta reader for Life After Life. Sorry for the long wait too, I finally got me a job and we moved new apartment where I don't yet have internet.

Songs: Paula Cole - Throwing Stones (surprising how well her songs fit the mood of some of these), Paula Cola - Road to Dead (she does so many things that just fit this story), and Ka-Ching - Shania Twain. Bits and pieces also include Engel – Rammstien.

Number 85: I will not use any plan in which the final step is horribly complicated, e.g. "Align the 12 Stones of Power on the sacred altar then activate the medallion at the moment of total eclipse." Instead it will be more along the lines of "Push the button."


He had been quiet, almost unusually so for the one formerly full of.. well life. Since Sayu left with a small pack slung over her shoulder he hadn't done a thing but return to his pacing quietly back and forth with that red glint in his eyes. L perked up his head as he heard a growl come from the other male and watched with suppressed curiosity as Light reached up to touch the skin just to the side of one of his eyes.

Tilting his head lightly, L asked in a quiet voice, "Light-kun?" Soft, simple, with thousands of questions all wrapped into the simple one. Light simply turned a death glare towards L and withheld his urge to growl at the detective for his insatiable curiosity, before he simply removed his hand and sat down on one of the steps of the stairs of the stairwell. This was not turning out the way he had planned.


No one was quite sure who'd broken the news that Kira was dead and how, but one day the world was gossiping about why the deaths had stopped so suddenly, and the next it was all over the news that a young, promising Japanese man had been Kira, and also that he'd been killed. Within hours there were riots sprouting up in major cities across the world. Kira supporters everywhere claiming Kira was divine, causing a split between those who believed that the media claim was false and those who said that death only released their god from his human confines.

The small staircase in Japan quickly became holy ground to those who believed the latter. Again, no fingers were pointed to the leak of information, but there was something about a very shaken detective mentioned in some of the stories. A group of twenty students from a campus in southern Japan was the one to start the shrine.

A young woman with hair dyed a bright blonde and a gentle smile on her face stepped out from the group, kneeling down and placing a small stick on incense on the stairwell before bringing her hands together and bowing politely. Following the lead of this young woman, the others of her group did the same.

Over the course of the months following, it had become a craze among Kira supporters. Candles of all types and sizes adorned the stairwell, along with a bowl of silver that had been placed in the center of one of the steps where it was commonly believed Kira's heart had been when he died. If one were to look into the bowl, they would see blood, fresh and dried of varying ages. You see, they'd come up with a ritual of cutting themselves across the palm and letting drops of their blood fall into the bowl so that they might be closer to bringing about their God's full ascension into the divine.

None of them knew that their God and his greatest enemy were both watching as they flocked to the shrine that was quickly becoming the place for Kira worship in the world. As for L, the detective felt sick as he watched the people flock like sheep to worship the greatest mass murderer of the century, without so much as a thought as to why they were cutting themselves. Without even washing that knife might I add.

Opposite him, though, was Light with a pleased smile on his face. He walked towards the stairway and brushed his fingers over the head of a worshiper who was currently watching as drops of his blood fell down from his hand into the bowl. Light stroked his head as someone might a loyal dog, causing the kneeling male to shiver and look around, seeking the source of the sudden drop in temperature.

A cold chuckle echoed around the room as a glimmer shown inside the eyes of the brown-haired genius, his fingers slipping very slightly through the now faintly panicking follower, and he knelt down to whisper in his ear. L's eyes narrowed, he'd seen that look while following the boy.. no man now but he still knew what it meant. Something was going to happen, and L didn't think he was likely to like it.

Standing, Light walked back to lean against the wall with an extraordinarily pleased smile on his face, eyes following the worshiper as the knife fell from limp hands into the silver blood-filled bowl. A girl shouted out, asking if the boy was alright likely, and her and a few others paused in the doorway, watching wide-eyed as the blood in the bowl began to swirl of its own accord, the follower leaning down with lifeless eyes, and a sudden sucking sound the only warning before the boy's blood began to drain from his pores, his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, if it had an opening to the inside of the body it seemed blood was coming out of it.

The boy almost seemed to be melting forwards, his own blood merging with the blood from the bowl as it rose in a sickening pillar. The rest of the boy was soon to follow as his skin dripped down in droplets, revealing the rotting tissue beneath, and eventually the bone that was.. crystallizing? Yes it seemed the bone itself was shaping itself into a scythe-like form, only when one of the girls had noticed the boy had fallen onto the bowl by now and shrieked did L take note of the fact that the dagger seemed to have merged with the boy's skull and elongated with the help of the blood to form the blade itself. Interesting as it all was, the detective felt his stomach turn slightly, to all the world looking passive and unfeeling, ever the spectator.

He held back a grimace as he watched Light grab the now formed orange crystalline scythe, drenched in blood, with veins of pulsing red making their way through the weapon someone (one of his own followers!) had just been slaughtered for. Light, no Kira, this is definitely the Kira personality, he threw his head back and laughed, caressing the blade with two of his fingers intimately. The onlooking group had apparently seen something, because one girl gasped, her friend screamed and ran off, while the third fell down on her knees and whispered something about a holy miracle and a sign.

L shook his head ever so gently, this was not turning out well...