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"I'm Nobody" By Emily Dickinson

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us - don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one's name the livelong June
To an admiring bog!

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Never Say Never

Ahh. The first day of school. Okay, mabey it's not something to be celebrated... Fine, you win. It's something to dread! As of now, I'm walking from my dorm room to the science room. And let me tell you, it's a long walk. You have to exit the dorm building and walk all the way through the shopping district to the classrooms. Right now, I'm on the sidewalk, and let me tell you, it's no walk in the park. What I mean is, It's not sunny, it's raining. Some people love the rain. Well, I personally hate it. Why you ask? I have one word for you:


Yes, the mighty weapons mistress is terrifyed of worms. But it's not them, it's the sound they make when you step on them. That squish. That's why I hate rain. The mini-snake-things dominate the walkways! Almost every five steps you hear a squish. Then, when you look at the bottom of your shoe, there's the worm guts! What's worse is to see them still wiggling after you step on them! There like zombies! No matter how many wounds you give them, they wont die! That's why you have to avoid them at all costs. That's why I like summer better. The worms don't come out as much. They shoud stay in the gardens. Oh! That's another thing I dislike. Mainly because of the worms, but still, I dislike gardening. I guess, I should get over the whole worm thing, but I dunno. It's not like you choose to hate something, is it? I don't think it is. But that's my thoughts. Every one is entitled to their own opinion. If you like worms, then, yes you may be sick, but I can't tell you not to. Speaking of worms...squish, "EEK!" I screached. Yep, another worm. I think I have wormaphobia, or something. (If that's even an illness)

"TenTen, you okay?" My bestest (and only) friend asked me.

I squeek one word out: "W-worms." Sakura's my only friend and my dorm buddy. She's also the only person to notice me. That's how I like it. In high school, alot of people get hurt. I'm also scared of that, I guess. See, every day I wear a hoodie and my black baseball cap. That way, people wont notice me. I keep the bill of the hat over my eyes and sometimes I pull the hood over my head to. I only wear baggy jeans and such. Like I said, it's all for protection. If I'm unnoticed, I can't get hurt. It's not like I'm ugly, 'cuz I'm not. I'm fairly pretty. I just can't stand to get hurt, again. But that's a story for another day. This year I'm in 11th grade. Sakura's only in 10th. That's okay, I mean, I'm not one to judge people by age. I judge people by personality, not by looks either. I guess that's a rare trait nowadays. The only other person I know that's like that is Sakura, and trust me, not alot of people know me, but I know them.

I'm very athletic, though I don't do any teams or sports. I think you know why. I'm very good at wielding weapons. I never miss my target. Weapons have always been something of intrest to me. I'm not really sure why. It all started in 6th grade, but that's also a story for another day. I specialize in kunai knives. Though, I also like staffs and throwing stars. I sighed as we stepped into the building. No more nasty worms or rain. Sakura's muttering something like 101...103...105 and so on and so fourth. That's when it hit me. I don't have science with her. I have science in room 127 and she has to go to room 109.

"Later, Ten-chan!" Sakura said entering her class room.

"Ja Ne, Saki-chan!" I said walking down the hall. Looking from under my hood and hat I could make out the numbers. On the right side, I noticed, are all of the odd numbers. On the left, evens. So I stuck to the right and look for number 127. When I saw the gold plate with 127 engraved on it, I sighed. Another year of being an outcast. So much for the life my mother thought I would have when she sent me here. I pushed the door open and slid to the back of the room next to the window. Ah, my favorite spot. It gives my something to do. I swung my backpack off my shoulder and took my seat. I'm a straight A student, so I don't really worry about grades. I think it has something to do with my lack of a social life. If you only talk to one person (besides teachers and adults, though I talk to them as little as possible) then you can get alot of time on your hands. And I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no. I'm not, I repeat, NOT a teacher's pet. I'm far from it, my friend.

This year my science teacher is Kakashi-sensei. He wears a mask over his nose and mouth and his unruley hair falls over his left eye. I don't know how he manages to keep his job. He's always aleast ten minutes late and mainly reads his favorite book. I don't know how he can read that same book over and over again. I read a book once and I done. The only books I think I could reread are Twilight, Full Moon, Eclipse, and The Theif Lord. That's it. Though it's good to have Kakashi-sensei first hour because if you wake up late, you most likely wont get caught. Though, I have Sakura, so I'm never late. All she does is annoy me when I ask for five more minutes. She says I get enough sleep. Which I don't. But that's not the point. The point is I could have that extra five minutes and not be late. Technically. I should tell her that, but I wont. She would give a lecture on how tardyness is bad and how I'll never get a job if I think like that. If I were to say a come back to that, she'd hurt me. Sakura has anger issues. Though if I told her that she would hit me and she hits hard. It's best not to say anything around her.

