She leaned forward into the elaborately adorned mirror puckering her lips as she added another layer of dark rouge. Leaning back she adjusted her corset. Her breath hitched as she tightened the cords, her breasts almost spilling over. After she was finished preening herself she turned to the younger debutant that had been patiently waiting to catch her attention.

"I put her in your office."

The woman scoffed as she fixed the feathers in her hair, "I don't take strays."

"Mistress you're going to want to see this one." The girl nervously whispered, "She may be one of them."

The mistress stopped and leaned back looking at her debutant. "Oh? Is she odd?"

"No." The girl whispered, "She's beautiful." She said dreamily.

Curious the woman headed into the office reaching out with both hands tossing aside the burgundy drapes. She stilled when she saw a six foot tall Japanese woman with pure white hair and deep blue eyes staring back at her nervously. A small smile formed on her ruby red lips as she neared the young woman. "Well well… what brings you here, lovely?"

Kagome wrung her hands together, "Doing whatever I can."


To Wash it All Away

Twenty Three.


"Doctor Ookoumori."

She stopped when someone called out her name. The petite doctor turned to see a very tall young man wearing a thick knit auburn sweater with matching skull cap leaning against a wall with his hands stuffed in his pockets apparently he had been waiting for her. She distinctly recognized who it was, his shoulder length pale blonde hair and sky blue eyes gave him away… well gave them away, "Which one are you?" When he grinned she knew whom she was speaking to, the twins were simply identical in every way conceivable except one and it was merely in personality. She tucked her clipboard under her arm and smiled, "Is it time for physical?"

He nervously shifted from one foot to another. "No, not really… remember what you told me last week… when you were at the office?"

Her smile faded, "Let's go into my office, its private." She looked up from the corner of her eye to a few camera's hanging in the corners of the hallways. She walked ahead of the tall young man through the sea of hallways and offices and the occasional patient being wheeled around to a long lone hallway which led to a set of metal doors that was barred and by appearances looked like a bank vault. Several warning signs were plastered around it. 'Biohazard testing facilities.' She leaned down and put her identification card hanging around her neck to the scanner and blinked her eyes several times, dark brown slowly fading to an unnatural color with an animal like slit in the middle. The retina scan accepted and eyes returned to their regular normal brown color.

The hallways were nothing but polished stainless steel there were no doors, no signs or indications to where they were going passing by some immense gouges along the metal walls that appeared like massive scratches. There was a singular door at the end that opened for her leading her down darker passage ways until she reached a small office between what appeared to be two massive water holding tanks.

The doctor motioned him to come inside with the nod of her head and he obliged. "It's about him… isn't it?"

The young man nodded his head.

Dr. Ookoumouri understood and shut the door keeping her hand on the polished steel, a look of concentration passed through her eyes before a shimmer of red started spreading from around her hand to the rest of the door and spreading around to the walls. It distorted everything underneath it, her hanging pictures and medical diploma's.

The young man touched her arm when she exhaled loudly, "Are you alright?"

"It's… been awhile." She reached up and waved her hand a bit as though inconsequential.

The man stared at her a bit, cocking his head to the side, "You're showing."

"Damn." She shut her eyes tightly and sucked in a deep breath and held it for a long while as her flesh tone evened out becoming paler than what she was born with, her eyes brown, her hair brown again. Opening her eyes she took a quick check in her compact mirror making sure she was… herself.

"How long has it been?" The young man asked having never seen her show herself before since he had known her.

"I lost track." She ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair pulling it back into a low ponytail fixing her askew glasses. "Twenty years or so." She took off her lab coat hanging it on the rack before sitting down at her immense seat. She looked at the young man before her that stared sternly at her. He was the youngest of the twins, and personal bodyguard to one Nandeska Taiyo Maru… her most stubborn patient. "Where is your brother?"

"I can't answer that." The twin rested his hand on her desk fingering the worn business card that had her name on it and nothing else beside her handwritten phone number.

"Okay." The doctor understood the older twin's role in the Taiyouheiki Corporation was more elusive. Still yet if there was someone closer to one of the most powerful businessmen in Kyoto it was the one before her. That he was here before her was telling, now if she could get him to tell her what was going on, "Kito… what happened?"

The younger man took off his hat and ran his fingers through his pale blonde hair, a few strands escaping from being tied back at the nape of his neck, "You won't tell him I was here… will you?"

"Nandeska?" She asked the younger demon nodded solemnly. "What did he do?"

"It's what he isn't doing." The young man whispered poking at the little stress ball she had on her desk. "He's regressing."



"Interns put their applications through personnel." The snippy woman bit at him as she smacked her gum, was filing her nails and was hugging her personal cell phone on her shoulder to her ear as she was leaning backwards in her chair, her heels resting on the counter. It was quite a feat of laziness and bitchiness rolled into one. She glared at him wondering what he was waiting for, "The application process takes three weeks… through personnel."

