Hello all you peoples out there in FF land, it's me Ratty back from the dead and better than ever! (Hopefully) anyway hiatus and semester over so it's time to pick up where I left off! I believe the character with the next highest amount of votes is…Greg…so enjoy!


Oh hey! What's up? Me and Nick? So I guess it leaked huh? All right, well I guess I'll spill then…Nick and I are completely and totally in love. A Deep, lasting, sickness and health, his, and well…his towels kind of love.

He lets me wear his A&M t-shirt, and he is viciously protective of that thing. I'm surprised no one else has noticed yet, I mean we make every attempt to be subtle, but it's hard. I mean have you seen Nick? If you had him, could you keep your hands off of him? Really? Didn't think so. That's why well, we've been taking breaks together, in the basement… Yeah I'm blushing.

But please whatever you do don't tell Nick I told you! He would freak! He's not quite ready for anyone to know yet. I just couldn't do that to him! So for Nick's sake lets keep this between you and me okay? Someday we'll tell everyone, but until then, it'll be our secret.

Eh, not my greatest, but I'll get back into the swing of things, until then you know the voting rules, anyone but a character we've talked to already, so go back and visit the first few chapters, maybe there is someone you'd like to hear from!