Title: The Devil's Whisper

Short Summary:
Sakura is a Psychiatrist for a mental ward for the Konoha Hospital who then gets moved to her dream job in the Suna Hospital for the Criminally Insane to take care of a very dangerous patient named Gaara. WARNING! Sasuke bashing!!

Sakura/Sasuke (Minor), Sakura/Gaara

Warning: Story contains implied and/ or scenes of: major language, torture, rape, angst, adult scenes, serious violence and probably moreā€¦

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or any of its characters. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Chapter I

Tonight, it was seriously bad.

She knew that it was going to be the worst night of her life when she heard the car door slam and she heard the drunkened laughter coming towards the house. She shivered when she heard them coming. When she heard him coming inside, accidently slamming the door so hard that the small mirror hanging near the door fell to the ground and shatter. She winced when she heard her boyfriend just laugh stupidly with his drunkened friends. She knew it was going to be her who was blamed for that broken mirror. She knew what was going to come soon.

So while listening to her boyfriend downstairs, Sakura Haruno quickly put her book aside and turned off the bedside lamp, pretending to go to sleep. She just hoped that he would just pass out and not even worry about her as soon as he came upstairs. There was a moment's silence before she heard his friends leaving and he came upstairs, probably looking for her. She closed her eyes, clutching at her pillow.

'Please, Sasuke. Just go to sleep. Just go to sleep. Not tonight. Please!' She begged within her mind.

"Hey, Ssssakura. You awake?" Her boyfriend, Sasuke Uchiha slurred his words.

Sakua kept her eyes closed and she didn't even stir. She however, listened as he was stripping himself down, heard the light thud of his clothes hitting the floor of their bedroom. She almost jumped when she felt the covers being pulled back and the bed shifted next to her as he was lying next to her. She swallowed hard as she tried very hard to remain perfectly still, trying to maintain her breathing slowly. But when his cool hands touched her butt, tugging at her short PJ shorts, she sighed, knowingly.

This was going to be a long night.

By the time the sun was slowly rising for the new day, Sakura was sitting in the kitchen table, sipping coffee. She was already dressed for the day, and had been before HE got up. She knew that she should have just gotten dressed and left for work, but then again, she knew that if she didn't make the coffee for that morning, Sasuke would get angry again. Just like he had last night. The side of her face was a little swollen, she knew it was. He had hit her pretty hard for telling him that she wasn't in the mood for sex last night. It ached a little when she swallowed the hot black liquid, making her wince as she hissed softly in pain before sighing and trying to sip some more of her coffee.

Speak of the devil, here he came into the kitchen, groaning a little from his painful hangover.

Sasuke merely glanced over at her as he went over to the cuboard and pulled out the hangover pills. He didn't say anything as he pulled out the small box and then moved over to the sink to get a glass of water. There was a long silence between the two; one filling up the glass and the other keeping her eyes adverted away from his while reaching up and touching her aching jaw. But then she dropped her hand when he moved over to sit across from her. "You know you had it coming, right? You know how I get when you refuse me. I'm sorry I hit you so hard." He said quietly.

Sakura chose not to reply. She knew it was better if she didn't. Instead, she looked out the window again, the light now shining through it, hitting the dark bruise on her chin. Her eyes flickered back to her boyfriend as he tilted his head to see his handiwork before he reached up to touch the bruise. Sakura flinched away from him but didn't move out of reach. She knew that would make things worst for her if she moved away from him. Sasuke, however, frowned before grabbing her chin and forcing her to look at him. He studied the bruise before looking into her emerald green eyes, rather sternly. "Just remember, Sakura. You are mine. No one, and I mean no one will ever love you the way I love you. They will never love you more than I do." He shook his head at her. "Do what I say, when I say it and this won't happen ever again. When I say I want you, you give me what I want. And you will do it, right?" He asked. Sakura just stared into his eyes, wanting to just glare at him. She wished that she didn't love this man so much. She really just wanted to tell him to "Fuck off, Sasuke!" but she couldn't for two reasons. One, she loved him too much, and two, she was so scared of him. But when she didn't answer him, his fingers dug into her skin and he looked highly irratated. "Right?!" He demanded.

