"I've got it!" Madara exclaimed. Itachi pulled the dango stick from his mouth and gave an unimpressed stare at his sensei.

"What bright idea do you have now?" Itachi sighed. A smirk grazed Madara's lips.

"Itachi, this one is pure genius so prepare to have your socks," Madara took a dramatic pause that earned eye rolling from Itachi, then half whispered, "blown off."

"No socks."

Madara scowled at the under appreciative teenager who popped in another stick of dango into his mouth at the glare. "Look, just let me get through with telling plan otherwise I'll forget it." Madara said sternly.

"Hn." Was Itachi's one-worded response.

Madara rose form his seat by the tree and looked north where he knew the rival Senju clan lie. "Hashirama Senju . . . He's the leader of that wretched clan and the person who I always have to fight until both of us pass out in fatigue," Madara's hands were balled up into fists, his knuckles turning white. He exhaled deeply to clam himself then he continued, "Do you know what would happen without him?"


"The clan would fall into chaos. That's what my plan will do. The clan will indubitably veto their leader if one single thing were to happen," Madara looked over to his student with a menacing smile, "if he were to sleep with the enemy."

Itachi nearly choked on his sugary snack, disbelief filling his eyes at those words. "Exactly," Madara continued, "this will be you're part of the plan. You'll have to—"

"Hell no, I'm not going to be your whore." Itachi hmphed, biting down hard on the dango stick. Madara's eyes grew big like a little child's and his lower lip extended into a pout. "NO, he's way older than me." Madara smirked.

"What about that one time you and I—"

"We were drunk," Itachi replied, turning his head to conceal the blush that was on his cheeks. "Despite me being too young to drink," Itachi added silently.

"C'mon Itachi, please!"

"No. You want to do that plan so bad then do it on your own."

"But I hate that man you know it! Sex with him would be like . . . torture!" Madara spoke defensively. He smirked as he added, "it would stop war from breaking out." Itachi threw the dango stick to the ground as he turned to walk away; using his weakness was a dirty trick. Madara's eyes widened and he began to regret what he said as he caught up to his student.

"I-I'm sorry Itachi! I won't say it again! Please, don't leave," Madara pleaded. Itachi stopped walking, turned, and crossed his arms. "You don't have to do it," Madara sighed, "I will."

Itachi would have burst into a fit of laughter if he actually liked using a wide variety of expressions. Since he didn't, the edges of his lips curved into a small smile. "Are you sure you really want to do this?" Itachi asked. Madara nodded vigorously.

"I know this'll work!" Madara said confidently, regaining his composure. "But . . . I might need you to help a bit . . ." Madara muttered.

"As long as you're the one getting it in the behind, I'll help." Itachi said, unfolding his arms. Madara shuddered then frowned.

"He'll be the one getting it, not me!"

"No offense sensei but you don't seem like you'd be on top in that relationship," Itachi snickered.

"Ugh. Let's just let me do this then we can forget about the whole ordeal." Madara exhaled. Itachi's grin stayed plastered on his face and Madara knew then that Itachi would never let him forget it.

"What's your plan?" Itachi asked, now interesting knowing he'd be perfectly safe in the scheme.

"Well, he and I are going to do it," Madara wanted to hurl at the idea, "and when that happens, I'll moan his name as loud as I can then someone will hear. They'll come running and see him on top of," Itachi raised an eyebrow showing interest in Madara's choice of words and Madara mentally slapped himself, "me on top of him."

"It could backfire."

"How so? Even if people in our clan hear about the whole fiasco, which they most likely will, they'd understand that their leader did it for them."

"What if you enjoy it?"

"There's no way I'd enjoy doing anything with that man other than killing him so I won't have to worry about that. Any other questions?"


"Okay then, time for my plan to be put into action!"