An Accidental Kiss

Chococat: Elloz!! Call me Choco :) Well this is my first fanfic, it might be a little bad because of a certain thing occured (cough,writers block,cough). So you really do see meh problem... hmmm to decide when should put in the 'kiss'... (turns around while talking to self) OMGEE!! Gomenasai... T.T I didn't see you there Kukai...

Kukai: Huh? What?

Choco: Sercret.. Errr I mean nevermind!! XD

Kukai: (confused) Why is Hinamori here?

Amu: Why are you asking? Eh, Kukai?

(Awkward silence...)

Amu: Kukai is different..

Kukai: How?

Choco: The middle of this story (not chap, story) will be the most interesting (Bwuahahahaha...)

Kukai: Ummm.. why the 'evil' laugh?

Choco: Nothing...

Ikuto: Choco does not own Shugo Chara or us but she does own her OC (not in this chap but later on)... which reminds me.. why am I doing the disclaimer? (DC)

Choco: No reason, on with the story pplz!! Yes this is a Kukamu story.. no Amuto parts (sorry Amuto fans)... there are too many stories of Amuto anyway.. go read those if you don't wanna read of Kukamu!! Also I intend to 'talk' to you during the story, so be prepared... I also don't know if I should put 7th grade in elementary school, or make Kukai fail one class (not possible XD) Read and Review what you think of my story plz!! :)

Amu's POV - Free Period - Behind the School

I sighed. 'Free period is so boring when you have nothing else to do...' I thought.

"Hinamori!!" Really only one person could call me that... Kukai... I looked up to see him running to me.

"What is it, Kukai?" I asked in a bored tone, really lost in my own thought.

"Awwww.. c'mon... Hinamori, be more happy during free period..."Kukai said and flash me his 'thumbs up' grin.

I looked up at him and answered,"I got nothing to do really during now.. I finished my 'work' in the Royal Garden..."

(I am so sorry if its boring.. I only had ideas for the middle and the end for the story...)

Kukai looked at me and smiled...well smiled evily... I didn't like it...

"Why don't you play soccer with me and my team? We need one person to fill", he told me. It wasn't what I expected.. I expected him to pull me into his '100 meter run'.

I nodded.

He smiled even bigger and announced,"Hinamori! I will not lost to you, you are now officially on the other team!!"

Then he grabbed my arm (I blushed a little) and pulled me into a run to the soccer field.

Kukai noticed I blushed. "DON'T YOU EVER TELL ANYONE I BLUSHED AT YOU...!!" I told him (really I was yelling on the inside)

He sighed at the threat. "Fine."

I really cheated throughout the whole game. (I chara changed with Ran) Though, Kukai chara changed with Daichi also, so both teams were even XD.

On the field

I ran infront of Kukai trying to steal the ball away from him.

I managed to get it, then I ran and did the special move that Ran came up with and scored a goal. Surprisingly, the winning goal.

My team cheered for me.

I told the other team 'good game' and to Kukai 'good try Kukai' ( I winked at Kukai...wait...did I really just wink at him?!)

Kukai stared at me after I winked at him. (sigh.. so I did XD)

'She winked at me!?' Kukai thought

Most fangirls noticed.. specially Saaya (haha XD)


I walked on to class after the bell rang. Kukai followed for no reason.

I turned around to him. Surprised he still followed...

Kukai stopped.

"Do you need anything Kukai? Cause your class is the other way.."I told him using my 'cool and spicy (C&S)' attitude and pointing behind him to his class.

He blinked and replied,"Nothing Hinamori.." He flashed me an uncertain grin, rubbed his hand behind his head, and walked to his class which was the other way.

But before he left, I noticed jealously behind him. Saaya... she was madly biting the end of her hankerchief, also pulling it as she bit.. it threatening to rip..

A sound came from the cloth, Saaya didn't notice so I told her," Saaya, your cloth ripped... again..." and walked off..

I heard a chorus of 'Cool and Spicy!!" behind me.

