I am camping right now and I had this idea. So I had to share it will someone. Hope you guys like it because I might do more then just this one.

Happy reading.


50 thing to do when you go to walmart

Gazzy sighed in boredom. He had all this clothes in the cart along with Iggy's. Who was sitting on the floor, cross legged. His head on his hands. He was bored as well. Max had banned them AGAIN from bomb making. She even took drastic measures and took both there back packs away when they were shopping in walmart. Like they were going to blow something up. Well maybe? Iggy sighed in frustration. They waited by the front door to the store,waiting for the rest of the flock to be done with shopping. Gazzy could hear Nudge from the back of the store, telling Max to buy a top that looked oh so cute on her. An evil grin spread across his face. A women passed by on an electric cart,going to slow for anyones good.

"Hey Iggy?"

Iggy turned to Gazzy's voice. He could hear a hint of something under his voice.


" Want to have some fun?"

Iggy grinned. " Hey. What do you have in mind, my genuis friend?"

Gazzy pulled Iggy away from there cart full of clothes. He pushed him into the electric cart. Iggy griped the handle bars. He gave an evil chuckle,imagining Max's face. She said not to make bomb not to ride electric cars through the store.

Gazzy hopped into the cart next to him.

"Race you?" Gazzy laughed.

"You are so on !" Iggy yelled.




"Go!" They both screamed at once. Gazyy shot through the isle. He bounce up and down in the seat with joy like a kid in a candy store. Gazzy's head shot back to Iggy. Iggy turned right. His hand on the throttle. Being blind, he couldn't see the rack that was rushing towards him. He slammed into the clothes rack. Clothes flew. His tires screeched as clothes got stuck in his tires. He pushed the clothes that landed on him away. Tears ran down Gazzy's face with laughed. Gazzy turned left down another aisle. Fang ran towards him. Gazzy's face dropped. He was in trouble. Max was going to kill him. Fang smile,hopping onto the back.

"Go! Go! Go!" He shouted. Gazzy pulled back on the throttle. Iggy zoomed by. Clothes were stuck in his tires, A hose trailing behind. Fang laughed. Iggy rammed the womens dressing room. Girls screamed as they ran out on the dressing room. Iggy jumped off the cart and ran to Gazzy's. He jumped onto the back. Gazzy screeched down another aisle. Angel and Nudge mouth dropped as the boys rounded the corner, were Max was looking at clothes. Gazzy leaned back in the seat as they did a second turn into the teen girl section. The boys starred wide eye as Max watched them fly by on the electric cart. Her face red with anger. Her fist clutching her clothes in her hand. Fang took out his disposable camera and took a picture of Max's face. Gazzy couldn't breath with laugher. Tear ran down his cheeks. He will never forget his day at walmrt or Max's face.