Hello to all surprised to hear from me? I know I am. I would like to apologize for the delay but I am not going to make up some sad, lame excuse for why it's been so long since I uploaded a chapter. Truth is I lost inspiration and interest in this story long ago but lately a few reviews from fans have revived my inspiration for a story i thought everyone had given up on. Again I apologize for the delay and I do not want to make any false promises about when the next will be up or if it will be up but I promise you all I am going to try. Enjoy.

Aldric's POV

Have you ever had a love leave you? Have you ever gone so long without hearing from them or about them that you were sure they were dead? I guess those same rules don't really apply to vampires though, were not exactly easy to kill. Still, when so many years go by that you don't hear of someone what other logical conclusion could you come to other than that they are dead? After all it is not like we are impossible to kill, ask and of the Volturi.

And yet, in an instant all of my fears had been erased. Elaina, my long lost love from so long ago stood here before me. Edward some how managed to stick to his word and find her. She was just as beautiful as I remember, just as I had expected, time had not harmed her beauty at all. But I could not forget the hole she left in my heart, it's not like she had been taken from me, she left me, something I could not forget.

"Elaina…" I said.

"Aldric…" Her voice. Oh god her voice, how long has it been since I last heard such a wonderful sound!

"Elaina…I…why?" There was so many thoughts running through my head, memories of both good and bad. Questions that's I needed answered, feelings that I need to know about. And yet all I could muster in my frozen state was the simple why.

"I'm sorry Aldric." She said, if vampires could cry she would have tears running down her face. I could the dry cracking in her voice as she tried to talk.

"I-I didn't want to leave you I really didn't I'm so sorry."

"Then why?" I wanted to run to her and wrap her in my arms but I had to be careful. My heart was already open to either receive her love or be crushed by her rejection; a rejection that I knew would be the end of me.

"I-It was James."

"James? Who is James?" Had she left me for another? Oh say it isn't so! Is this eternal curse not hell enough!

"James is my ex Aldric he is the one who changed me." It was something I had always wondered about since she never told me who changed her. I had asked on a few occasions but she only said it was something she'd rather not discuss, I always let it go but now that I look back I wonder if I should not have.

"He…courted me when I was human, said I had potent blood after he turned me. He was so sweet and I was so wrapped up in his beauty I could not get enough." There was so much strain in her voice as she spoke.

"But everything changed after he turned me, he would send me out on hunts to bring him back meals and make me help him track the prey he chose to go after himself. I felt so guilty, so horrible each time I did it but he told if I loved him I would do it and at the time I thought I did."

I could see this was becoming more and more difficult as she went on, I wanted to stop her and tell her it was okay, but I had to know.

"That is until I caught him with another…I-I heard the two of them when I returned home one evening I-I couldn't believe it I-I didn't know what to do."

"Elaina…" I said trying to offer some comfort, but she just went on.

"So I ran. I ran and ran and ran as far as I could and tried to pull myself together and make some sense out of my life. It took me so long and was probably one of the hardest things I ever did but I somehow managed to make a life for myself, a life of fear that is.

"I was constantly scared and always looking over my shoulder and boarding up my windows and doors with some false hope that it'd keep him out if he found me. It was hardly a life worth living."

She slowly fixated her gaze on me and stared at my eyes, I felt as though she was peering into my soul.
"That was until I met you, you changed everything Aldric, you made life worth living again. I had never known such happiness existed until I met you."

I knew that feeling, that's how I felt once she had come into my life.

"I'm so sorry Aldric…I-I never wanted to leave but…h-he found me."


"Yes, he found me at our home while you were at work...h-he threatened to kill you if I didn't obey. A-Aldric I'm so sorry." It was at this point she broke down and began to sob uncontrollably she could barely hold her ground and looked like she might fall.

"Elaina, Elaina, calm down." I said as I made my way over to her. I took her by the shoulders and tried to offer some comfort.

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry Aldric." She just kept apologizing.

"Stop." I said firmly and looked at me with a slight fear in her eyes.

"Look…I'm not mad…I just need to know something."


"…Do you still love me?"

"O-Of course I do I-I never stopped."

That was all I needed to hear as my lips crashed down against hers. Oh god her lips, how I missed her sweet kisses. The soft silky skin of her lips against mine, sending her love for me through them, revitalizing me, giving me life once again. I knew I sent the same love to her as she clutched on to my shirt kissing me hard.

"Elaina…Elaina" I said in between kisses.

I pulled her close up against my chest as she buried her head right beneath my chin.

"I'll never let you go, never again." I told her and she clutched on to me harder.

She still sobbed slightly against my chest and I rocked her back forth gently in order to soothe her, I couldn't believe I was holding her in my arms. I owed so much to – Edward!

"Edward!" I said, looking around to realize he was nowhere to be seen.
Elaina pulled back form chest to look as well.

"Where did he go?" She asked.

"Sorry." I suddenly heard as he appeared before us. "I thought you too could use some privacy."

"Edward…" I said as made my way over to him clasping his hand firmly in mine, excitement coursing through me.

"You don't know how much this means to me, you have given me back the one thing that matters most in my life I am forever in your debt."

He raised a hand slowly as to stop me.

"I don't want your eternal debt Aldric, I am happy to help but you already

know what I need in return."

"Oh goodness of course Bella."

"So you will help her then?"

"Anything for you or your family."

"Thank you sir."

"Please it's Aldric." I felt Elaina come over and hold on to my arm, I missed

her there.

"Do you mind if Elaina comes with us?" I was not about to leave her behind

after all this time.

"No but I must ask we leave quickly, I just received a call from my sister and Bella is in much need."

That was not an easy phone call I could tell, he was just on the border of panicking, I don't know really know how he was remaining so calm.

"Yes let us make haste."

So the three of us took off, me carrying Elaina of course, to the nearest airport. I only hoped we could make it in time and this could be a happy ending for us all.