Here is an interesting little series for you, read this one first and i'll explain everything else a the end!

Lemmie just say right off the bat, I love my job. It makes me feel powerful, and omnipotent...or is it omnipresent? Anyways as with all professions you have your slow days, and on those days I would like to remind my fellow crime fighters the buildings security feed is sent directly to my lab; or maybe I wouldn't. I have learned some pretty interesting things about all of them.

For example I knew Sara and Grissom were together before anyone else. The first time they entered the elevator holding hands I figured it out. It took me a little longer to figure out why Nick and Greg liked to take their breaks together in the basement storage room, but eventually I put two and two together. It wouldn't have taken me so long if it wasn't for Nick's ladies man reputation. Boy am I glad I didn't look at those tapes. Although I can safely say (with audio only) that the they would make a some of the ladies here very happy.

I can also tell you (with the unaided eye), that Catherine likes to flirt with Henry. She even followed him into the freezer once. What I wouldn't give to know what went on in there! Oh, and I saw him leaving with Sofia once, lucky jerk, what's he got that I haven't? Also with the unaided eye (and ear) I can tell you when Wendy is approximately two weeks away from that time of the month (I can tell you when she's got that too). When it's two weeks away Hodges likes to fight with her, when it's here she likes to fight with him, figures.

I frequently catch Judy leaning farther out of her chair to stare at Warrick's ass, and once I caught Ecklie dancing in the elevator...and those suckers don't have music. I've never caught Bobby doing anything though which makes me wonder...

I can't believe how much we get away with here, but I suppose they don't know anyone's looking. Really what more can you expect from a man who's paid to watch?

So, here's your chance to investigate a little bit more. You can choose who I write about next, they all have a little something to say about what's been said here and more. just comment and leave the name of the next person you would like to hear from and the one with the most votes goes first, then read their story and vote again, simple right? well what are you waiting for!

(PS. you can also pick the following people who were not mentioned. Super Dave, Doc Robbins, and Jim Brass.)