Things You Should Know About Sai (insertlastname)
written by Sakura Haruno

1) He doesn't mind when people throw-up on his (awesomesupercoolfabulous) purple vans, apparently. Instead he asks why you're getting drunk off your ass and if you need any help, or a ride home because he's a straightedge (crazy, I know).

2) He's gay. I don't understand why everyone in school is in love with him, 'cause he's into men. And apparently I said this to him last night, because today in school he made sure to say to me, "You're the only girl who has ever realized that I liked dick." A sweetheart, right? (but honestly, I've always wanted a gay best friend)

3) He moved here this year from Bumblefuck. I've never talked to him that much, just a few times in class when I needed to borrow a pencil, or steal a piece of gum. But he's actually insanely cool and I'm sensing some bestie vibes from him.

4) He's a mad artist. Like he painted this mural of our principal on the wall (gag me) and all his art his hanging everywhere. I worship this kind of thing, because, well, you know how much I love to paint. (you see where I'm getting the bestie vibes from now!)

5) He saved my life that night at Temari's party. From taking me outside, holding my hair while I puked, and listened to me ragging about my gay father (YES I TOLD HIM BEFORE I TOLD INO BUT SHHHH) while also sneaking me back into Ino's house, with me waking up to a water bottle and three aspirin. Like, I love this freaking kid.



(Listless Causalities)

/pose four/
offer a peace sign and mend a few wounds


So I've been staying at Ino's for the past few days, because honestly, I just can't go home. I think he knows, because he must have called Ino. He hasn't called like my cell or anything (which yeah, sounds just HORRIBLE doesn't it?) so that's my guess. But still, it would be nice to get a text saying "I love you, please come home".

But no, I have a socially awkward dad. Of course.



Kay, but not really.

So yeah, crashing at Ino's. I still haven't told her why I can't go home, but luckily I have the most amazing best friend whose okay with that. She just said I can tell her when I'm ready.

I just wish I knew when that was.

I want a hug from my daddy so badly.

I just can't.

"Chica, we need to hit the town. This sitting-in-bed-and-crying thing is not a good look for you. What about your mancandy?"

Welp speaking of that, he's been texting and calling me like crazy 'cause I haven't been in school (Mrs. Yamanka has been calling me in sick. I love this family so very much) and he wants to rehearse lines with me.

Which is yet another thing pissing me off. It seems like all he wants to do is make-out. I don't want to be a toy like that, you know? I want him to date me and for us to have this whole forbidden-romance-thing because he's been in love with me since he first laid eyes on me in my pink summer dress when I was five, and for being an artist, and for my laugh, and the way I love things with all my heart.

But I'm not getting that vibe.

And I'm pretty good with vibes, as you know.

"Ugh just go away." I throw pillows a lot at people when I'm pissed. If I was home, my dad would be suffocated with pillows right now.

She just sighed as I continued to bury my red face into her mattress. "Sweetie, I love you to death, but what the hell is going on? This is getting ridiculous. Does it have to do with your dad not liking Sasuke?"

I shook my head violently no. She knows him better than that.

"Is the girl he's dating a total bitch?"



"…" I could tell the silence in the room meant she had figured out what I was implying. "Wait…is that why you asked about our kindergarten teacher…?"

I could only cry more.


The Best Songs to Listen to When You're Life is Falling Apart
written by Ino Yamanka
(and some input by the beautiful Sakura Haruno)

1) Because I'm Awesome by The Dollyrots. That sounds stupid. So is yo face.

2) Happy by Leona Lewis. I JUST WANNA BE HAPPPPY. Exactly girlfraaaand!

3) Smile by McFly. OMG I LOVE MCFLY. I know! That's why I just such horrible music for you. :P They're awesome, shut up.

4) Fluorescent Adolescent by the Arctic Monkeys. I love you. And British Pop Bands. …of course you do.

5) The Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne. Gotttta love it:)

6) PARTY IN THE FREAKING USA by my girl Miley. …you sicken me. You love the song though, you gotta admit it. …whatever.

7) La Vie Boheme by RENT! MUCHO MASTROBATION. To lesies and dikessssss!

8) Hey Soul Sister by Train. I love you so much; you know how much I love Train. Yeah yeah, they're alright. …whore.

9) God Damn You're Beautiful by Chester See. You're becoming obsessed with my random Alternitive Rock/Piano star bands, aren't you? …maybe.

10) AND OF COURSE. Never Alone by Lady Antebellum. MOST AMAZING SONG EVER. I know! And remember my lover, chica, most amazing girl ever; you're never alone. I know that now. (heartheartheart)


Sometimes you just need to get out.

And you also need to check the weather, because nothing sucks more than going out to take a nice jog, and then realizing that it's pouring once you get down a few blocks away from your best friend's house.

And you also shouldn't take strange rides from your ex-boyfriend that gets over you so easily, and starts mackin with other chicas RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU after the worst news you could ever receive.

But eh, things happen.

"So Matsuri seems nice."

(insert awkward fake conversation)

"Uchiha doesn't."


"What a surprise. Plus, we're not even dating. Psh."

