Later that evening, John was walking down the hallway when he heard voices coming from the media room. Popping his head in, he found Scott and Virgil ensconced on a couch, a bowl of popcorn between them watching yet another slasher flick. Eyes on the screen, he entered, "What's this one?"

Scott paused the movie and the two eldest brothers turned cold eyes on their sibling. "It's research."

Pinned by the twin looks, John frowned, "Research? What research? What movie is this, anyway?"

"It's private research." Virgil intoned.

"It's called The Brother Killings." Scott used the same ominous tone.

John's eyes widened. He looked at the carnage frozen on the screen, and at the fierce glare in his brothers' eyes, and swallowed hard. "Oh. I'll, uh, just leave you to it, then."

John backed carefully away, then turned and ran. Scott and Virgil watched him go, then turned back to the screen, and did a high five.

The End