Chapter 1: Yesterday's Child

'Stupid…I can't believe them! Then again I don't know why I never did this a long time ago. Maybe the fact that I could probably hold out, at least until I turned eighteen. But no, not even that,' Alex thought as she packed her duffel.

There was no time to waste, considering her parents were now downstairs arguing still from the fight, and that they would soon come upstairs to take it out on her. It's how it always worked out. Every time they would be the ones unscathed, leaving Alex the only battered and bruised of the three. Not this time. This time, way before they would come up, she would be long gone by then.

Placing her final article of clothing in her bag, she zipped it up and swung it over her shoulder. Walking over to the bedroom window and opening the latch, she stopped. The one last look around her only haven in the whole house and she was escaping it. It was then that she heard the footsteps. Quickly making her exit, Alex climbed outside and onto the roof, shutting the window as she did.

A flaw was set into motion when she turned around, the slant of the roof and the slipperiness of the shingles made her feet give out, causing her to slide down and off. However, the result of her landing was appreciated, for she had landed bouncily on the trap-o-line.

'Thank you God for letting my parents have the decency of getting one of these!' she thought gratefully to the star lit sky.

Continuing on, Alex swiftly slid off the contraption and began to run far away from her living nightmare. A few blocks and it was then she realized that she was lost. Sure she only knew certain routes to specific places, but she had hardly paid attention to where she was heading as of right now. In fact she was pretty sure that the maps she had of the town and state were back in her bedroom, tucked away in the nightstand.

"Great! Just fucking great," she exclaimed when she came to a dead halt. Fingers fidgeting along the torn end seem of her long dark green, one button jacket, as she encouraged her feet to keep walking; hoping she would at least get to someplace, just any place. Not even two steps and there erupted a sound to her left. She could've sworn there was a slight growl, but she waved it off thinking that it was just some cat.

The walking started once more and like before she stopped at the sound that now had gotten louder and more distinct.

'That's no cat. Cat's don't growl, nor do they smack their lips and move that heavily.' For some reason she had to look back to where she heard it, just to see what it was, and yet at the same time her instinct kicked in. Alex ran fast as she saw the creature bounding out of the bushes. She was in pursuit and she highly doubted that tonight she would make it out alive.

Her parents might be somewhat mournful, as they would see her lifeless and torn body on the morgue's cold metal table. Alex shook off the thought, never wanting to ever end up like that until she died from a natural cause. Deciding to take a short cut to where she hoped the actual city would be waiting, she changed her straight direction and veered off to the left, preparing herself to hoist her own body over the gate into the small deserted park.

Alex was almost over it when she felt the sharp pain and tug of something in her leg. No longer going over the gate, but backwards, when on the wet asphalt she shifted her body to face the thing that had captured her.

The creature snarled as the drool dripped from its sharp wolf-like teeth, its eyes boring into her own as it thirsted for her flesh and blood. To her it appeared to look straight out of a horror movie with werewolves, but this was no movie, this was really and truly happening. Closing her eyes, wincing at what was to come next, a round of shots rang out as it was about to strike her and end her life.

One minute there was a big heavy body holding her down, and the next it was gone. Alex slowly reopened her eyes to see what had occurred and when she did her gaze fell upon the dead animal on the ground beside her. Normally, if it were someone else she would've screamed, but she just sat there in shock, without a word or sound.

"Are you all right?" a man's voice asked. Alex blinked a few times, turning her head to face the man who had seemingly saved her from a gory death.

"Yeah," she replied; no stutter hinted or sense of fear, which appeared to take the man by surprise.

"So what's a girl like you doing out at this time of hour with no parents?" he asked, offering his hand to help her up and she gladly took it.

"Ever heard of a late night stroll?" she replied.

"What kind of late night stroll requires a duffel bag that looks like you are running away," he stated.

"None of your god damn business, that's what."

It was one thing to take crap from people she knew, and then it was a whole other shit load when a complete stranger did it.

"Here, let me take you back to your parents. I am sure they are worried about you," he suggested, hinting towards the way she had come from.

"Worried? I don't think so. More like mad that they no longer have a punching bag? Yes. If you want to take me back that is fine, but I am not following. I'd rather go my own way."

"Look how well that turned out," he muttered.

"Excuse me?!" she asked somewhat annoyed that he wasn't leaving her alone.

"Oh I am just saying…you almost got killed during your 'escape' by a werewolf. Now I know how it sounds, but as you can see that ain't no Lassie."

He was right, and she knew it too. Although, could she really just give up all her beliefs that there weren't things out there in the dark that could hurt you? After tonight yes, she could.

"What exactly are you referring that I do then?" she asked, dropping her attitude.

"Well, for starters my name is John Winchester. If you want to go your own way, that's fine. But now that you know what is out there in this world…I suggest you let me train you to fight it," he said.

Alex contemplated before finally letting a smile slip.

"Name's Alex Tatiani. When do we start?"