Laugh. "That's why you two were making out against the crucifix at church the other day?"


More laughing. Eff you mister. "I went to get the crucifix for the final scene in the coffeehouse idiot. You're lucky it wasn't someone else."

"…are you planning on keeping this a secret?"

"Eh, I guess. I kinda figured we were losing our luster. Plus, you're not really my type."

Alright, now I really can't help but laugh. "Yeah, redheads aren't really my thing."

And he joined, so it wasn't that awkward.

And it kinda just went like that the rest of the ride home. And I absolutely loved it. I missed this kid in my life.

"Friends?" I ask right before I leave the car parked in front of Ino's house. He shook his head and started going in for a hug. I missed my Gaara hugs. They're incredibly awkward, but you can still feel the sincerity.

And guess who I find outside when I open the door?

I'll give you a hint; he's not too happy about that hug.


"OH. MY. GOD. It's Sakura. And she is just oh so glam, and you must be super cool because PSH, you're calling ME!"

"You're cute. I'm glad you got rid of the other message. I just wanted to tell you I was thinking about what you said after that whole Gaara situation, and I want you to know that even though making out with you is really enjoyable, I want to do so much more than that. …wait, that sounded wrong. Just, well, I wanted to tell you—before you ran off on me—that I want you to be my girlfriend…and stuff. So come to my house for dinner tonight. I want you to meet my mom. She'll love you. Just, uh, call me back to let me know if you're coming."


"OH. MY. GOD. It's Sakura. And she is just oh so glam, and you must be super cool because PSH, you're calling ME!"

"Where the hell are you!? I go to take a piss, and you disappear. You better not have run away on me. You have my favorite bra on, you slut. Come home. Bye. (I love you) afkladfkj;"


"OH. MY. GOD. It's Sakura. And she is just oh so glam, and you must be super cool because PSH, you're calling ME!"

"IT'S YO GIRLFRIEND TENTEN! Where have you been? Ino said you were undertheweather in a bad sorta way. I hope everything is okay and I'm here for you if you need me. So is Hinata. We love you chicaaaa! And ew, guess who friend requested me today? FREAKING HYUUGA. And not Hinata. Well obviously. Like vomatrocioussss!"


"OH. MY. GOD. It's Sakura. And she is just oh so glam, and you must be super cool because PSH, you're calling ME!"

"Hi sweetie. It's me, Dad. I really wish you'd come home. I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, but I know you're at Ino's. I'm sorry for such a shock, but I can explain honey. I love you. Please come home. I need you."


"OH. MY. GOD. It's Sakura. And she is just oh so glam, and you must be super cool because PSH, you're calling ME!"

"crycrycry tearteartear snifflesnifflesniffle. What do I do!? And what do I wear to freaking Sasuke's? And why do I keep calling myself?"


Things About Sasuke Uchiha That You Would Never Have Guessed
written by Sakura Haruno

1) He is a total mama's boy. He absolutely is in love with her. He listens to everything she says, and admires her opinion so much. (which is why I'm so glad she liked me)

2) He puts KETCHUP on his pasta. 'Cause he's all obsessed with tomatoes and all, but that's just disgusting. When we get married, that's gotta go.

3) He's secretly a romantic. Like how he held my hand under the table the entire time. And how after we ate he brought me into his room and gave me this playlist of all the songs that made him think of me. (AND YES IT'S CHEESY BUT I FEEL LOVED)

4) He cares about your problems. Like I told him about my whole dad thing, and he was really supportive. I wouldn't have expected that at all.

5) He's liked me since I was five when I first forgot my religion book and my hair smelled of watermelon and I had really sparkly eyes. (SWOON)

6) He's absolutely, completely, irrevocably, had my heart from the moment I found out he listened to The Kooks.


"I should probably get going." I said pretty sadly, because this is probably the most amazing night of my life.

I could feel Sasuke sigh (because HI I'm leaning against his shoulder while sitting on the swing on his front porch). "I'll drive you."

"Nah, I kinda want to walk."

"I'll come with you."

I laughed a little. "Honestly, I like my alone time. Plus, I might get sick of you."

He squeezed my hand a little tighter. "Alright."

I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, and started walking off the porch when he stopped, and grabbed my hand.

"You only have one dad, Sakura."

I could feel the tears coming on, but the last thing I wanted to do was show them to him. So I turned my head, nodded, and started sprinting off—looking as normal as possible, of course.


The entire way home, I couldn't stop thinking about how Sasuke and his dad were so awkward. Just like me. He was gruff, unlike my dad, but there was no connection there. It was as if he favored Itachi (who isn't as delicious as Sasuke, so I don't know what ANYONE is talking about). But the way his mom was to Sasuke, my heart would warm.

She would play with his hair, comment on how dashing he looked, served him the ketchup even when everyone—including me—complained about how gross it was, and kissed him on the cheek whenever possible.

And that's love.

So I knew what I had to do.

Well, besides call Ino and say that I wouldn't be staying over again tonight.

And of course give my dad the biggest, most sloppiest hug humanly possible.


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