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Here it is. My first ever day of high school. I'm so excited!! Yeah. Right. I was not looking forward to the year. I don't mind being a freshman, it's just that I live in a suburb with a bunch of whores. I'm talking about those slutty girls that always go tanning, and the really immature and perverted guys.

I'm snobby, and I'm already tan enough, thank you very much. I'm also pretty far from being called a slut. I'm known as a prude and no guys ever like me. Maybe it's because I'm a geek.

So I get good grades in school, and I'm not popular. And I occasionally wear glasses when I'm sitting far away from the board. Who cares? I wasn't looking forward to this year mainly because of the Grey brothers. I hate going to school with them. The girls go all gaga over them while I go all gagging. So what if they're hot? Who gives a shit? They're brainless jocks who think they own the entire school. And they happen to be the richest kids in the school.

If your dad's a music producer and your mom is some famous stylist, why would you even be going to a stupid public school? "Oh, we want to experience the regular teenage life. You know, have fun and go to parties," Jason, the oldest brother, a senior, would say when the school paper The Tiger Gazette interviewed them.

Parties as in the ones where there's a bunch of alcohol everywhere and the girl sluts become the Headmasters. Yeah, wink, wink. I don't get invited to these things and I'm majorly glad. Yes, even middle schoolers get invited. One of the Grey brothers was in middle school last year. Oh yeah, I never really did take the time to introduce myself, did I?

My name's Jenny, but some people call me Jenner, like my few friends and family. I have long black hair that's extremely straight. All the sluts who try to get their hair as straight as mine take quite some time doing it. I hate my chopped bangs, but I can't seem to get rid of them.

Compared to most girls, I'm considered really short, but I use the whole "I still have five years of puberty left" excuse when my mom mentions it. I'm also an outcast due to the fact that I'm Vietnamese. If you guys read Judy Blume's books, you should recognize Alison Monceau. She's from "Just as Long as We're Together" and her being Vietnamese is a good thing. It makes her popular. That doesn't work for me. I'm one of the only Asians, and that sucks.

I could use the whole "But I'm also part French" excuse. Nope, it doesn't work. The sluts are still jealous of my tan though. Why don't we introduce the Grey brothers now? They are the stars of this upcoming story!!

Nate Grey – He's the youngest brother. He's going to be a freshman, just like me. He's always been in most of my classes because he's smart, I guess. He's got this weird curly afro going on. We've always sat close to each other since my last name is Huynh. He's pretty quiet, and I've never talked to him except for when he tries to cheat on me during tests. I hate it when people do that. It's so annoying. Of course, he wouldn't have time to study since he was up all night at one of the parties his house always seems to be holding.

Shane Grey – The Junior. The prima donna. The one who takes more time with his hair than it takes to make homemade ice cream like people did in the late 1800s. Not literally, of course, but you get the idea. Unlike Nate, he's extremely academically challenged. He was in my Math class in sixth grade. I'm pretty sure the same would go for this year, too. He would be an eleventh grader taking Geometry. Ha, ha, ha. I don't think I'll like math this year.

Jason Grey – He's the totally hot senior that girls my age drool over. Well, except for me. I seriously don't know anything about him, since I've never gone to school with him. Well, unless elementary school counts. He was young then. Not as bad as he is today. I hear that he rules the school and randomly picks a girl to sleep with at each of the Grey parties. As long as she fits the slut and Headmaster criteria, any girl's got a chance with him. Utterly repulsive. Gag me.

Did I mention that they're all football stars? Nate was quarterback in middle school, and Shane's a linebacker. Jason's captain and quarterback. Now, I know nothing about football. I still don't get what's so important about quarterbacks. Maybe I'll do some research later or something.

So, I'm standing in front of my walk-in closet, fresh out of the shower. What to wear for the first day of school? I'm going to do this experiment. Dress in revealing clothing and see if anybody recognizes me. It'll only be temporary, and I want to try something new, if only for one day. A hot pink bra and tight white tank top sounds good. Mini jean skirt fits with it, too. I'll just let my hair down today, even though it's extremely hot outside.

