Oh shit, Madara thought as soon as he entered the house. He didn't expect to see what he saw. Oh shit, he would have rather seen Itachi and Shisui with smirks that came from ear to ear. This was worse. Oh shit.

Standing not too far away from the door was his brother.

Izuna's eyes traveled up and down his body a few times, not believing what he saw. Madara was stricken with fear. "Hello . . . Madara . . ." His brother greeted in utter confusion. Madara nervously waved his hand.

"Hi Izuna."

"What are you wearing?"

"Swimming trunks . . ."

Silence fell between the two brothers. Madara tried not looking into his brother eyes. He couldn't lie about what he was wearing but he definitely was not going to tell him it belonged to Hashirama Senju. He'd get his brains fried by the mangekyo for that. "Why?" Izuna asked, interrupting the looming silence.

"I was . . . swimming." Madara replied uneasily. His brother cocked an eyebrow.

"You? Swimming?"

"Y-yeah . . ."

Izuna stared at him for a few seconds then started laughing hysterically. Madara was silent. What had been so funny?

His brother's shrill laughter began dying down and he began saying, "Right! Okay, tell me, what woman were you sleeping with last night?" Madara frowned. It was hilarious that he went swimming . . . how? How was that so unbelievable?!

"I was seriously swimming."

"Madara, honestly? You never go swimming. There is no way you randomly went for a swim. What did the woman have a fetish with men in swimming trunks or did you just go swimming to look for a woman you could seduce into sleeping with?" Izuna asked, eyebrow raised. Madara crossed his arms. It wasn't funny. He didn't go with Hashirama just to screw him. He really wanted to spend time with-

NO!! Madara wanted to kick himself. He didn't want to spend time with the Senju, he just wanted to fuck him! Madara paused for a moment in his thoughts. Fuck him for the plan. Not that he actually wanted to fuck him.

Of course, that was his plan.

Madara closed his eyes. Okay, time to stop talking like he was gay for the Senju. Maybe his brother's idea of what he did would have been good. Taking advantage of being leader was, after all, his forte.

But it'd be wrong.

"So what happened?" Izuna reenforced the question. Madara racked his brain for an excuse.

"You . . . caught me," Madara sighed, "I was out with a woman." Madara's brother smirked.

"Knew it. So who is she?"

"Her name is . . . Hashiko Senpu." Madara lied.

"Interesting name," Izuna mused, "seems like it rings a bell but whatever." Madara exhaled deeply. HASHIKO SENPU?! I'm so lucky that my brother doesn't assume the worst! God that is the worst name I could've said!!

"Back so soon?" Both Uchiha brothers' heads turned to the door. In walked Itachi and Shisui. Of course,, Madara inwardly sighed, nothing would be teh same without the teasing of the damned duo. His eyes went to his brother and his mind began to panic. One slip of the tongue by Shisui and Izuna would know all about his secret rendezvous.

"You knew he went swimming?" His brother asked. Madara was sulking in his mind. Shisui's going to say something. He's going to say something, I know it. Any second now he'll say the name 'Hashirama Senju' then I'd be dead. Literally dead.

"Well not swimming but we did know that-" Shisui began saying with a smirk but Itachi cut him off.

"He left. We didn't think he'd be back so soon." Itachi explained. Shisui looked confusedly at Itachi. Thank god for Itachi.

"Am I the only one shocked that he went swimming . . .?" Izuna asked.

"It wasn't shocking since he went swimming with-"

"His girlfriend." Itachi intervened. Shisui glared at his friend.

"You two know about Hashiko?"

"Hashiko?" Both Shisui and Itachi asked in unison.

"Yeah, that's the name of his girlfriend, isn't it?"

"Isn't it-" Shisui began to say but Itachi kicked him. "What?"

"Sh." Itachi hushed. Madara glared at Itachi. Sure, that would have probably got Shisui to shut up but by saying that, his brother was sure to be suspicious of something.

"Is there something that's trying to be hid from me?" Izuna asked, sharingan taking over his eyes, making them vermilion. Shisui didn't look to the Uchiha leader's brother but kept his eyes steady with Itachi's. Staring intensely into the other's eyes, they were having a silent conversation. How they even understood what was supposed to be said was unknown.

"Nothing," Shisui spoke up, turning to Izuna, "nothing is trying to be hid from you. I simply was thinking of Madara's other girlfriend. Itachi stopped me because Madara doesn't like to speak of her. I apologize for my imprudence."

Madara was taken aback by this apology. The hint of shock that was on his face had been expected since it was a good reaction to the facts. "It's okay Shisui, you don't have to apologize." Madara said uneasily. Staring into the younger one's eyes, he somehow got a notion of how Itachi and him were conversing because he knew that Shisui's onyx eyes were telling him that he'd go along.

"Yeah, you don't have to apologize because he has a new girlfriend almost every week, don't you Madara?" Izuna asked Madara. Madara frowned.

"Hn." He answered, like Itachi would. Itachi glared at his sensei for that.

"Anyways, I'll let you all get back to whatever you were doing. I have other matters to attend to. Such as the meeting with the Nishikawa clan." Izuna said, looking straight at his brother. Madara's eye brows raised.

"When was Uchiha asked to be hired?"

"About a week ago."

"You didn't tell me why?"

"Because you were busy with Itachi and I didn't think that it was important at that time. I'm bringing it up now because we might take their case." Izuna explained. Madara pouted.

"I'm the leader of the clan . . ."

"Yeah but I'm your secretar in charge of everything else, sorry brother." Izuna said, walking out the door.

"Why can't we talk about Hashirama?" Shisui asked as soon as he thought it was okay to talk about him. Madara glared at the Uchiha boy then exhaled deeply. He had saved his butt in a way, but he was the reason he was in trouble in the first place so he had nothing to thank him for.

