Title: The Devil's Whisper

Short Summary: Sakura is a Psychiatrist for a mental hospital for the Konoha Hospital who then gets moved to her dream job in the Suna Hospital for the Criminally Insane to take care of a very dangerous patient named Gaara. WARNING! Sasuke bashing!!

Pairings: Sakura/Sasuke (minor), Sakura/Gaara

Warning: Story contains implied and/ or scenes of: major language, torture, rape, angst, adult scenes, violence and probably moreā€¦

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or any of its characters. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.


It was raining outside, as always. It always rained in Ame City. There was hardly ever a day when it was not raining in Ame City, in the County of Rain.

The city was mostly built with metal and stone for anything wooden or concrete would have worn and broke away, not mention would have mold all over it. Concrete was all right to build the buildings with but with so much water always coming down, it would have worn away. Stone took just a little bit longer to wear down.

Ame City also happened to be a very dangerous city to be wandering around in. There were not very nice people there, probably due to the rain constantly falling. It didn't help the people's moods very much. There weren't too many tourist attractions there either. People didn't like dealing with the constant water falling. It, however, was a place where you could find a lot of private clubs, including a lot of bath houses because of all of the water. So normally, some people went to Ame to relax in private bath houses where not many people bothered them.

There was one Bathhouse among many that stood out the most. It was a large building, yet the most exotic. It was nearly five stories high with a Chinese palace look about it. Yet instead dragon guardians all over the roof tops, scaring away bad spirits, there were exotic women statuettes, almost Greek like. Many of the statues had water always pouring off stone plates, protecting the roof from corroding from the constant water. Not that it actually needed it. The roof was protected by stone and obsidian slabs. There were Chinese lanterns hanging from exotic balconies and the roof, protected from the rain by the statuettes. Some of the balconies had out door baths with glass walls, over looking the city. Silky drapes hung over the walls, able to be pulled over them for privacy for the bathers. The build was mostly an exotic red color mixed with gold railings around some of the balconies.

Hanging over the entrance of the Bathhouse, protected from the rain by the roof was a sign; Madam Ai's Exotic Bath house.

It looked like any sensational bath house. But those who did dealings with Madam Ai knew better. This was not just any bathhouse where people came to relax and enjoy their selves. It was a betrothal. A place where men, and even women, with great wealth came to find exotic pleasure. That and more. Those who knew Madam Ai did other things than just buy pleasure.

It was here that they came to.

All three, the two men and a lady walked down the rich red corridors, ignoring the seductive music playing that attracted wealth. One of the men and the lady stayed stoic as they walked along one another while the other man was smirking as he looked around. He had caught sight of some of the women working there.

The female workers were dressed in their work attire, which were quite seductive and very suggestive. The uniforms looked more like silk drapes wrapped around them, revealing more skin than was necessary. Some of the uniforms nearly revealed their bottom halves and legs very well, distracting any man that passed. In a way, they looked like seductresses more than workers. Especially with their exotic make up on their faces, rich red lips that were clearly redder than rose petals.

Oh, how Hidan just wanted to get his hands on one of the women. He would have his pleasure first before deciding to sacrifice them to his god. But with a look of warning from Pein, he kept up with the orange haired man and his fucking indigo haired bitch.

The three walked straight up to a large desk where a beautiful woman was working in some kind of log. She was dressed about the same as the other workers, but unlike the others, there was a look of authority about her as her silky raven spilled down her back with golden cords braided into it. This woman looked somewhat like a Greek princess, if not a stern servant. She looked up when the three arrived to her desk.

Taking only one look at Pein, she grabbed the phone on her desk, pressing one button and waiting for the call to connect with who ever she was calling. She turned her dark eyes back onto the three, eyeing all of them for moment before she looked away again when finally someone picked up the phone. "Madam, he's here. Shall I send him up?" She asked whoever she was talking to.

"Yes, Dager. Bring them up. We are waiting." came the answer before the line was cut.

The woman, Dager nodded at Pein as she put the head piece back where it belonged before standing up and motioning for them to follow her just as another woman suddenly appeared around the corner. She only paused for a second to point at the chair, getting a nod from her before she started down the hall.

With only a glance at Hidan and Konan, Pein followed after her with the other two trailing behind him.