I couldn't help but slip some Vans on. Stripper heels were out of line for me. After 20 minutes of doing thick and dark eye make-up and putting on some hoop earrings, I was ready to go. As I run out the door with my blue backpack, I yell, "Bye, Mom! I'm leaving now and don't worry, I

have a Nutri-Grain bar!" My mom was upstairs still asleep of course. I live with my parents and little sister Gina

I was now walking to my bus stop two blocks away, breakfast in hand. You know, now that I think about it, my outfit's not slutty at all. Oh well, it's the best my closet can cough up. I live in the town of Green Oak, New Jersey. (A/N – I'm pretty sure it's a fictional town..) So of course I go to Green Oak High School. It's a population of about 900 students. Not much in my opinion. I reach my bus stop and wait for about three minutes before my best friend Nicole got there.

Nicole's been my closest friend since first grade. She's kind of my only friend, too. Her parents are from China. She's got side swept bangs and medium length layered hair with copper highlights. I was jealous of her hair, mainly because my parents never let me color it. I've always wanted blue highlights.. oh well.

"Dude, we're like, freshmen. Can you fucking believe it?! What the heck is up with your clothes?" she yelled.

"Oh, I'm doing a scientific experiment that's totally academic. Just trying to see if anybody recognizes me like this." I reply.

She gets this strange look on her face when she's thinking, and laughs. After about a minute of that, she says, "Did your mom catch you wearing that? But I do think you look pretty hot. It's temporary, right?"

After both of us laughing again, I shrug and tell her, "I ran my ass out of the door as fast as my legs could take me. I'm going back into regular mode by tomorrow. The school's got enough sluts."

We both silently agree on this as we wait for the bus to come. The stop is just us two since our area has mostly elderly people since it's so "quiet" and "tranquil." We're one of the last stops so it's always hard to find a good seat. When we got on bus number 3, I saw a few familiar faces, but everybody else looked so.. mature.

You could see an upperclassman making out with some brunette chick. Nicole and I find a seat near the back and sit down while the bus rolled on. The jocks always sit in the back, and I could hear the make-out session. I was still holding my half eaten Nutri-Grain bar, too. I resist the urge to puke.

"Nicole, do you want half my breakfast?" I ask her.

"Sure thing, Jenner. Yum, strawberry. My favorite!" she squeals. We've always shared our food like this with each other. I guess it's what some best friends do.

"Hey! Asian chick, you new here or something?" I hear some guy yell. I turn around and it was one of the jocks I recognized that was in my homeroom last year. He was looking smug with a disgusting smirk on his face.

I snap. "Shut the fuck up. That's none of your damn business." Nicole just sat there looking at me with huge eyes and her mouth open.

I could hear that sucker's friends going "Ooh, man, she dissed you." Who cares? I was feeling confident for once. I hate guys, they're all annoying and immature. That fucker then says to his friends "You guys up for a COD session tonight?" Of course, that means Call of Duty. Seriously, how immature is that?

The bus pulls up to the school about five minutes later. There standing in front of me was Green Oak High. The dreaded high school that housed the Grey brothers. My virtually empty stomach turned and twisted.

"Oh yeah, Jenner. I can't wait to go to the football games! Jason's sooo hot," Nicole say after we jump off the bus.

"So your crush is Jason?" I ask, shocked.

"Well, he's so FINE. Drool-worthy, girl. And he's a senior," she replies.

"Yeah, and he could possibly be a walking STD" I shoot back.

She stands there with her arms crossed and says, "I don't get why you hate them so much. Seriously, what'd they do to you?"

I stand there looking defeated and calmly say, "I just don't like arrogant jerks, okay? It's just one of my pet peeves." She finally drops the subject about the Greys and we go to our separate homerooms, but not before hugging and wishing each other good luck.

Since the homerooms were alphabetized, I wasn't surprised to see Nate in my homeroom. Of course, I was blessed with the assigned seat of sitting right next to him. I was now forced to sit with Nate Grey for the rest of my high school life each morning. It can't be that bad, right?

I ask Nate, "Hey, dude. Good morning. Can I see your schedule?" He looks at me, shock evident on his face.

"Uh, sure thing Jenny." While he takes the crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket, I see that he has Geometry, English, History, and lunch period with me. He was taking grade level science while I was taking Biology I.

I hand it back to him and say, "Cool, we've got a couple classes together." After the teacher Mrs. Martin took role, the bell rang. I was off to gym. Maybe this year won't be as bad as I thought. If Nate was nice, maybe brothers wouldn't be so bad.

But I couldn't help but think to myself, maybe I'm wrong…

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