Sakura whimpered but quickly nodded to him. "Right. I am yours, Sasuke, and only yours. Please, forgive me." She murmured with a tinge of fear. "But I need to get to work now. So please let me go."

Sasuke frowned at her as he let go of her chin, giving her a very dry look. He didn't look happy at all for that remark. She knew for a fact that he'd rather have her quit her job and stay home to warm their bed so when he got off work, he'd get what he wanted from her. Plus, he wanted her to just be a nice little housewife for him. Or something like it. "I don't like you working there, Sakura. I don't know why you want work in there. Why even bother working? I have enough money to provide for both of us. Why bother?" Sasuke said as he reached up and carressed her face. Sakura almost made the mistake of rolling her eyes in front of him when he said that. She knew if he saw her roll her eyes at him, he would come unglued again. But she also knew that he had a point. He could provide for her. He was the Heir of the Uchiha Fortune after all. He was also a very well respected ANBU, which was the law enforcers for Konoha City. He was rich and she was not. But she didn't want any of it. She did not care about money and she certainly didn't want someone to provide anything for her. She wanted to earn it herself. Plus working helped her get away from him for a while, helped her soothe out her nerves. All she got in this relationship was sex, pain and suffering. That was it. She didn't even feel loved by Sasuke. She felt used, actually.

In the beginning of their relationship, there had been at one point, love. Sasuke had always been the quiet sort of person and somewhat a tough guy. But he was always one of the best looking guys in the entire class of the old Konoha High School. He was so handsome and could have any girl he desired. But for some reason, he had chosen Sakura. He had been so romantic towards her that she felt like she was a goddess around him. She even asked him why he had chosen her and he told her because she was beautiful, rare and had a great knack for excitement. Which was actually true. She was beautiful, rare and had a knack for excitement. She knew she was beautiful. And she knew she was rare. There were hardly any women at all in Konoha City with bubblegum pink colored hair. And even more rare, she had a very big forehead. She absolutely hated her wide forehead but it seemed that Sasuke didn't mind it.

Still, the fact that she had Sasuke Uchiha, the most popular man in Konoha, and was one of the most hottest men in the entire city, not to mention the richest. There was only one other wealthy family as rich as his family but Sakura didn't like them very much. There was only a bunch of snobs in that family, other than just one of them.

But now, Sakura was somewhat regretting her relationship with Sasuke. Ever since his parents were murdered and the death of his older brother, Sasuke had been very different. He was cold, aggressive and he always turned to alcohol to settle his mind. He had become a very different person than what Sakura had fallen in love with. Of course, she had liked his brother, Itachi too. He had been a very good looking fellow and was once considered as a major playboy because there had been so many girls around him. But to Sakura, he was just a very kind person to her. He had treated her with respect, or as if she was his little sister already. He had always been rather quiet, much like Sasuke was. But he was more open with his feelings than his younger brother.

However, now he was dead, or that was what Sasuke told her.

Sakura had tried to ask Sasuke about it once but the first time seemed to be a huge mistake. For he immediately snapped at her, telling her that he never wanted to hear about Itachi again. That was when the abuse began. Sasuke just began to drink heavily and whenever he seemed to be reminded of Itachi, he grew violent. It scared Sakura, of course but she never really said much about it. She just thought it was a phase that Sasuke was going through. Soon enough it would pass over.

But it didn't. The abuse only got worst and worst. Sasuke would go out every night and drink until he was barely conscious and then he would come home, demanding Sakura to let him fuck her. When she refused, he beat her until she was no longer standing. Sakura was too afraid to call it quits. Sasuke had made sure of that. After the first beatings, Sakura told him that it was probably better if they took a break from each other and he just beat her even more, telling her she ever left him, he would make her so sorry that she would wish she was dead. Terrified, Sakura never spoke about it again. She was too afraid too. She didn't really tell any of her friends about it though. She knew that they wouldn't believe her in the first place. Sasuke was a very good liar.

