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"Okay," Dean said grabbing a twenty from his wallet. "Get me a burger, extra onions."

"Dean…" Sam whined grabbing the twenty from his brother's hand. "You know, I'm the one who has to stay in the same motel room... with your extra onions."

"Quit bitching about it. Bitch."

"Jerk." Sam grabbed the keys to the impala and left. Dean leaned back against the headboard and sighed. It's been a good week. A successful, relatively easy hunt (just a simple salt-and-burn) and with no new leads, Dean was looking forward to relaxing for at least a couple of days.

Ever since Dean had told Sam about the secret, he's been dying to get as far away from hunting as possible. But Sam would hear none of it. He was certain that it would be best to save as many people as possible. Dean could see right through it as a futile attempt to somehow negate the impending destiny that awaited him. Dean reluctantly agreed to follow Sam's lead. Sam making a point that Dean needed to stay near by to watch his back. But now with no further hunts to deal with… We could take that drive to the Grand Canyon now. Dean grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV.

Sam drove up to the burger joint and parked Dean's 'precious' impala near the curb where it was less likely to be dented by someone swinging their car doors open. Therefore, saving his skin from a thrashing and paying the repair bill. (No matter how small the dent) He entered joint and (reluctantly) ordered Dean's extra-onion-burger and his own sandwich.

Sam sat in one of the booths and waited for his number to be called. Staring out the window, he spotted two thugs walking through the parking lot examining each car. Sam didn't pay much attention until they stopped by the impala for an uncomfortably long time. Sam cursed when they didn't move away from it. He got up from the booth and ran outside.

"Mind getting away from my car?" Sam shouted at them.

They turned in his direction and smiled. That's never a good sign, Sam thought. "Nice ride," One of them said.

"Yeah, thanks. Look, I'm not looking to sell or anything, so would you mind moving away from my car?"

"Sure," the other said. They turned towards the parking lot and continued their inspection of cars. Well, that was easier then expected. Sam turned back to the burger joint when a hand slapped over his mouth with a cloth. Sam struggled against the strong arms, but immediately figured out that he was screwed. I hate chloroform… Sam's body fell to the ground unconscious.

"Got ourselves a good one," Mack said.

"Yep. Look at those muscles! Kinda skinny, but obviously strong! It'll get us a pretty price on the market.

Dean looked at the clock. Sam left over an hour and a half ago. Never a good sign. Especially with Sam's luck. Thinking back to the benders, the very recent events of Gordon hunting Sam… Yeah, not a good sign. Dean quickly grabbed the motel keys and leather jacket. It was five miles to the burger joint… And guess what Mr. Red-Honda-Accord. You're the lucky winner. After hotwiring the car, Dean headed over to the joint.

Driving up, Dean immediately recognized the impala along the road. Parking the Honda behind it, he got out of it and headed towards his baby. Particularly because keys and Sam's cell phone rested on top. Oh could this night get any worse. He grabbed the keys and cell. Yup. Definitely Sam's. Looking around he started to shout. "Sam? Sammy!?" Dean ran into the joint.

"Hey," he said to the cashier. "I'm looking for my brother. Tall, longish brown hair…"

"Yeah, he left a while ago. Left his meal here too. Here." He handed Dean the bag. "11.53 is your total."

Oh, this is so NOT GOOD!

The first thing Sam noticed was the hard, concrete wall he was leaning against. He slowly sat up and rubbed his neck to get the crick out of it. He squint his eyes open.

There were about twenty other people. The room was small, dark and cold. Everyone had ratty clothes on. Sam looked down to find himself in a burlap pair of pants with matching shirt. That's just great. Where the hell am I? Sam stood and headed to the door.

"I wouldn't do that."

Sam turned to find a young girl looking straight at him. She was about fifteen. Her eyes were way too dull and lifeless.

"Why not?"

"If they find you trying to get out they'll flog you."

"Who's they?"

Suddenly the door opened to reveal a burly man. Everyone moaned at the sudden bright light that filtered into the room. The girl quickly grabbed Sam's hand and pulled him down to a kneeling position. "Just don't talk," she whispered.

"Auction's about to begin. You will conduct yourselves accordingly or you will be dealt with." Sam took a closer look at the man. His eyes were pitch black.

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