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(Normal POV still)

"Mou, Amu-chiii. What's wrong." Yaya kept asking her for the millionth time today.

"Yaya. Its nothing. Don't worry about me, kay?" Amu insisted.

"Fine. Yaya will find out herself. KUKAIIIIII" Yaya rushed over to Amu's ex. Kukai didn't make eye contact this time. "Nani, Yaya?" Kukai ruffled her hair, just like he used to with Amu. "Amu-chi won't tell me whats wrong with her," Yaya whined. Kukai finally looked over to Amu. He walked over and pinned her to the wall next to her desk. Gasps around the class were heard. Today might be a bad day for Nikaidou-sensei to be late.

"Now tell me Amu. What has been wrong with you. Don't lie..," Kukai whispered threatengly.

"Why should I tell you out of all the people in the world?" Amu spat. Kukai flinched. She was still mad about yesterday. "Cause I know you best. C'mon I said I was sorry, even though you were with Ikuto," Kukai whispered, also ignoring the "slut" comment from Sayaa. Kukai was surely the one that doesn't hold grudges.


"Oh Kukai-koiiiii," Kristen called out. This was the day to make her boyfriend jealous. "I am not your Kukai-koi. Your -koi is the guy who you are making jealous," Kukai retorted for the millionth time that night.

Kristen unwarningly plopped her mouth on his, forcing her tongue in. Kukai pushed away. Thats the only thing he does with Amu. Not some girl who is using him for a pretend bf. Kukai wore a disgusted look on his face.

Suddenly, Akira (Note: Supposedly Nadeshiko's BF right? I think it was this story. Dammit, I'm forgetting what I'm even writing!) appeared at the door. "Ah Kristen I was sorry. I mean like I see you making out with random guys (insert Akira glare to Kukai here), yet I can't hang out and flirt with other girls?" Akira pleaded.

"Ya," Kristen retorted, grabbing her hand in Kukai's. Okay. Something was wrong about those few sentences. So the guy who loves his girl soooooo much can't flirt around, while his love MAKES OUT with OTHER GUYS!? Some relationship Akira had.

"You know what? Nevermind. I am so not helping anymore," Kukai said after the half hour he was there with Kristen attempting to kiss him. Akira sent him a confused glance. "Shes all yours buddy," Kukai said with a fake happy grin and left.

(End of Flashback)

"Okay, fine. I do still love you. Yet you know, I let my emotions overcome me," Amu was sniffing by now. Yaya was observing and writing things down. (Could she be the anonymous writer!? Maybe. Not.)

"Oh, so you took the whole heart thing to heart?" Kukai said with much sarcasm. "So I don't have all your heart?" Amu looked as if she was about to do something to him that'll put him in the ER and cry. "No, no. You do, and always will," Kukai said softly with a real small smile. One specially made for Amu and her alone. Saaya's ripping sound of her hankerchief was heard miles away. It was torn into who knows how many pieces when Kukai leaned in, still pinning Amu to the wall and deeply kissed her. His tongue dancing in sync with hers. Sadly, Nikaidou-sensei came in and interruped their time. "Ah, Souna-san. I believe it's time to go to class, hai?" Nikaidou sensei said in his goofy voice. "Souma, Nikaidou-sensei. It's Souma," Kukai corrected. "Oh, I see Souna-san. Well, off you go," Nikaidou shooed him out of his class. "Don't worry he calls me Himamori," Amu teased. Yaya already ran off, using an excuse to go to the restroom.

In there, she met with Rima and gave her the scoop of what happened in the classroom. "Arigatou, Yaya," Rima said. She was glad Amu didn't know it was her or she wouldn't live through it all.

Ah, Love Strikes Again for the old Lovebirds!

It seems that Souma Kukai and Hinamori Amu have made up. Is it true love for them? Or a fling?

Well, I will try to find out later!

Source: Yuiki Yaya

Rima added that last sentence for the laughs of what she will get from Amu. Yaya might not work for her ever again, but it was a great year!

"Amu, have you seen this letter yet? No wonder why Yaya was hiding and crying," Kukai said, showing her the small newspaper.

"YAYAAA!" was heard all over the school. Yaya didn't get anything bad from Amu but her loss of respect, candy, food, and everything that Yaya loves that came from Amu.

Amu invited Kukai to dinner, yet it might have been an on-off thing bout their relationship, but her dad "ran away" well actually he ran our of the house and into their backyard?

Amu had been happily together with Kukai. They had minor break ups about every other month. Course, sometimes it got physical. But Amu deals with it having to be loved and loving Kukai.


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