"Fuck!" Sasuke exclaimed before jumping to his feet and running out of the kitchen, making the sound as if he was about to puke.

Obviously that was what he was doing because he was reteching in the bathroom. Sakura just sat there listening to him throw up in the bathroom before she felt extremely ill and as if she was going to throw up by just listening to him. So she stood up, gathering her bags and paperwork before turning and leaving the house. She needed to get to work. She knew she was going to be late as it was.

At 20 years old, Sakura Haruno had graduated from the Konoha University after majoring in three different trades; Medical, Psychiatry and Criminal Justice, which lead her right to the job she had now. She now worked at the Konoha General Hospital, most as a medic, but now and then she would serve as Psychiatrist. For nearly four years she had trained at the University and had had the best Instructors in the entire Country. She had started with the medical trade but then slowly found the desire for Psychiatry and Psychology. After that, she felt a thrill for danger and turned to Criminal Justice. As soon as she learned all that she needed to, she found that she didn't want to just be any doctor to help sick and injured patients but she wanted to help mentally ill patients too. And that also included the dangerous ones.

Many times her friends had asked her why in the world would she want to help dangerous criminals who were mentally unstable, and Sakura just said that she wanted to feel the adventure in what she was doing. It was true, of course. She loved the adrenaline rush when she was around a dangerous patient and loved the fact that she could help them settle down by talking to them. She had become quite the Psychiatrist over the years, and the youngest. At 23 years old, she had been helping over nearly 50 mentally ill patients, helping them find their own sense of mind.

"Good morning, Dr. Haruno." The security guard said as he ate a doughnut or two. Sakura just smiled at him as she walked through the doors of the General Hospital. The security guard was a large fellow, who was always eating something. If her mind served her right, his name was Choji Akimichi.

But then again, she saw his nametag.

"Hello, Mr. Akimichi. How are you this morning?" Sakura said smiling sweetly at the man.

Choji Akimichi just shrugged. He didn't really answer. He was too busy eating as he downed a third doughnut. He never really said anything to anyone anways. It didn't bother Sakura very much as she just kept walking. She was so glad that she had finally arrived at work. She knew she was late and would probably get yelled at her boss, Tsunade.

That immediately made her wince as she made her way down the hall towards the women's locker room. Tsunade. She knew that she would be in it deep if Tsunade saw her coming into work late. She would know that IT happened again. Out everyone that Sakura knew, Tsunade was the only person who knew what happened to her at home. There had been many times that she came to work with bruises on her body and Tsunade would eye her with suspicion. In the beginning, Tsunade had thought that Sakura was just accident prone. The pink haired woman would always give her lame excuses that she hurt herself at home. But the more the bruises began to show up on her employee's skin, she began to realize what was really going on. And therefore, she grew a massive dislike for Sakura's boyfriend.

Speaking of which, Sakura finally reached the Locker room door and the second she pushed through the door, she knew that something was about to happen.

Especially when she saw her boss waiting for her in the locker room, leaning casually against the locker, as if she had been waiting for hours on end. There was a dull look on the beautiful blonde's face as if she was asking, "What took you so long?" But Sakura knew better. Tsunade just rest her head against her fist, which was against the locker before she rose an eyebrow at the pink haired woman. "Two things," She began dryly. "One, you are late. And two, you really need to ditch that fucking bastard. I'm getting tired of you coming into work looking like some poor excuse pink dalmation." She said snappishly. Sakura winced but walked straight over to her locker to put her things away. "It's not what you think, Tsunade. I was...I was just taking a shower and when I got out I just slipped..." She tried for an excuse.

"Eeeeh! Wrong answer." Tsunade said, making the sound of a buzzer. "You've used that excuse before. But nice try."