"We can't talk about him because Izuna doesn't know about Madara being gay." Itachi explained to his friend.

"Yeah and- HEY! I'm not gay." Madara said, glowering at his student.

"Bisexual, whatever." Itachi said disinterestedly.

"I'm not that either . . . I don't like guys." Both boys stared at him with disbelief. "Oh shut up." Madara said, waving at them as he passed by. "I'm going to go get changed and take a shower and all that good stuff. Stay out of trouble."

"We have."

"So far." Shisui added, smirking. Madara looked back glumly at them. They're going to act up as soon as he gets home, oh joy. So much to hope for during the day.


When Madara laid down for bed, he couldn't help thinking about everything that had happened that day. The Senju and him had such a good time and he was so loving the whole day. Madara couldn't help but wonder why Hashirama just instantly accepted his confession. Had he really liked him? Or was he just like him and had a plan of his own.

He glared in the dark at that thought. In his mind, he supposed, it was okay for him to do this to him but it wasn't if Hashirama was the one doing it.

It's probably because if he was doing it and I liked it, like I know I would, I would be completely heart broken to hear that all the love he gave me, all those feelings he made me feel, were all just a part of his ploy. As soon as he thought that, he thought of how Hashirama would feel after this whole thing.

Not wanting to feel remorse or grievance for the Senju, he stopped thinking about it and started to try to go to sleep. Since he was still tired from swimming earlier in the day, he drifted into sleep easily.

"Madara, I love you." Hashirama chuckled into Madara's ear. The Uchiha blushed and he kissed Hashirama.

"I love you too." He said back, snuggling into the Senju's arms. Looking up at him, his eyes met the caring eyes of his loving Senju.

"I didn't think I could love anyone this much," Hashirama said, smiling warmly at his boy friend, "you're just so amazing." He kissed Madara's forehead then Madara returned his head to its normal position.

"I like being held like this by you. You make me feel so safe and secure in your arms. There's no other place that I'd rather be."

"Any place with you is a place that I'd love to be."

"I love you." Madara repeated.

"Do you?"

"I do."

"Then why . . . are you doing this to me?" Hashirama asked. The mood in the room didn't seem as romantic as it was before.

"Doing what?" Madara asked, pulling away a bit from Hashirama's grip to look at him.

"You're love . . . you're faking it. You've faked it from the start. That confession . . . was no more than just a part of your plan."

"P-plan?" Madara asked, voice becoming panicky.

"Plan to 'throw me off my throne.' Yes, I know that all this time you were just trying to get closer to me, to make me have sex with you and then you'd get us caught and my life would go to ruin. Don't think that I'm stupid!" Hashirama said, raising his voice.

His perfect image destroyed, Madara jumped back. He now stood in front of the one that he had called his lover. The one he said he loved.

The distance that was between them grew. It seemed like Madara was going down a dark hallway without even moving his feet. Hashirama moved farther and farther away until he couldn't see him.

Now he was all alone. There was absolutely nothing. Madara turned around and around but nothing was there, just an endless darkness.

Suddenly, in front of him, was Hashirama. He was standing in front of all the Senjus. They were all yelling nasty things at him. Realizing why, Madara gasped. He tried looking away but he couldn't.

"Our leader has been sleeping with the enemy, I say we kill him!" A random guy yelled out. Madara's eyes grew and Hashirama stayed calm.

"Cut him up into itty bitty pieces then send it to his lover!"

"Lets just get rid of him and burn him alive. Sick-"

After that, everyone just started cursing at him. With horrorstruck eyes, Madara watched as everyone started closing in on the Senju. Madara looked to Tobirama who was just looking away with disgust. Tobirama was supposed to do something, it was his brother for god's sake! "Stop!" Madara yelled out to everyone, trying to stop them since Tobirama wasn't.

But everyone didn't listen, they just came closer and closer to him. Madara ran out and grabbed onto his arm, trying to pull him away but Hashirama wouldn't budge.

Slowly, Hashirama looked at Madara and Madara stared back. The Senju smiled then mouthed the words 'I love you.' Tears seemed to automatically come out of his eyes. Madara didn't know why he was crying though. He pulled desperately on Hashirama still but he didn't move.

Madara pulled once more, lost his grip, ended up letting go and falling onto the ground. Quickly he got back up and turned around only to see Hashirama being torn to shreds by the angry clansmen. Katanas and spears and various weapons were thrown and slashed at him. Madara could only watch in horror as he was chopped away. He couldn't do anything anymore, it was too late.

"No." Madara cried, tears pouring from his eyes. "No . . . I don't want this . . . no . . . no . . . no no no NO NO NO

"NO!" Madara yelled, sitting up abruptly in his bed. His breath came out in short breaths as he looked around his room. It wasn't the scene in his dream, it was just his room, his ordinary room. Madara wiped his face with his hand and pulled it back to have it covered in tears. He was actually crying.

"Madara!" Izuna said, rushing into his room, turning on the lights. Madara looked to him and quickly pulled the blanket to his face to wipe the tears. "Madara?" His brother asked, walking to his bed. When he was sure his tears were wiped away, Madara removed the blanket. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing . . . just a . . . bad dream I guess."

Izuna sat by his side. "You going to be okay?" He asked, hugging his brother. Madara put an arm around his brother.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. You're the younger brother, I should be doing this kinda stuff for you." Madara chuckled, pulling away.

"Okay, then good night." Izuna said, turning off the lights as he left his room. Madara knew that Izuna saw the tears and the blanket wet but he was happy that his brother understood that there are just some things that he didn't want to talk about and this was one of them.

Not even wanting to think about the dream, Madara laid back once more. He stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before shutting his eyes.