I heard the door creak open and Kakashi-sensei walk in, "Yo, class, sorry I'm late I got lost on the road of life." He excused himself. Yeah, right. That's the same one he used atleast ten times last year. If not more. Then one of the populars, Uzimaki Naruto, a blond kid with deep blue eyes, yells, "You liar!" Typical for me to get a class with the loudest, most annoying, and hyper kid I have ever layed my eyes on. I have no clue how he became popular. I think it's because he hangs out with the school's heart throbb, or prince, Uchiha Sasuke. Almost every one loves him. I say almost because Sakura and I don't really like him at all. I don't know what every one sees in him. All I know is he's a tall, raven haired popular. When I say raven haired I don't mean just the color. I also mean the shape. The shape of his hair is rather hard to explain, but I'll try. It looks like the rear end of a chicken. It's all spikey in the back and his bangs hang in front of his face. Though, the top is completly smooth. He has to use alot of gel for that hair style. I think his eyes are a bit odd. They're a shade of ebony. I don't think he uses contacts, if that's what you're thinking. For his personality, well, mabey I should say lack of personality, he is the arragent, rich, snobby type. I don't think he can love, though I would never dare to say that to anyone but Sakura. He has fan-girls. You know, like girls that stalk or join a fan club baised on that person. So does Naruto, though. Just not as many.

Man! I must have zoned out, because Kakashi-sensei is talking. "Okay, I'll split you guys up into partners. The point is to learn about your group member. You will have to write a paper on him or her. I'll be sorting you." I think he's...smirking? Oh, no! He's also known to play "match maker" among the students, this can't be good. So by the end of sorting, I'm thinking about killing myself. Really, he must hate me. How could he pair me with Hyuuga? Hyuuga Neji is the secound most popular boy in school. See, first is Uchiha next is Hyuuga and then is Uzimaki. I like to use their last names. No one uses their surnames except them or the teachers. I think it's 'cuz almost every one loves them, like I said before. So if I don't want to get noticed and I get paired with a popular, I'm not gonna get what I want. In fact, every fangirl of Hyuuga's is going to hate me. Though, it's not like I care. They hate me anyway. It's most likely because I'm an outcast. Of course, I really could care less. I've never cared about social classes. You are who you are. You shouldn't be put down for that. But things aren't how they should be. If they were, mabey I could be seen with out worrying. But lets not dwell on that. Lets get back to the issue at hand. My teacher hates me. And I thought he was kinda cool. Well, not anymore! I didn't notice I was glaring at him until he grinned at me. Then I knew why he made up this project. Because he wants to play "match maker" with Hyuuga and me. I just relized that this isn't a writing class. So that's how he wants to play. He wants us to get to know each other! That sneak! And he thought I wouldn't notice. Well, I'm smarter than that, bub!

"Okay, class," Kakashi-sensei said, still grinning, "You'll meet with your partner during study hall, and TenTen, show up." He added as the bell rang. I sent him my best death glared and packed my things. Every one had study hall next and I did not intend on going. Take that, sensei! I ran to my cave -errr- I mean dorm and jumped on my bed. Yep, that's where I would be for the next hour. It's the first day and I'm skipping already. Well, I couldn't meet him! Could I? Well, I guess I could if I wanted to get beat up by rabid fangirls. I stood up and walked over to our mini fridge and pulled out a coke. I love soda. Yes, that's all I'll do for an hour. Oh the joy! Well, there was one other thing I did. See, I have this dart board that I occasonally tack pictures to. Today's picture was of Hyuuga. I grinned, though no one would be able to see it from under my hat and hood. Did you know, some people think I'm crazy? I've watched those specials on t.v. and I'm not crazy. This one woman, like hundreds of years ago, was rich and one of her hair dressers cut themselves and the blood got on the woman's face. She thought blood made her look younger so she killed over six hundred people and bathed in their blood. Then she got arrested and died in jail. So as you can see, I'm most definatly not crazy. I just have issues. Yeah, issues. It's not like I bathe in blood. That would be gross and crazy.

Oh, and don't ask where I get these pictures. I just find them on the internet. Okay. There's this site I go to. It's called TheUchihaHyuugaUzimakiFanClub dot com. I know, but I need the pictures. Oh! Look, I just hit Neji in the eye! I win. One for TenTen, Zero for Neji. I told you I always hit my mark. But anyway, it's not like I joined the site. I just go there so I can print out pictures to use as targets. It's quite fun. You shoud try it some time. So that's what I did until lunch. I met Sakura and we thought that eating in the lunch room was better. So here we are, sitting at our table eating. We don't really like to talk while we eat. I think it has something to do with choking. So when we finished, Sakura asked me the question I knew was coming. "So, how was your day so far?" She asked. I never lie to Sakura, so I told the truth. "I think Kakashi-sensei hates me. As for study hall, I wouldn't know. I skipped." I replied.

"Why does he hate you?" Sakura asked. The answer to that was simple.