The walk through the Bath house wasn't too long. The woman, Dager just lead them straight to an elevator, which she boarded with them and went straight up to the top floor. She kept a very passive look on her face, almost completely emotionless as she stared right at the doors of the elevators. Only once did she glance at Hidan when he gave her a low, rude whistle as he was tilting his head to see her ass from under the silk uniform. He was getting a little bit of the view which she completely ignored. She didn't seem to care at all. Her eyes only narrowed once at him before looking forward again. Not even when he decided to reach over and give her ass a sharp slap, she never looked back at him. So obviously, she was used to this.

It was Konan who gave the Jashin Priest an acid like stare before she side stepped to block him from the woman again. He didn't like that but he knew better than to say or do anything to her with Pein there.

Finally after only about a minute of riding the elevator, the doors open and the woman, Dager lead them down a long corridor. This part of the building was where her mistress lived and not to mention did her dealings. Very few were given access to this part of the Bath House. Hidan was the only one glancing around as he followed after Pein and Konan, pausing only once near one open door way where there was a platform and a pole in the middle of the room. It was obviously a strip tease room.

"Hmm. This looks like a place to have a fucking good time in." Hidan remarked, smirking as he looked around. But he then hurried after the other three.

The woman lead the three visitors to a large set of red and golden doors with what seemed to be two stuffed, brilliant white tigers on each side, chained to the walls. They were just sitting there, heads held high, looking forward with golden amber colored eyes and thick chains connected to sharp diamond-studded collars. Hidan had smirked as he looked at the stuffed animals before moving over to get a better look at the diamonds on the collars. He knew that they had to be worth a lot.......

"I wouldn't go near them." The woman warned him.

Too late.

A snarl erupted from the one he was approaching before it sat up, curling back its lips to reveal its sharp fangs. The reaction caused the other tiger to snarl in unison with its partner as it looked savagely at Hidan, who leapt back with a yelp.

"Fuck me! They're fucking alive!! I thought they were fucking dead and stuffed!!"

The woman smirked before she approached the snarling tigers, and held up her hands over their heads. It was honest to say that Hidan had been expecting the tigers to snarl at her and attempt to rip her hands off and eat her. But instead, the tigers' snarl toned down to a growl before they bumped her hands with their heads, a rumbling purr coming from both. She cooed at both of them, bending over each one and bumping her head with theirs, acting as if she was a feline herself. She even purred right back at them before scratching under their chins.

It was then one of the doors open and a tall, but strange looking man stepped out. He was a very unusual looking person, especially to Hidan's standards. Pein and Konan seemed to know him though. He had a deep shade of green hair, almost the color of sea moss with golden eyes. His skin was very odd looking; painted in black and white. Yet, even as odd as he looked, there something gorgeous about him. Perhaps his eyes. Even though he didn't interest Hidan in any way, Konan finally smiled as she looked him over. It was probably the fact that he wore only loose pants and no shirt, revealing quite a nice four pact stomach and chest. He did have a very nice build for someone a little gangly looking.

"Zetsu." Pein finally spoke, his lips curving only the slightest.

The two toned man turned his golden gaze onto Pein and he offered a dangerous smile, revealing a dangerously set of sharp teeth within his mouth. It became very clear to the Jashin Priest that this man was dangerous. Especially when the tigers both cringed back away from him, flattening their eyes and looking slightly nervous of him. "Welcome back,"The man spoke, his voice very dark and dangerous. "We have been waiting for you."

Hidan did a double take, staring at the man with wide eyes, looking very confused. He wasn't sure if he heard right but he really believed he just heard this man talking with two sets of voices. The first was very dark and dangerous, while the other was calm and almost seductive.

"Is everyone here?" Pein asked, ignoring the fact that the man, Zetsu spoke with two sets of voices.

The dark green haired, two toned man only nodded before he stepped to the side, motioning for them all to enter. Dager, however, didn't move away from the tigers, leaving her hands on one of them and purring gently to them as if trying to sooth their fears of Zetsu. She almost smirked up at the voodooist when he eyed the white tigers uneasily before hurrying after Pein and Konan as they walked right through the doors with no worries of the animals. He shot her a dark look for it but decided that he would punish her later.

The room that three new arrivals entered was very large, yet dark. The only light in the room was coming from a large fire place, where a roaring fire sat behind a thick chain curtain. There was a large glass wall facing a massive balcony, nearly over looking the rain soaked city while huge black velvet drapes were pulled slightly to the side to reveal the view. It was actually very beautiful to see all of the lights of the city at dusk.