(I sighed) 'Thats all they see in me..' I thought as I sat down in my seat.

Kukai's fangirls were glaring at me.. as usual they do to anyone that gets close to Kukai.. too much jealously in less than one mere second (T.T)

My fanboys/girls sent deadly glares back at them for even bothering me at all.

Most backed off scared from the 'boys', but the braver ones continue to glare at me.

I ignored them.


Class had started.

I noticed Miki was sketching the scene of me winking at Kukai. Damn was I mad at her...

I asked sensei to go to the restroom.

"Sure thing Himamori-san!" he answered.

As I ran out I told him," ITS HINAMORI-san!! NOT HIMAMORI-san!! Please get it right (T.T)"

Sensei looked a little taken aback. He already knew all the charas and all, yet he stills calls me Himamori-san...

I got far enough in the restroom to where no one could hear me.

I yelled at the top of my lungs,"MIKI!!"

Miki woulda been deaf if she floated closer to me.

Miki rubbed her ears and in an annoyed tone asked me,"What Amu-chan!?"

I pointed to her sketch and looked at her feriously.

She seemed to be prepared for the answer:"You and Kukai are a cute couple T.T"

Suu and Ran agreed.

I could probably live with it.. they tease me all the time anyways.. then I noticed how gorgeousKukai's green emerald eyes were.. WAIT... what the hell am I thinking!? Shouldn't I like Tadase-kun? Not Kukai?! Great... I'm torn in between again T.T

Suu noticed I was lost in my thought and shook me gently.

"We have to go back to the classroom soon.. desu..,"she reminded me.

I nodded and ran out of the classroom.

By the time I got back to class Mr.Nikaidou-sensei was teaching Math.

"Welcome back Hinamori-san!" he greeted me as I walked to my seat.

"Arigato, for calling me Hinamori-san, sensei," I told him.

"No problem, but now I would miss how I can tease you all the time..." he whipsered to me.

'tease you all the time...' the words rung in my head. It reminded me of.. NO! I don't wanna think of him!!

"Is something wrong?" sensei asked me to see I had stopped where I was.

"N-No, sensei!" I stuttered.

He nodded, still unsure whether my answer was true or not.

After School

Kukai was waiting outside my class when I came out.

"Nani? You were waiting for me?" I asked him.

He nodded slightly. More glares from the fanboys/girls sent glares back...then he grinned at me.

'Why am I nervous around him!?' I thought as we walked to the Royal Garden.

I blushed a little.

"I still won't tell ok Hinamori?" His voice brought me back in reality.

"Gomen.. what did you say?" I asked him again.

"I won't tell anyone that you blush.. well around me anyways..ok?" I nodded.

In the Royal Garden we were discussing about the X eggs. Its all we do in the Royal Garden except when its tea-time with snacks.

When we were done, I walked home, to my room and to my bed.

In an instant I fell asleep.

The Next Morning

I got ready for school, not putting my hair in a ponytail with my black 'x' clip.

I could already notice all the 'new' stares at my new look.

Kukai caught me and turned me around.

He smiled, I blushed, same as yesterday all over again... T.T

We walked to class well, he walked me to class, then he turned around on his own.

My friends asked me if I was dating him.

I scoffed and said," Of course not..." although I did want to.. WAIT AGAIN... REWIND... DID I SAY I WANT TO!?

I could see my fanboys relax.

So they still like me for a 'cool and spicy' character huh... T.T,' I thought to myself.

"Are you sure? You two seem pretty close to call him 'Kukai'.." one of my friends said.

"Yes I'm sure we are not dating... he's like my brother... thats how close we are (XD) not the close you all think T.T," I replied to their unsure faces.

Now they seemed to believe Amu.

After class Kukai waited for me as usual... he was doing this like everyday... I wonder what the other people think... just like today T.T...

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Kukai: So are me and Hinamori dating?

Choco: You'll see... Amu-chi, you too ;) Yes, I am like Yaya :P

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