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Chapter 13

Bella's Point Of View

Edward has really been getting on my nerves lately. He's been practically following me around, trying to apologize.

"…so sorry." I heard him from behind me. There's no way in hell he would be following me if Nate were here. Nate is gone on business again. He's in Canada and he's gonna bring me back some Canadian chocolate (I love Aero and Coffee Crisp Bars, hehe.)

I turned to him, "What will it take to get you to leave me alone?" I demanded.

"Say you forgive me." He said simply.

"But I don't. So that would be lying."

He sighed, "Please, Bella? I'm sorry."

I sighed, "Fine. You're forgiven."

Edward smiled, "Thank you."

I shook my head and hurried to my next shoot. Brian had me change into a skimpy bikini and model. That just sucked considering Edward was there and practically drooling over me.

I changed and went into my dressing room. I closed the door in Edward's face and called Blair to check on the girls.

Emilee was being fussy and Shadow was upset because she lost her doll. I apologized and told Blair I'd try to get off early. She said not to worry about it and we hung up.

I sat on the couch and thought.

How can I decide what's right when you're clouding up my mind?

He was always on my mind and I had no clue why. I love Nate and Edward is just…well, Edward.

I can't win your losing fight all the time.

There was just no way out. No 'get out of jail free' card. I had to choose one of them and the right choice was obvious, my heart just didn't want the logical choice, it wanted both.

Now, can I ever own what's mine? When you're always taking sides?

My heart jumped erratically from Nate to Edward, never giving me the answer I needed, only making it more difficult for me.

But, you won't take away my pride. No, not this time. Not this time.

I wouldn't lose my pride again. I'd already lost it once and I was determined to keep it in tact.

How did we get here? I used to know you so well. How did we get here? I think I know.

I couldn't believe I'd let myself get in this deep. I didn't know how it happened without my knowledge. I thought I knew myself and what I wanted but apparently I didn't.

The truth is hiding in your eyes and it's hanging on your tongue, just boiling in my blood.

I can only have one of them. I was just oblivious as to which one to choose.

But you think that I can't see what kind of man you are. If you're a man at all.

There's one obvious choice and I thought I had my mind made up.

Well, I will figure this one out on my own.

I will. I'll make my choice without anyone. And my choice may be irrational but that's just how love is.

I'm screaming "I love you so."

My thoughts you can't decode.

My heart has known all along. It's just been fooling me, making me ache and making me hurt those around me.

Do you see what we've done? We've gone and made such fools of ourselves.

This has just made me run around in circles, chasing nothing in particular.

Do you see what we've done? We've gone and made such fools of ourselves.

I just made my life more difficult than it needed to be. I made a fool of myself, pretending not to know who I loved and who I belonged with.

There is something I see in you.

Something about him drove me crazy. Something about him made me head over heels in love.

It might kill me.

This problem has almost killed me. The thought of losing either of them was excruciating but the thought of losing him, well that was just down right torture.

I want it to be true.

I needed what I was telling myself to be true. I need myself to believe it.

So, I've made my choice.

My life, my love.

My Nathaniel.


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