"And that's it?"


"That's it?"

"Oh. Yeah, that's it."

"What a gyp!"

"Well, come on. You knew it was a parody. It has to be something of a joke."

"A joke?! What kind of joke; on whom?"

"Huh. Well, everyone I guess."


"Yeah, you know. It's a kind of self-referencing joke, really. I just had to make a joke on the Sonic community for the simple fact that, frankly, it's a pretty silly bunch. Yours truly included, of course."

"What makes that partly believable is that you're smiling."

"Heh, of course; I mean, really, Sonic's fans are just so… silly. A lot of them wouldn't really take a Sonic and Flash crossover seriously. That's why I didn't really expect that many reviews for this story. Honestly, my expectations were such that I couldn't possibly get more than one review per chapter. And that is entirely my perspective on Sonic's fans."

"So you're calling them stupid?"

"No! Don't ever say that."

"Okay, okay! Relax; I'm not trying to get you in trouble."

"Well, you could still yet. People…

"What about people?"

"People get the wrong ideas a lot of times. And, when you go to saying you're playing jokes on them, well, they can take that as if you're trying to play them for a fool. Ironically, the jokester can actually be including himself in the joke. It's just all social commentary, a parody, of us; I noticed that a lot of fans of Sonic are just so divisive. I noticed that a long time ago. People who play the games think of the games as the only "true" Sonic. The cartoons, the comics, and everything else, that's just 'stuff and nonsense.' Now, don't get me wrong: some of the fans can be quite nice about it, 'just not for me,' they would say. And I can respect that. Still… It's a foible worth lampooning."

"Quit smiling like that."

"I can't! I mean, to me, it's a hilarious joke. If Sonic fans cannot generally agree on different versions of Sonic, there's no way on earth that they'd be happy to read/see a crossover between the Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog. I was actually surprised that the Archie comic books company that makes the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books bothered to make an Image comic books crossover way back in the 90s. You know, Savage Dragon and The Maxx. Oh, and the X-Files, too, it seemed. Although, I think that was a parody of that show, too."

"Parody, parody! What's with you? Are you a parrot or something?"

"Sammy wants a joke!"

"Stop that!"

"Sorry, you made it too obvious. Ironically, though, Image is a dependant company that works for DC, the owners of Flash. So, they came close to working out a crossover."

"Please. Next, you'll tell me that Archie Andrews from Archie met The Punisher."

"Actually: he did."


"Yeah; though, good luck trying to find copies."

"Quit smiling!"

"Can't; it's all just too funny. The only serious thing in the whole affair was that I really just wanted to have fun with pitting The Flash's Rogues Gallery, some of the oldest modern villains, against Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the newest modern heroes. Beyond that, the rest of the story was written with the full intention of proving, if to just myself, how shallow the Sonic the Hedgehog community is, and in a roundabout way, how snobbish mainstream comic book readers are. I mean, you can get away with Superman having Mr. Mxyzptlk and Batman having Bat-Mite, but Sonic the Hedgehog meeting the Flash "is just out of the question." That's why you'll never see DC and Archie do that; despite DC and their use of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!; because Sonic the Hedgehog is deemed to childish and the mainstream comic books being too mature to mix. The general public wouldn't buy a single issue. Ironically, this is also the same general public that loves the various anime that visit similar themes, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? complete with its "questionable" content and any given Looney Tunes animated short."

"You're off you're nut, aren't you?"

"Am I? I wouldn't know. …And I don't trust psychiatrists."

"Good Grief… So, what, then? This was all for nothing?"

"No. Not if the readers enjoyed it and I hope they did."

"Yeah, good luck with that."

The End

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