"He's messing around in my life. He paired me with Hyuuga for a project that's not even remotly related to science." I explained. Sakura had a look of utter shock on her face, "You mean, that's why you skipped?" She asked. I nodded solomly. See, Sakura understood me. That's why she was shocked. I've never been paired with some one close to being popular. Let alone a prince. Yes, one of the three princes. So basicly, I went through the rest of my classes in a mood. You may think I should get over it, but I can't. After class I went with Sakura to our shop. It's a candy store! Sorry, I just love candy. Anyway, Sakura works in the front, but the kid that gets the candy for the customers left. Normally, I would sort the candy in the back, where I couldn't be seen. So I'm on my latter sliding around when in comes in my worst nightmare. I pulled up my hood up even more (if that's possible) and acted normal.

"Hey, welcome to Sakura's Sweets. What would ya like?" Sakura asked through gritted teeth. I could tell she was struggling to be nice. That's a thing that happens when she sees the three princes. So they ordered and I hopped on my latter. I rolled to the side and got some gummy bears and taffy. Then I slid back hopped off my latter and threw the bag to Sakura. She caught it. She always was a good catch. "Kay, that'll be ten dollars." Sakura said. Neji glared at me and I glared at him. So much for not being noticed. "Hey, Neji, isn't that your science partner?" Naruto asked while Sasuke handed Sakura the money. I acted like I couldn't hear them, though I could hear every word. "Hn." Neji grunted. "Wow. He needs to get a dictionary." I muttered. Though, I think he has super hearing because he grunted again and glared daggers at me. I took out a kunai knife and twirled it around my fingers. It's a habit I have. Once they left I fell to the floor laughing. It was pretty funny. Come on! The three kings of the school getting dissed! That's uber funny.Later that night we ate dinner in our dorm and fell asleep.

The next morning was the same, except this time I had diffrent thoughts on my mind. I was dreading science and study hall, so, when the time came for study hall, I was reluctant to go. Kakashi-sensei dragged me in though. I sat at an empty table and looked down at my book. I knew it. Kakashi-sensei was trying to pair me up with Hyuuga. I'm not gonna let him win, Cha! Well, anyway, I'm sitting there looking down mentally preparing myself for the events sure to come. My mood ring was green. Stressed. I could see that. When he didn't show up when the bell rang, I relized he wasn't going to come. Yay! So I listened to "Love Me Dead" by Ludo. I love them. They also play, "Hum Along" It mentions pirates. I play the drums, so I'm sitting there using my chopsticks from my hair to air-drum (I'm getting every note right). I get so absorbed in it (like always) that I failed to notice the tap on my shoulder. I only noticed the person behind me when they forcefully yanked the earphones from my ears. "Oww..." I muttered rubbing my ears. I looked up to be met by pale lavender eyes. Hyuuga. "You know, you must have a death wish." I said darkly.

He just grunted. I hate it when he grunts! He sat down and looked at me, like he was expecting something. "What?!" I half yelled half asked. He just looked at me and sighed, "What's your name?" He asked. "...TenTen..." I answered, reluctantly, "Yours?" I asked. He just scoffed, "Hyuuga Neji." He answered. I jot down some notes conserning him. "What do you hate?" He asked. I knew my answer would sound stupid, but I cannot tell a lie. "Rain, worms, and gardening..." I muttered. I think he heard me, but wanted to annoy me, "What was that?" He asked teasingly. "I said, rain, worms, and gardening!" I yelled through gritted teeth. He smirked and I asked, "You?" While still glaring. And it went on and on and on like that until study hall ended. That night I finished my paper (I'm a fast writer).

Hyuuga Neji: A Popular

By: TenTen

Most love him. Most girls fawn over him. Most boys want to be him. Most people don't know the true Neji. Sure he may be handsome, but what about his personality? In an interview with the "Prince of the School" I managed to find out. Hyuuga enjoys teasing innosent little girls. On Augest 15th he was seen, by an eye witness, teasing a girl refered to as "Panda". Haruno Sakura said, "I was looking through the study hall window trying to spot my close friend, panda. When I foud her, Hyuuga Neji was harrasing her." He may seem perfect, but he is far from it.

He said his favorite color was gray. Most would think he was depressed by his out look on life. I asked about his blog. He had entitled it, "Hyuuga Neji: My stone heart". He may be a popular, but doesn't that sound emo?

When I asked him about his love life he simply replyed, "I use girls to get what I want." Does that sound like a good future boyfriend? So, if you think Hyuuga Neji loves you, think twice. He had also said, "I've never even liked any of them." I found this intresting and sent out my reporter. She had talked to twenty Neji fanclud members and five of them claimed to be Neji's only girlfriend.

Deciving, teasing, emo, and depressed. Are those the traits we want our "Prince" to have? I inform you readers because you should know the truth about the school royalty. Is it your fate to love the deciving, teasing, emo, and depressed school prince? Why don't you ask him?

Neji is blunt to the point of not caring. When I told him this he simply shrugged and said, "I was taught to be truthful and never to lie." Would you want him to call you fat and not care about your feelings?

Now you know the cold truth about this Hyuuga. Think twice before you talk to him.

- yours truly,


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Ja Ne!