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Our bags were packed and I was waiting for Alice by the front door. I tapped my foot impatiently while she ran around looking for her hair brush. Our girl's-only spa week which had already started, around a hour ago, had been planned a few weeks ago. Rose was lounging out on the couch her feet hanging over the edge, smirking. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were out hunting and Carlisle and Esme were upstairs. I cringed. The down-side to having vampire hearing in a sexually active household was you heard everything. Even if you lived in a clearing more than a mile away.

That was why Alice and I had started taking weeks at a hotel in Seattle. It was there we had discovered something. Our attraction to each other. It had started out as an innocent kiss, a sort of experiment. I had never done anything like that, I mean Edward was my first everything. But after I changed, I started to get hit on by both guys and girls. So naturally I was curious. The kiss had lead to other things, deeper things. Of course I ran to Edward crying the moment it ended. He was surprisingly okay with it. He understood the love I had for Alice and understood that it was physical as well as emotional. And what could he do? Kill his sister and risk Jasper coming after him? Not happening.

"Alice, come on! I want to go before the boys come home." I muttered as the pixie fluttered past me for the hundredth time. Rose laughed and flicked her foot.

"Found it! Emmett kept changing where he deciding to hide it on me." Alice grabbed the biggest bag and tossed a brush into in, then swung it up on to her shoulder like Santa.

"Rose you okay watching Rensemee until Edward gets back?" I asked shrugging my smaller bag onto my shoulder.

"Yep fine" She knew what we were up to but wasn't going to anyone in case she ever needed black mail. I inwardly laughed. Who could she tell? Edward? I positive Jasper knew also.

"Okay we'll be back on Sunday. Nessie is out playing with Jake" I laughed at her scowl. We made our way to Alice's Porsche and tossed our bags into the trunk. Jacob appeared at my side holding Nessie in his arms.

"So you're off then?" he asked hold out my daughter for me to take. I took her in my arms and kiss the top of her head.

"Yeah we got to get out of here for a while." I looked down at Rensemee's face "Mommy is going away with Auntie Alice for a while. Okay? I'll be back in a week and I promise to bring you back a very special gift if you're a good girl." She smiled up at me. "And Auntie Alice will know if you're good or not." I tapped her on the nose softly to make my point. She reached back for Jake and I let her go. I kissed her again and got in to the car.

We pulled up to the hotel drive two hours later. We checked in at the desk as the bell-hop took our bags up to our suite. Alice always got to best suite in the place. As we turned away to go to the elevators a slightly familiar voice stopped us.

"Ah Mrs. Hale! It is very nice to see you again" I rolled my eyes as we turned around. The fact that the manager could identify us by the backs of our heads still creeps me out slightly.

"Paul it is nice to see you again" replied Alice as they shook hands. I fought the urge to tap my foot.

"And Mrs. Cullen, I didn't see you there" he reached for my hand and bent down and kiss it. Okay ew. I forced a smile

"It's nice to see you too Paul."

"Are you here for the weekend?"

"No the week this time. You know, vacation from the in-laws and husbands." Alice giggled. I glanced at the clock.

"Oh look at the time! Alice if we don't unpack will be late for our appointments with Olga and Helga." I said. Paul looked at to clock.

"Well have a nice stay Ladies" He walked away to the desk and whispered to the clerk behind it.

We got up to our suite in time to make it to our appointments. Of course. I had enjoyed spa day for once. When we got back to our room it was around five and the sun was setting. I stood out on the deck and watched it set. Alice was inside ordering us something to 'eat'. When it got here we would do what we normally did. We would wait an hour and leave it out side someone else's room. No harm no foul, the occupants normally liked getting a free dinner. After 'dinner' I went to take a shower. A habit left over from my human days. When I got out,the room was quiet. I smiled to my self wondering what Alice had planned.

I paused listening. Nothing. Suddenly I understood what was going on. I tossed the towel down on the floor and sat on the bed feeling the air stir around me. I smiled when I heard a slight groan from behind me. Good she saw what I was going to do.

"Well I guess Alice went out for a while" I muttered to myself. "I guess I'll start without her." I heard another groan has I let my hand slide down to my slit. I gasp as I trailed my finger up and down. At the same time the bed creaked and I felt two hands cup my breasts and begin to trace circles around my already hard nipples. I moaned loudly. I felt her press her lips to the back of my neck and I shuttered. I could feel the wet flooding from both of us. The room was thick with the smell. Suddenly I was flipped on to my back. I giggled as I looked up in to Alice's face. Her dark eyes must have mirrored mine.

"That was a very mean trick" she whispered into my ear. "Looks like I'll have to punish you." I made my best sacred face. She straddled my hips and a piece of rope appeared in her hand. She tried my hands together then went to work on my legs. I was getting wetter and wetter by the second, and I could tell so was she. Her face reappeared again and she crammed her lips to mine. Our tongues fought for dominance, but I soon let Alice take the lead. I could feel her breasts rubbing against mine. The feeling was amazing. Her hands traced up and down my sides never staying in one place for long. They made their way down to my thighs and slowly inched in. I bucked my hips trying to get her to where I wanted her, but she never sped up. I shut my eyes in frustration. "Bella look at me" she ordered and my eyes shot open as she plunged a finger into my core. I all but screamed. I shut my eyes again reveling in pleasure as she thrusted in and out of me. I was dimly aware of the fact I had broken the rope on my hands and was massaging her breasts. I twisted her nipples and she screamed. I loved hearing her scream. I smirked as she looked at me. "You will pay for that" Her face disappeared and she lapped at my slippery clit.

"ALICE" I screamed gripping her shoulders forcing her in deeper. She began to draw circles with her tongue and suck on it. I was beginning to shake. I didn't think I could hold on much longer.

"Oh no you don't" She reached over and rifled through a bag and pulled out the extra long custom made vibrator she had ordered. Slowly she inserted it and I gasped, she inched herself down on the other end. But before she was fully on I flipped her over and plunged it in to her

"BELLA" she screamed in pleasure. I could feel the pressure building in my core as I thrusted in and out. I sped up and began to suck on her nipple and she did the same for me. I felt the rush at the same time Alice did. We rode out our orgasms clutching each other as bright colors streamed past our eyes. Exhausted I fell to her side and looked up at her. She pulled me into a kiss, that started me up right again.

"Again?" I asked. She sighed.

"This is going to be a great vacation."

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