As the crowd dispersed, Tal turned to Milla feeling his emotions jumble together.

Just like it's always been.

"Milla, before you go…"

Tal's voice trailed off. Even after everything, he still didn't know what to say, he just knew he didn't want her to walk off, didn't want to admit he might never see her again, that it was all finally over.

She looked at him, her face as inscrutable as ever.

"Malen? The Emperor of the Castle and I….we have much to discuss."

Malen walked a short distance away where a small group of Icecarls was gathered.

Milla and Tal looked at each other for a moment. Tal was lost for words. Milla spoke first.

"Tal….there is much that hasn't been said."

Tal looked at her. He knew this was his only chance; his time to say everything. He looked at the floor.

"I told you once that it wasn't the nature of an Icecarl to forgive…but too much has happened. The Icecarls…and I.." she struggled with that part, "owe you much."

"The Chosen are equally in debt to the Icecarls. Without you, I'd have never known about Sharrakor or the Codex…I wouldn't even have a Sunstone."

"I guess we both got what we always wanted," Tal said.

Milla wore an expression Tal had never seen before. He knew she had changed; both of them had. She was right: too much had happened. He would never be the same. He knew Milla felt it, too. In fact, nothing in their world would ever be the same again.

He felt a slight burning in his eyes and blinked rapidly ridding the tears from his eyes.

He held out his wrist, showing the scars of the oaths they had made together. Milla bared her wrist and they touched scars, cool skin against cool skin. When their eyes met, their history flashed before them and time seemed to stop.

"Farewell Tal, for a circling. We shall speak again."

The definitive tone in her voice made Tal smile. Of course they would speak. There was always the Crones.

"For a circling then, War Chief."

Milla held her hand high above her head, a violet whip spun overhead.

She headed out of the Castle with her Icecarls without looking back

Tal watched them go before turning and heading to the place his mind and heart had never left: a suite of rooms with the front door marked by an Orange Sthil-beast leaping over a seven-pointed star.

His home.

Most of this was paraphrased or taken directly from The Violet Keystone epilogue, just changed around to better fit what I was saying. Either way, this is IT! THANKS FOR READING!