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Enjoy the final chapter, chapter 15!

Bobby checked his watch again. It's been almost forty-five minutes. Sighing, he paced around the box and ritual set up. He was worried. This was one of the most powerful demons he's ever faced, in league with the Yellow-Eyed Demon and he just let the boy run right to him. Bobby silently berated himself for letting Dean go off to face Asmodeus alone.

He looked at his watch again. Still forty-five minutes… That tears it. Bobby grabbed the papers, and began reciting the ritual.

Dean was pinned to the wall, bleeding from gashes caused by Asmodeus. Dean glared daggers at the demon.

Asmodeus chuckled. "And here you thought you could waltz in here and 'punish' me… You are so naïve!"

Dean's expression remained unchanged until a soft whisper echoed through the rooms. Dean looked up and smiled. I'll have to thank Bobby later… "Well, what your big brother does to you will have to be punishment enough."

Asmodeus looked at Dantanian in disbelief. "Dantanian? Please. He can't touch me!"

"Um… Dean?" Dantanian mumbled."

"Silence!" Asmodeus waved his hand causing a deep gash to appear across his torso. Dantanian shouted out in pain. He turned his attention back to Dean. "Now I want you to…"

He froze. Took you long enough to notice, Dean smiled. Asmodeus let out a scream of fury before dissipating in a whiff of sulfuric smoke. Dean fell into a boneless heap on the floor, grunting as his injuries were aggravated.

"Dean," Dantanian said.


"I need to go… now!"

With the right ritual, would draw any demon within a fifty yard radius into it and seal it in. "Right…" Dean grabbed the silver knife tucked in his boot and quickly broke the devil's trap. Dean hacked as Dantanian disappeared, leaving the sulfuric smoke over his head. Dean slowly stood, catching his breath. He turned and started to run down the hall.


"You!" Asmodeus yelled accusingly. Bobby swerved around, eyes widening in surprise and realization. He chanted increasingly faster and Asmodeus charged him.

"What are you doing with that…?!" He abruptly stopped. He took a step back then another step forward to be stopped in his tracks again. "What is this!?" he shrieked. "How are you doing this?!"

Bobby stared at the aggravated demon with a confused look. Something was blocking Asmodeus… and neither of them knew what. Bobby quickly returned to the ritual speed-reading his was through the last part. And finally:

"Asmodeum capio."

The recognizable endless scream reverberated through the hall as the demon smoke fled the meat suit and dove into the box. Bobby quickly shut and locked it in place.

Dean didn't know which way he was going all he knew was that it was the right one. Going by sheer gut instinct, he guided himself to where his brother should be.

His huffs echoed through the hallways as he made his was through them. It was so damn quiet…

Dean kept his thoughts empty. He'd deal with his emotions and thoughts after Sam was safe. Have to get to Sam, have to get to Sam, have to get to Sam…

Dean finally arrived at a locked door. He instantly knew that Sam was in there. He couldn't sense him… but he knew nonetheless. He made quick work of the lock and flung the door open. The sight that beheld him, made him sick to his stomach.

There he was. Suspended eagle-spread in the air. Dean run up to him and lifted his head from his chest. "Sammy!" he said softly. "Sammy!"

Sam looked at him with no recognition. His normally expressive eyes were dull and glassy. Tear tracks made themselves clear on his cheeks. Sweat plastered his uneven hair to his face. He screwed his eyes shut as he whimpered and his body trembled.

Dean took another look at his body to snarl in rage as he spotted the ring firmly attached to his brother. "It's okay, Sammy," he said keeping his voice calm. "I'm just gonna get this ring off ya, 'kay?" Dean knelt and carefully removed the ring. Sam's sweat-coated body trembled as he whimpered and cried. "Sh, sh, it's okay, it's okay…" Finally released, Dean and Sam both suffered through the over-stimulated orgasm as it ripped through his body. After it ended, it left Sam shaking with post-orgasm trembles and sobbing in relief. Dean found a towel and quickly cleaned his brother off. All the while talking in soft tones to his brother, hoping to get some sort of reaction. Though, Dean was a bit afraid of what might happen once Sam became more aware of his surroundings. Would he reject everyone in sight? Would he even push Dean away in fear of being… (not that word) violated?

"Let's get you down." Dean took out his lock-pick and carefully undid each manacle. Sam mewed pitifully as the movement jarred his body. "Shhh… I'm sorry. God, Sammy I'm so sorry…" Dean tried desperately to keep the tears at bay. And was quickly loosing the battle.

Dean grabbed hold of his too thin brother as he fell from the chains. Sam whimpered as he weakly squirmed in the embrace. "Okay, okay…" Dean placed his brother on the ground against a wall. Quickly shedding off his leather jacket, he placed it over his brother to save what dignity may remain. Dean sat back and looked at his brother more critically. Sam's body language screamed defeat. His eyes dull, his body thin and emancipated, his limbs limply resting at his sides… Dean wanted so badly to just cradle his head in his hands, or brush his bangs out of his eyes (if he still had any) like he usually does when comforting his baby brother. But Dean knew that he couldn't now. Not after what Sam had been through.

Sam looked up at the newcomer. This man… this is that thought… feeling. Sam started to cry in relief. Somehow, he knew things were going to be okay now. He's here. "De…" he whimpered.

Dean looked at his brother in surprise. "Sammy?"

Sam didn't know who 'Sammy' was but he found much comfort in the word. "De…!" He snaked a hand out and slowly grabbed the hem of the newcomer's shirt. De. His De.

Dean leaned forward and held his brother tightly against his chest. Sam sobbed as feelings of relief and comfort wrapped him in a safe cocoon. "De...!" Sam whimpered through the sobs.

"It's okay. It's okay now. I gotcha, I gotcha…" Dean slowly rocked his broken brother back and forth. Dean let his tears loose, emotional control now officially gone. Dean knew that things weren't over. It'd be a long hard road to recovery. Chances are, Sam will never fully recover. But that's okay.

As long as they were together...that's okay.


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