Sakura winced again, cursing herself, inwardly. She knew she had used that excuse before. She was starting to run out of excuses to telling Tsunade. There was only so many that she could think of while trying to hide the fact that she was getting the hell beaten out of her by her drunkand boyfriend. She figured it was almost time to go to Konoha's famous excuse-machine, Kakashi Hatake for some ideas, who actually happened to be on the ANBU squad, with Sasuke. "Damn it." Sakura grumbled.

"Sakura, you really need to dump Uchiha now. This relationship is getting you nowhere. It's not doing you no good being either a sex toy or a punching back do that asshole." Tsunade said darkly. And when Sakura opened her mouth to argue, she gave her a look of warning for it. "Don't even think about arguing this case. You know I'm right. I'm your boss. I'm always right. Either you do something about him, or I will. You are one of my best doctors and I will not have it that some prick is mistreating any of my doctors. Even if he's some stupid boyfriend who thinks he can get away with anything he wants just because he's fucking rich and he doesn't have someone there to put him in his place, since you won't." She shook her head when Sakura winced at that remark. "Just do something about that bruise and then get to work, Sakura." She said before she turned and left. After a minute of watching her leave, Sakura felt herself smile. She knew that Tsunade was just concerned about her welfare. She was always concerned about her. It made her feel like there might be some hope for her after all.

That morning, Sakura had at least 15 patients to work with. Nine of them were the just normal mentally ill patients while other six were some of the dangerous ones. When it came to working with the dangerous mental patients, Sakura was under orders to have a guard with her. It was how it was. There had only been once that she didn't have a guard to help her out and she had nearly ended up getting stabbed with her own sedatives by one of the dangerous patients. So, she worked with the patients and the guards. She knew all of the guards by now after working with them for so long.

Today's guard was the most fliratatious one, Genma Shiranui.

Genma was a very handsome man nearly ten years older than Sakura and rather interesting in Sakura's point of view. He was entirely a ladiesman, always seen flirting with anything wearing a skirt, unless it was a crossdresser. He was always looking them over, as if undressing them with his eyes. It was something that usually got him into a lot of trouble but everyone knew that he was perfectly harmless. He would never do anything to hurt a woman, not even break their hearts if he had an affair with them. In anything more, they usually loved him a whole lot more once the affair was over. He was a true blue playboy in the city of Konoha. He usually flirted with Sakura, though it was just harmless flirting. Sakura knew that he was just playing around. He did whatever he could just to make a girl smile. Though as rumors went, Sakura had heard that Genma was dating a very wild tempered ANBU member named Anko. A few times Sakura had met Anko and didn't mind her. It was just a wonder how Genma could handle her. She was a whole lot more fliratious than he was.

So once Sakura was done working with the harmless mental patients, she met with Genma at the front desk, and then they walked together down to the D-Section of the Mental Ward. It was Genma's job to make sure that the nurses and doctors working with the dangerous patients stayed safe. All of the patients knew about Genma's reputation and knew that he was one of the many guards they did not want to piss off. He could be pretty rough if he felt like it.

Only a few times his stern behavior scared Sakura. While Sakura worked with giving her patients their shots, he stood in the door way, arms folded over his soldier built chest, giving the patients a daring look to even act up.

Most of today's patients were behaving but there was a few who tried to attack Sakura the minute she stepped into the white painted room. It was like this a lot. However, Sakura never panicked. She trusted Genma enough to come to her aid when she needed it. When one of her patients tried to attack her, Genma would interveine by catching him or her, which most of them were guys, and hold them back so she would give them a sedative. But a few of the patients who took a threatening step immediately backed away when Genma tapped his fist against his thigh. That was a sign he usually gave them that he was in no mood to deal with trouble that day. So there really wasn't very much trouble that day.


However, while working with a more mild tempered patient, Sakura immediately whirled around with Genma when there came a deafening crash from somewhere in the ward. It usually was quiet, other than the moaning of the patients. But it was still suspcious. Frowning, Genma tilted his head towards Sakura, looking at her through his long brown bangs and switching his senbon needle to the other side of his mouth. "I think I better go check that out. You gonna be okay?" He asked, eyeing Sakura's patient warningly.