Hojou looked down at his notecard, "I was sent by Professor Naga to speak to Miss Aishiro personally."

The woman stared at him for a full minute pausing her ritual before slowly putting on her headset and pressing a button on an elaborate phone. "Miss Aishiro has an intern asking to see her personally." Pause. "No he's not on the appointment list." Pause. "I told him to go to personnel." Pause. She glanced him over from head to toe making the student uneasy with the assessment, "He's okay… I wouldn't take him home though." Pause, not caring the shock in Hojou's eyes. "He said he was sent by Professor Naga." The secretaries eyebrows shot up and the nail file she had been holding fell to the ground. She pushed the button of her phone and sat forward looking up, "Miss Aishiro will see you now."

Hojou party smirked at the woman, his little triumph cut short when he looked around the elaborate lobby of glass windows and polished floor and potted plants as people rushed in and out in elaborate apparel, "Where exactly do I go?"

The woman sighed irritably and stood up. She was a short tiny thing with very tall stiletto heels that clicked loudly on the floor. Passing another elaborate hallway of the tower's main lobby she stopped in front of an elevator that was marked differently than any other by the coloring of the doors. Hojou stepped in beside the girl who glared at anyone trying to get in barking at them to find their own way up. Pressing a code in a panel with the tip of her three inch nails she stood there smacking her gum loudly through the whole ride up watching the numbers slowly rise.

Hojou stood stock still making sure he didn't make a noise or any movement in case she noticed him.

Suddenly after what seemed like the longest most uncomfortable elevator ride of his life the bell chimed and the doors opened. She walked out into what looked like an entire floor an acre in size that was surrounded by clear glass windows and polished floors with stylized couches and tables adorned with massive pots filled with a cornucopia of exotic flowers; along the ceiling at regular intervals hung wide screen televisions with various channels and programs running.

They came to a large office that was sectioned off from the rest of the open floor by glass windows. Hojou stared at the room, everything in it was white… the glass desk, the laptop, the file cabinet even the girl sitting behind the desk rightfully ignoring the both of them as she was typing furiously on her white laptop.

"Miss Aishiro… here he is." The secretary bowed, motioned the boy beside her and left.

Hojou stared at the girl. 'This is Miss Aishiro?' She looked like a twelve year old girl! She was dressed in some white Lolita dress with large white bows holding her white hair in pigtails. He put his fist to his mouth and coughed. She stopped typing, looked up at him with pale pink eyes, glared at him, and then went back to her typing.


A few hours later…


Hojou was sitting on the couch closest her office. For the millionth time he was wondering whether coming here was a bad idea. 'Maybe I should have let Higurashi take this one.' The girl would more than likely have been subjected to this treatment and that was the only thing that put a smile to his face. He already had an internship at a local bank but this was far more interesting, he couldn't let Kagome take this one.

The bitch had the best grade in the class, she was able to bag the internship at Taiyouheiki even though she quit a few days ago and he refused to let her take the next best. He couldn't rightly accuse Kagome of raising her ass in the air and flaunting it about but with her looks in this field she was able to get whatever she wanted. She wasn't the sweet girl he remembered years ago, she was a woman that was going to realize her own sexuality and eventually end up under the desk of some man in power. They always ended up there anyway. Women that looked like Kagome weren't sweet or nice they laughed at him and patted him on the head or lead him on until they got whatever they wanted and ditched him anyway.

'Speaking of bitch…' He glanced up to the glass office noting that Miss Aishiro was still typing at her computer. She'd not said anything at all to him and he decided she couldn't ignore him forever. This was a war of wills he was going to win.

He was so engrossed in glaring at her hoping to bore a hole in her forehead that he didn't notice someone approaching until she walked passed him. Hojou paused and looked at a woman dressed in red dress suit and heels with tens of shopping bags hanging from her arms as she was holding a cell phone to her ear talking to someone.

She stopped at the set of massive doors leading to an office bigger than Miss Aishiro's and not made with invisible glass walls. When he saw her fumbling for her keys unable to balance her shopping excursions and opening the door he stood up and walked over helping her hold her things as she wrestled the lock and flung open the door still talking on the phone. When she flipped on the lights to the office he was surprised at the massive area that had nothing to do with the outside decorum. It looked like a hunters lodge with the faux brick walls and elaborate fireplace with wooden archways. There were many framed programming awards along the walls and trophies on the mantle. The giant flat screens flipped to life with various channels and shows.

This woman must work for someone even higher up than Miss Aishiro. Hojou thought to himself standing still watching the woman peel off her coat tossing it on the couch.