Within the room there were several people sitting in the dark shadows, with only the fire lit hitting their eyes yet making it very hard to see their faces. Some were just as tall as the three new arrivals, some were massive in size. One that made even Konan falter when she saw him. He was sitting in the dark, wearing dark gray and his face was hidden under gray bandages, serving as a mask. He was sitting, lazily on a couch, looking very harmless in deed. But knowing who he was made her very uneasy. She tore her eyes away from him when Pein noticed her unease and took her hand, pulling her over to another comfortable couch where they sat. Hidan hesitated before following, sinking down beside Pein as he looked around at the room's occupants.

There was a large chair with a high back facing directly towards the fire. The back curved a little, so it was a little hard to see who was sitting in it from where Pein, Konan and Hidan were sitting. But the expensive black dress told them very well that it was a woman.

"Welcome, Master Pein. I'm glad to see that you've returned." came a seductive but cold voice from the chair. The woman sitting in it didn't even sit up straighter to look around at him. She just stared into the flickering flames, running her fingers through a silky black cat's fur, who was purring loudly as it enjoyed its mistress' touch. "I heard about the situation in Suna City. What happened?"

Pein dipped his head a little lower as he eyed the woman's chair coldly but kept a respective tone around her. "Madara Uchiha failed his objective. He was arrested and tried and sentenced to 12 years to life in the Oni Point Prison, a prison that dwells on a small island just off the coast of Wind and between Tea Country. It's a small island but very dangerous to cross to. The entire island is heavily guarded, if not protected by the sharp rocks surrounding it. If that is not enough, the entire island is complete with high cliffs. There is only beach and that is where the gate sits. No one can reach the prison without authorization and no one has ever escaped and lived." He explained in a dangerously low voice. "I heard Orochimaru is being sentenced there after serving some time in Oto prison. Hmm. Should be interesting to hear what happens when the two see each other there."

The woman in the chair, tilted her head only a little but not enough for anyone to actually see her. She didn't say anything at all though as she just thought about what he said.

Another man in the darkness, a rather pudgy man that clearly loved his wealthy just by the expensive suit he was wearing snorted. It was hard to see him but he was no doubt in his late forties, maybe early fifties. He was being guarded by two men, who were in the light for everyone to see. They were Samurai, no doubt. "Who cares about those two fools? They got their selves in trouble by chasing their own dreams! The question I want to ask is the plan still on schedule?" He asked darkly.

No one spoke for a moment before there came a dark and clearly dangerous "hmph" from the man that had Konan on edge. He still didn't move other than wave a large hand into the fire light. "Like it or not, Madara is needed for this plan. You know that, you idiot." He remarked in a deep voice.

The wealthy man shot him a dark look while his guards, growled as they fingered the empty sheaths at their waists. They missed their katanas, which were suppose to be there. They hated being there so unarmed.

"Enough." The woman in the chair said sharply and everyone settled again. She just inhaled deeply before lightly pushing the cat off her lap, which hopped off and stalked into the shadows out of view. "He is right though, Mr. Gatou. As much as I don't want to agree with Momochi, Madara has the final piece of the plan. Without him, the Hell's Playground operation will not succeed. We will have no choice but to do something about him." She went quiet for a moment before she finally turned slightly in the chair, but still not enough for Pein, Hidan or Konan to see her. "Pein, you and I will come up with that plan. But in the mean time, your mission in Suna. I heard you met her. What is she like?"

Pein was quiet for a very long moment while Hidan, on the other, hand just made a face as he tried to figure out what the hell she was talking about. He was obviously the new member of this dark circle, just by judging the look on his face. "What the fuck are you talking, bit....." He was starting to say.

The woman, Dager, gave a low hiss as she started to step forward but stopped immediately when the woman in the chair shot up a hand, telling her to hold her ground. While Pein, on the other hand, shot Hidan a silencing glare. "Do not refer Madam Ai with such a vulgar name, Hidan." He said in a dark tone. "She might not look it, but she's highly dangerous. As is her workers. You are the newest addition to this underground organization and we don't expect you to know about her just yet, but be careful of what you say around her. This entire bath house is hers to command. And her workers, they be women or not, are just as dangerous as we all are."

Hidan only raised an eyebrow but kept his tongue. He didn't want that look shot at him again from Pein.