"Don't worry about me. Hirata is behaving today. He won't cause trouble. Won't you, Hirata?" " Sakura said smiling fondly at her patient. The mental patient just looked at her through his dull brown eyes but there was a hint of softness in them. Like some of the patients, this patient actually liked Sakura. He and a few others liked the fact that she talked to them like they were adults while most of the other doctors talked to them like they were just little kids.

Genma only nodded before he quickly turned and left the room to go find the source of the clatter. He didn't want to be gone too long. He shouldn't even be leaving a doctor by theirself in the D-Section. But knowing Sakura, he was sure that she would be fine.

During his absense, Sakura hummed softly as she checked Hirata's vital signs. She knew for a fact that humming always kept the mental patient calm. He absolutely loved her voice and it helped his nerves. But as she wrote down the records on her paper, she heard Genma coming back. She didn't look up, though. She just went back to listening to Hirata's heartbeat and then recorded what she heard. "So, what was it, Genma?" She asked marking down her record.

Genma didn't answer. Instead, he moved closer to her, stopping when he stood right behind her until she could almost feel his breath on her neck.

Sakura paused before rolling her eyes as she went back to checking Hirata's pulse again. "Genma, quit it. I don't have time to be playing the flirting game with you right now. And I can't concentrate with you breathing on my neck like that anyway. Knock it off." She paused for a second. "So what was that crash?"

"The crash is the least of your worries right now, Sakura." Came a very cold reply.

Sakura felt her entire body nearly into a block of ice when she heard that voice. She felt like someone had just hit her over the head, in fact. And she knew for a fact that that voice was not Genma's deep, but warm voice. No, that was actually Sasuke's cold voice. Startled, Sakura spun around only to find him standing nearly an inch away from her, his dark eyes looking into her fearful emerald green eyes. She couldn't believe he was here. Here, where he was NOT suppose to be!

"Sasuke! Wha-what are you doing here?!" Sakura gasped in alarm.

Sasuke just glared coldly into her eyes before he took a step back and folded his arms across his chest, while continuing to glower at Sakura. He didn't even seem to notice the uneasy look on the mentally retarded's, in his point of view, face. He didn't care if he was there. And he did not look amused. Especially that last bit that Sakura had just said before she realized that he wasn't Genma. "I came to see you. Is that a problem?"

Swallowing hard, Sakura glanced at her patient before she quickly began gathering her things and forced smiled at Hirata. "Hirata, you've been really good today. I'll make sure that you get an hour break, okay?" She asked before grabbing Sasuke's arm and pulled him out of the room. She was cursing her boyfriend inside her head. She really wanted to yell at him right now. She knew for a fact that if anyone saw him in the D-Section, she would get into so much trouble. Much less, if Tsunade saw him, he would end up dead. "Sasuke, I am trying to work. You can't be here. You are so going to get me into a whole lot of trouble." She told him as she locked Hirata's door and turned to face Sasuke. She was angry and she was going to let him know. He knew that he couldn't be here but here he was. "What are you trying to do? Get me fired?" She asked moodily.

"Don't you talk to me like that, Sakura." Sasuke said coldly.

Sakura shook her head at him as she folded her arms across her chest, hugging her clipboard. She did not want to have this conversation with him right now. "You need to leave right now, Sasuke. I can't believe you even came down here. You know for a fact that this Section is for Authorized Personnel only." She said, not being able to hold her anger in.

Sasuke eyed her for a minute before his eyes grew darker, almost black. He was now very angry for being lectured by her. He just shook his head before he grabbed her arm and shoved her hard against the wall. Sakura gasped in pain and alarm, but looked up at him with fear. She had dropped her stuff onto the floor, sending papers scattering all over. But that was the least of her worries. She tried to turn and get away from the wall but her boyfriend roughly grabbed her by the shirt and shoved her harder against the wall, making her cry out in pain. "Sasuke...no. Please...not here." She begged silently.