"Uh huh." The woman muttered on her cell phone handing the boy some of her bags motioning him to set them on her elaborate desk. "Yeah… whatever." She glared at some unknown point. "Listen, my shares are worth a lot more than that. I don't want to buy your stupid company and make my company look bad with the acquisition I don't care if you're selling below cost, the answer is still no." She hung up the phone and sighed hard tossing the plastic contraption elsewhere. She looked up to see the young man standing there awkwardly at the door staring at her then looking down at his feet, "Who the hell are you anyway?"

Hojou snapped his eyes up to the taller woman dressed in red. Her short black hair was to her chin cut in an even perfect bob and she seemed quite young which was odd considering… he thought he heard that she owned this company. Dark eyes stared at him and he coughed, "I am waiting for Miss Aishiro, I was sent to intern for her."

A single brow rose into her bangs as she sat at the edge of her desk and folded her arms.

"I should… go wait I guess.

"Who sent you?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Professor Naga." Hojou wanted to inch closer to the door and the way out.

"Naga's still alive?" The woman snorted. "Well I guess you should wait…" She turned her head to the side and looked to one monitor that had one of those popular programs that talked about nothing more than celebrities in the news. She stared at the report of one Nandeska Maru being spotted in the downtown districts tearing up a bar in the lower east side causing thousands of dollars in damage to property.

Hojou watched as she completely ignored him instead focusing all her attention on the program. There was a strange look to her eyes, something akin to… sadness? Hojou looked at the screen, "Maybe he's pissed all his female interns are filing a class action lawsuit." Her head slowly turned to him and he was pinned with the most intense dark eyes he had ever seen. "Um…"

"Now where did you hear that?"

"Ugh… one of my classmates walked out after being sexually harassed, the whole floor walked out after that."

She stood, "Interesting." After making a sweeping glance of him which left Hojou stunned and partly blushing she walked over and stood beside him resting her arm on his shoulder, "Intern huh? Well I think I can get Miss Aishiro's attention for you."

'Getting her attention' consisted of the woman snapping her fingers in front of the other girl's face causing the petite creature to blink a few times. "Hey wake up." The woman shut the laptop cutting her off from typing. Miss Aishiro slowly turned her head, the manner of which reminded Hojou of one of those creepy dolls in scary movies that ended up possessing you. A pretty doll, but fucking frightening none the less.

The woman motioned the tall young man beside her like some new set of curtains, "Look what I got you… an intern!"

Miss Aishiro's pale pink eyes narrowed at the sight of him, the only expression he had ever seen out of her yet was clear annoyance.

"Now play nice." The woman patted the young girl on the head leaning down giving the girl a loud kiss before walking out calling 'ta taaa!' over her shoulder.

Hojou kept still as he was pinned with the stalest stare anyone had ever bestowed on him. He had her full attention. "Um… hi?"



The elevator door opened and he noiselessly stalked out of it.

At the lack of sound from behind him he stopped and looked over his shoulder to the woman standing in the elevator nervously glancing at him and the hallway of dark wood and elaborate chandeliers with cornucopia of flowers and late season blooms.

She stood in a skin tight silver gown that hugged every inch of her figure, her long wavy black hair elaborately pinned up on one side and draping down her back. Her brown eyes darted back and forth and when she realized he was staring at her she stilled, eyes wide.

He sensed her unease, her nervousness but it wasn't directed at him.

After a moment she took a step forward as the door to the elevator closed. An expression of attentiveness flashed as she clutched her bag tightly.

His hazel eyes narrowed.

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened when he felt the pinprick of something on the back of his neck. He slowly turned to see someone come forward from the darkness, unnatural reflective eyes in the light stared back at him before she stepped forward. Her stern face and dark eyes stared back at him, empty syringe in hand. He reached up and rested his hand on the back of his neck, immediately noting how he had to concentrate just to raise his hand.

The woman he had encountered stepped forward, her body dissolving into dust as a tall man stepped forward, pale blonde hair hung about his shoulders, pale eyes staring down at him. "You." He was barely able to say that single word, the effort strained and exhausted him.

"Gomen nasai My Lord." He whispered. "I must do what I can… for you."

The people around him began to blur, the world began to darken.

Kito grasped his arms when the taiyoukai finally succumbed to the drug. Slowly his human façade began to fade away, black hair became white, rounded ears tipped and markings that had not existed before slowly began to form across his face. It was the face of his master… his lord, the taiyoukai of the western domains.

"He won't forgive me." The young man muttered as he took the taiyoukai's weight entirely.

"Probably not." The Doctor rested her hand on his arm softly staring at her lord master of the western lands, his clothing rent and bloody from the fight they had found the drunken demon engrossed in winning. The swat team with tear gas could not stop him, nor could several buildings amongst the other collateral damage. "But you did the right thing."