As of right now this story is officially finished. I am still undecided if I should attempt to re-write the story or write one more chapter and let this story go.

I know you all hate me right now because I have not updated in like forever and finally you guys think its an update and its a stupid AN. Sorry.

But I have grown as a writer and I am not very pleased at all with the way I was writing. I see to many spelling mistake that would make me kick my own butt because some of them are so ridicules for me not to see them.

When I do have free time it is spent on an original piece that has been plaguing my every dream. You guys should check it out if you want to read something different. Its called

Blood Moon, on fiction press. I have the same account name as fanfiction if you do choose to look it up.

So I am giving you guys the control right now. Do you want the story to end and have one last chapter or I re-write the story all over again.

Review with the decision. If you do tell me to continue the story It will have the same name or a very familiar name.

Thanks for all the love and reviews!