"Shut up!" Sasuke said angrily as he grabbed her roughly by the neck, holding her against the wall. His dark eyes glared angrily right into her fear filled ones. "I came all the way here from work just to see you and this is what I get?! A god damned lecture?! And what's this about a flirting game with a guy named Genma?!" He demanded.

Looking fearfully into Sasuke's black eyes, Sakura couldn't shook her head as she reached up and grabbed his arm, rubbing it as if to soothe his temper. She knew that if he didn't calm down, he was going to cause a scene. Or worst, she was going to get beaten right there at work, in a mental ward, surrounded by the criminally insane. "Sas-Sasuke, th-that was a joke! Gen-Genma is just a friend! I work with him!" She said stammering over her words. She shivered against him when Sasuke tightened his grip on her neck but not enough to hurt her. "Pl-please! You have to leave!"

And that's when he slapped her hard across the face.

Sakura gasped in pain as her head was thrown to the side and then found herself falling to the ground for Sasuke had let her go. She hit the cool floor hard, landing on her side. She whimpered as she quickly turned around to look up at Sasuke, who was glaring down at her with such anger and hatred. He was losing his temper! She knew this was bad! She had to get away from him quickly. "Sas-Sasuke, please..." She begged softly, tears now running down her bruised cheeks.

"You worthless little whore! So you've been playing around behind my back?! Is that it?!" Sasuke snapped angrily as he now lashed out and grabbed Sakura by the front of her shirt, yanking her to her feet. His teeth were clenched tightly as he just made to hit her again. "After all I've done for you! You go and do this!!"

Sakura winced at his raised voice. There was no doubt that someone heard that. But it wasn't just that. Sasuke had just spit into her face while he was yelling at her. And she was now terrified out of her wits. Her weaknesses were showing right now, right in front of her patients. She could see several faces now pressed against the small windows on the doors. Some looked so excited that there was violence right outside their doors. "Sasuke! Please just stop it! Just leave..."

Once again, he hit her hard across the face, only this time it was his fist he used and not his palm.

Excruciating pain flared up in the side of her face and she almost saw stars dancing in her eyes. She could almost feel warm blood now running out of her nose where Sasuke had hit her. She felt rather sick now. He had drawn blood right there in her work place. Worst, he was raising a fist as if to hit her again. She quickly closed her eyes tight, waiting for the painful blow.

"Hey!! What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" came Genma's yell now.

And before she knew it, Sakura found herself falling to the ground after Sasuke had been yanked away from her and there was a loud thud. Her eyes snapped open, only to gasp when her head hit the tiled floor under her. But she caught a good sight of Genma throwing Sasuke into the wall, pressing his face against the white walls. There was definitely a struggle but if there was anything wrong with the whole ordeal, it was the fact that Genma was a lot stronger than Sasuke, even if he was an ANBU. Genma had spent years prying powerful mental patients off of doctors and nurses so he was no doubt built more powerful than the younger man. Sasuke was attempting to throwing the brown haired man off of him but Genma slammed in against the wall again, pinning his arms behind his back. Then the brown haired man held his senbon needle close to Sasuke's neck, nearly pressing it into his skin. "Don't move, asshole, or I'll be sticking this needle deep into your damn neck!"

Sasuke decided to listen.

Glaring at the back of his head and keeping a firm grip on him, Genma turned his head and looked down at Sakura, who was propping herself up with her elbow, but wincing as she did so. "Dr. Haruno! You okay?!" He asked through gritted teeth. Sakura felt a sharp sob rising from her chest but she nodded as she reached up and wiped blood from her nose. She felt embarrassed that this happened but she was also in a lot of pain. She couldn't believe Sasuke would do this here and now. Couldn't he have waited till she got home before beating the shit out of here?

"Shit!" She swore loudly when she saw a furious Tsunade enter the hall with three other security guards.