Guys, I've been a horrible person for quite some time. I have neglected this story due to personal issues and reasons. That's why I feel like I should do something that's seriously… BAMTASTIC!!! Okay, ignore my random outburst….

I first want to tell you guys that I've seriously changed. No, I'm not exactly anti-Disney anymore (I'll change my profile when I feel like it) but I definitely owe you guys a couple things. First, I'll start with deleting stories that I will not finish. Like, Ink Heart, Girl Under the Yankee Cap (I'm really sorry, Smile, for letting you down) and Six Weeks. Pyro didn't expect much, so not a lot of disappointment is expected. I will continue Two Worlds Collide, but I just might transfer that to the Jonas Brothers fan fiction site. Actually, I did quite a few months ago… the first chapter got one review. Maybe I'll come up with a better summary… but I've got a HUGE announcement for you all!!!!


I promise you people that this version is going to be a hundred times better. But unfortunately, a lot of things are going to change.

1) The ridiculous and unrealistic drama is going to tone down.

2) Jenny will still be there, along with Nicole, but other original characters are getting their butts kicked out.

3) Mitchie will be in the story as a childhood friend, and the GRAY (yes, I will now spell it the correct way even if it's less pretty) brothers will not be your typical jocks.

4) Jason is going to be the airhead jock, yes. Shane's going to be the sick puppy following Jason around. Nate is going to be a musical and quiet kid.

5) Camp Rock, the actual camp itself, will somehow be in the story. Nate went to Camp Rock the summer before his freshman year since he is now musical.

6) Jenny will still have the flaw of quickly judging people and her personality might change a bit. Nicole will have her own different storyline.

Basically, the story is still in the works, and the first chapter will possibly be posted today. It will be somewhat similar, but I'm going to put subplots and make sure it's readable. Another thing; verb tenses and grammar issues are a thing of the past.

My style of writing has drastically changed, and I can hope you people will adjust to this. This story was my little baby and now I'm helping it to grow healthily. I promise that this will not be like reading a beta'd version of LAGOH. It'll be a whole lot more different yet still keep some of the same essence.

If I still have any reviewers around, tell me your thoughts; are you anticipating this, are you gonna think it's terrible?

Once again, my dearest apologies to keeping everyone waiting.

Love, Mashiitastic. (aka Judy, NOT Jenny. Some people think that my actual name is Jenny, and this is not true.)