Author Note: Yeah, I haven't quite gotten the inspiration to rewrite Tasukete! just yet, but why should I devoid my fans of my favorite triangle? (laugh) So yeah, here's a new story with that oh so twisted coupling pattern, with a extremely creepy twist. How is that, you ask? Well… you'll see what I mean when we get into the meat of this story (or if you are smart enough to look at the coupling section down bellow) but knowing me, that could be some time. (insert diabolical laugh here) Ahem. Enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. I just love the screw up Kazuki Takahashi's intentions for his original plot-line—but never the characters, mind you: Have you readers no shame?

Plot: After Battle City, Seto Kaiba finally feels inner peace with himself. He finds comfort in his brother and the most least-likely person, and finally begins to have hope for the life he never thought he could had—
—until fate intervenes and threatens to take and distort everything he has now come to cherish.

Genre: Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy/Drama



Warning: Rated T/(PG-13) (Parents Strongly Cautioned) For language, brief violence and sensuality.

-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

Twisted Intervention
By Imperfect Paradise

It All Began Here

"This is just crazy… I mean, heh—Here's the jack-ass who single handedly took Mr. Croquet hostage, showed some real twisted nerve in the process of it, too, and now—here's the exactly same guy, sitting there, not moving, and barely breathing..." (A/N 1)

"Well, who could ever keep these gaming nerds straight anyway? You know, I had this one friend in college, who thought he was best when it came to this old Atari based game, and when this one high school student got to the next set of bricks and beat that in addition to the previous level, he wouldn't talk to anyone for a month."

"Really? What did he do through that time?"

"I dunno. He just sat in his room and sulked for like, well, ever."

"Jesus Christ. Well, glad I'm not into this dumb card game."

During the heat of this discussion, the once vividly condescending form of Seto Kaiba, who was seen by many as a human storm, or even a juggernaut of complete and total destruction, now sat in his cell (compliments of his current tormentor), not moving a single muscle, looking as harmless and as harmful as a mere lab-rat. His eyes—still dark, but not in the same infamous way as recognized by his peers—gazed into what seemed like an empty void, never leaving it for a second. They took no notice of the guards, their words, or even the dirty and moist environment around him or anything that he would have normally found total and complete disgust in.

What now sat there, was nothing more than an empty shell.

While in the midst of their constant banter (for the guards had nothing to worry about when it came to welfare of their captive, at least not at the present time), their conversation suddenly ceased when the tune to When the Saints Go Marching On suddenly sounded through the air, prompting the second guard to reach for his breast pocket, retrieve his cellular phone and flip it open without a second's hesitation.

"Yes, what it is?"

"Master Pegasus is on his way down."

Acknowledging this, the guard replied, "Understood sir, we will secure the area immediately."

"Mmmm…. That won't be necessary."

Hearing the voice on the other end of the line change immediately, the guard felt his hair stand on end, realizing at that moment that he was now speaking to his boss. Trying to regain his composure (no easy feat, after all, he knew full well what this man was capable of—the guy was his boss, for crying out loud) he then inquired into the mobile devise. "Then what are your orders, sir?"

"Listen, leave your stations and head for the guest quarters. Just be sure to keep everyone in the same spot so that there won't be any interference."

"Understood, Pegasus-sama."

As the cell door closed behind him (which was nothing more than the clanging of metal against metal, and the scrape of it all over reinforced stone) Pegasus J. Crawford stood before his former adversary, his gaze filled with contempt, but not towards what those watching thought. In fact, when it came to his present feelings towards the child before him, he did little more than just stare emptily at the boy before him in the cell, his remaining eye regarding him with very few emotions.

Mainly, his negative feelings were addressed towards something else entirely.


A part of him still couldn't believe he was doing this. Why should he not have any confidence in himself? It was the way it always had been, and he had proved that numerous occasions too.

Still, there was something about the situation that was too unsettling for comfort. The way Yuugi's eyes changed dramatically during the closing of his little duel with Kaiba-boy, no longer filled with the innocence and fear he was used to seeing within the boy, but were now seethed in anger, and ravenous wrath that wanted desperately to be quenched by any means necessary. It was something that seemed well beyond potentially dangerous and it was something that his mystical powers couldn't read without some disturbance.

And that was what feared him. That was a reason that sleep eluded him that night, and he knew it very well.

For as much as he wished there wasn't, there was still that possibility—that was becoming more and more likely by the second—and he couldn't deny it.

For it was becoming more than possible that he would be defeated—and in the most mercilessly way possible.

Now he was a clever man. He knew that everyone, good, bad, intelligent and stupid alike, always had something in common. After all, it was simple common sense, and he always had one no matter how good the odds of the outcome were in his favor, and that was a back-up plan.

And as of now, he only had one—and that was what brought him here, tonight.

Of course, most people would have found it a little extreme, even for those in his shoes. After all, the whole concept was twisted and cruel—even for his standards. Perhaps it was just because it was late at night. Perhaps it was because he wasn't thinking clearly due to loss of sleep that had been deprived to him all night long.

Or maybe perhaps it was something more all together. That it was simple due process, and that what would happen next was completely inevitable.

Now he wasn't a fool. He knew the risks of it, and the more than likely outcome if it came to fruition. But when it came to protecting his personal assets and life, he didn't give a single damn about it. He would simply just have to deal with it all in the end.

He knelt down before the boy and bit his lip, hesitating slightly. After all, what he was going to perform that moment wasn't going to be pretty—or for than matter, emotionally and physically soundless.

But he had to do this. If what he was sensing was true, he knew that if he wanted to live, he didn't have a goddamn choice.

He let out a small growl before he leaned in closer to the boy, studying him one more time to make sure his physical structure was refined enough to house his intentions, but he knew it was pointless—for he already knew the answer.

There was no going back now.

He opened his mouth, and whispered darkly to the boy who could no longer hear him:

"…I know that if the events come together as I proceeded tonight, that you and I will not be able to escape from it. I also know that once I complete this task, that it's final, done—and if the circumstances are met, that there will be no going back for either of us. Furthermore, I am completely aware that if in that event, you will hate me more than you ever could, even as you do now, but," (his eyes narrowed to a critical degree) "I don't really care about that, Kaiba-boy, because you know what? I am not too fond of you either…"

With that, the silver haired man placed his index and middle finger on the young man's forehead, pressing his fingertips firmly against it and then, Pegasus focused his very being on what remained of Seto Kaiba's train of thought, and allowed himself to merge with it.

And with that, the Millennium Eye glowed a brilliantly vivid golden light and consumed the two of them within its hypnotically beautiful rays.


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Author Note 1 – In the original manga, while attempting to get his brother back, Kaiba took Croquet hostage, by placing his head between his reinforced steel briefcase and slamming his foot down against it, while in the midst, pointing a gun at him. Also, since this fiction is comic-book based, Pegasus is going to die well before we get into the first chapter. Hell, if my plot is going to work, that it has to be like this, alright? Okay, cool then.

Random Note: Yeah, I am getting somewhat back into writing again. But right now, I am only interested in writing small pieces like this one (I kept it under 2000 words so it will be easier for me to add installments to this fiction—or so I hope), so fictions like My Torture Ends a Week From Now and To Freeze Her Heart probably won't be updated immediately. And that's all she wrote folks. Swish!