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flipped the T.V on and scrolled through the channels. The clock on the cable box glared 2:30 AM. The city was silent. I imagined Alice and I were the only things moving around in the hotel. I let my mind wander as a commercial for the SHAMWOW! Repeated over and over how good it was. Alice had run out for...what had she run out for again? I was dimly aware of my body going in to suspended animation as the minutes ticked by. It was the only thing I think I hated about being a vampire. I couldn't sleep. I jumped as the little sliver cell phone began to ring. In a flash I was fishing it out of my suitcase. It was Rose.

"Hello?" I said uncertainly.

"Bella open the door."


"Just open the door!" she demanded and the phone died. I hurried over to the door and pulled it open. Rosalie was leaning up against the door frame wearing a pea-coat that came down mid thigh. On the bridge of her nose sat over sized sunglasses even though it was dark out. I couldn't help noticing the coat was pull tight across her full chest.

"Rose whats-?" I started but was cut off as she pushed me backward. I was surprised as her lips caught mine. They were fuller than Alice's I felt myself melt into them. She pulled back surprised by her own actions. She looked at me, her blue eyes sparkling in the lamp light. She put her fingers up to her lips, feeling them like they were some foreign object. "Rose whats -eh-up?" I tired to act normal,pretending that she hadn't just kissed me. Rosalie's head jerked up and her blue eyes on fire. Slowly she unbuttoned her coat to revealing black lace that had no business being called underwear. Her ample breasts were bulging out of the matching black lace push up bra. She let he coat slip to the floor and stood letting the lamp light bath her. She sauntering toward me, I backed up until my legs hit the couch and I fell. She straddled my hips and I could smell her arousal seeping out of her heated slit. I felt mine doing the same. "Rose?" I tired to say but she put her finger over my lips to quiet me.

"Why should you and Alice get to have all the fun?" she whispered in me ear. My hands ran up and down her smooth thigh and pulled at the fragile lace. It took one good pull before I heard a snap and it fell away. Rose's hands made their way down my stomach and pulled my shirt over my head exposing my bare breasts. I pulled at the clasp of the black bra and it gave out. Rosalie's voluminous boobs spilled out in front of me. I cupped them letting them my fill my hands and run over while she pressed her lips to mine. I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss and massaged her nipples. She moaned into my mouth. Her left hands cupped my breast and the other traveled down and pulled at my panties, ripping them. In a flash I flipped her over, laying her out flat and straddled her hips, my panties gone in the process. I leaned in and kissed her again. Rose's full breast rubbing against mine sent heat up my body I twisted her nipple and she moaned. My fingers moved down and caressed her slippery slit. She groan and scream as I stuck one of my fingers in her. She was so tight, I began to pump in and out, and she groaned over and over. At the same time as I pumped I played with her clit nearly sending her over. Rose was a fast learner. Her hands moved down to my slit mirroring what I was doing and I groaned. I broke away. I had to have a taste of her. I moved and swirl my tongue around her clit and in and out of her core. She screamed and came. I licked up the mess and sat up. In a blink I was on my back, my legs spread wide. I saw Rosalie smile before she dived in. Her tongue sent shivers up my spine and heat in to my cheeks. It swirled around my clit and in and out of my core. And then she began to suck and she pushed me over the edge.

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