Instead, Pein turned his amber eyes back over to the woman in the chair, Madam Ai. He didn't answer right off before lifting his head. "She is very beautiful, intelligent but not as you hope, Madam Ai. She's too timid and not strong enough to do as we do. She would not serve you well." He told her in a low voice.

"Mmm." Madam Ai hummed before she lift a hand and examined diamond studs plastered on rich red fingernails. "We shall see in time then, Pein. Even if she is not what I hope for as one of my women, I can easily break her into becoming one of the others. If she is indeed as beautiful as I, she will bring me much joy."

"You mean fucking more whore money." grumbled another man in the darkness but he was ignored.

Hidan, however, chose to speak up again, glaring at the chair. "What the fuck?" His violet eyes shot over to Pein again, giving him a confused look. "Pein, who the hell is this broad?! Who the hell is she fucking talking about?! If I'm going to be working for you, don't you think I fucking should know what the hell is going on?!" He growled at him.

Something sharp whizzed right by his nose, slicing the tip of it and causing him swear when he felt sharp pain at the end. It only took him a second to realize it was a senbon needle, thrown from a dark corner, causing Hidan to nearly shoot to his feet to go attack who just threw the needle.

But Pein roughly grabbed his wrist and yanked him back down onto the couch next to him. The look on his face was almost too dangerous for the voodooist to like. But either way, even the orange haired man was looking towards the darkness to see someone there.

It was too dark to actually see them but it was a younger person, hard to tell if it was male or female. They had no figure, even if they wore dark colors; Hidan or Pein couldn't tell what colors. They had long black hair though, falling to their lower back, though it was pulled back into a loose pony tail. The face was hidden by a black mask with two white swirls surrounding the eye holes.

"Haku." came the dangerously deep voice of the man called Momochi. He didn't seem to be reprimanding the youth. He sounded to amused to be doing that and everyone was sure he was grinning under that mask of his. "Put your senbon away. You know the rules. No weapons drawn."

The youth straightened before sliding three needles into his belt, where several could be seen. It was no doubt that any guards hadn't seen those needles and that made everyone grow a little tense. "Forgive me then, Senpai Momochi." came a calm, but yet soft voice from under the mask. It was almost feminim but male all together. The youth had to be a boy. And judging by the sound of his voice, he was young, perhaps in his twenties.

"That's enough." spoke Madam Ai again, even as calmly as before. She actually sounded amused by Hidan's words. She was obviously smiling as she tilted her head to the side before she pushed herself to her feet. "He is right, Master Pein. If he is going to be working for you, he should know." She turned looking right at Hidan, whose jaw slowly fell in shock.

Madam Ai was simply one of the most gorgeous women that Hidan had ever seen. She had the body of a seductress and could easily wound a man around her fingers just by looking into their eyes with her seductive dark gaze. Her face as heart shaped and she had the look of a dark angel, with lips painted deep red, light a rich, fresh apple. The gown she wore was very low cut, V shaped and revealing the plump mounds of her chest, yet hiding her nipples within the black fabric. It fell all the way down to her ankles, yet with two long slits on the sides, revealing her legs, covered in black net nylon. There was a long golden chain linked around her neck three times, yet still hanging low in the valley of her breasts where a large pink diamond rest at the center of the valley. Surrounding her gorgeous, dark angelic face was curled bangs from the tight bun of dusty rose colored hair.

If there was another word for the color, Hidan would have called her hair pink. And she looked almost exactly like his fucking former Psychiatrist. Sakura Haruno.

"What the fuck......?!" Hidan muttered in astonishment.

Pein snorted as he closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest. He was slightly amused by Hidan's shock, while several others rolled their eyes in the dark. He knew exactly what thought was going through the Jashin Priest's head. "It's not her, Hidan. It's not Doctor Sakura Haruno." He reassured him quietly.

A cold smile curled on the woman's face as she tilted her head almost innocently. Though anyone who knew her was very aware that she was far from innocent. "I'm fully aware of how you know my daughter, Jashin Hidan. I have my own connections and I know fully aware that you have met Sakura. And I can guarantee you, you have not yet seen the last of her. She's a very important piece of the Hell's Playground operation, which Pein is to alert you later on in the future." She told him as she turned towards the large glass windows. She smirked as she looked into the dark night, almost searching for the one she was thinking about as her eyes twinkled with almost wicked delight. "Oh, yes, my dear, dear Sakura. Mommy's coming home for you."


Author's Note: There will be a sequel called Hell's Playground coming soon.