Part Three

Jacobs mind started to race, making Edward laugh. Jacob growled lowly and rolled over top of the vampire. Edward smiled and Jacob started repeating Edwards previous actions. The difference was that as Jacob got to each of Edwards diamond hard nipples he lapped at them playfully. To Jacobs surprise Edward had a pretty good covering of hair for a Vampire. He always pictured them smooth. Edward was not as hairy as he was but still had a nice covering. Jacob nudged his nose a little in Edwards little patch of hair around his belly button. Then he homed in on his mark. A moan escaped from Edwards mouth as Jacob took Edward into his mouth.

"Oh," Edward encouraged as the heat from Jacob's mouth slowly died out. At first Edward thought he might end up with burns but like the kiss before it equaled out. He allowed himself then to just lay back and enjoy Jacob's work. He felt Jacob's hands exploring his body. Their warmth caressing him everywhere. He was just about to give into the pleasure when Jacob stopped. He opened his eyes to see the werewolf grinning at him.

"Not yet," Jacob re-took his place laying next to Edward, "You weren't done with me yet."

Jacob watched as Edward wordlessly moved to the end of the bed. He picked up one of Jacob's feet and started massaging it. Jacob closed his eyes and settled back. It was very comforting. Then he felt something cold running along his foot. He opened his eyes and saw Edward running his tongue along his sole. Another chill found its way up Jacob's spine. Yet another as Edward repeated his actions on Jacob's other foot and then the chills continued to pulse up and down as Edward licked along his leg. He played with the hairs on his inner calf as he made his way up. Soon he was at Jacob's inner thigh and Jacob couldn't hold back his immediate arousal. Jacob nearly lost his second load when Edward started licking at his balls.

"You like that?" Edward's low voice teased.

"Yes," Jacob barley whimpered.

"Then you'll love this," Edward smirked.

Edward had to hold back a laugh of glee when he heard Jacob's shouts of pleasure. He didn't tease his way down this time he went for the instant kill.

This time Jacob's member swelled in ecstasy and even leaked a little pre-cum as Edward acceded upon his ass. No one had ever done that to him before. As Edward's tongue moved its way around Jacob could not help but whine in pleasure. He wanted more and found himself soon voicing this fact.

"Make love to me Edward!" Jacob shouted out. Edward stopped what he was doing and raised his head.

"I thought you would never ask," Edward responded crawling up Jacob. Their mouths suddenly locked in a kiss. With quickness that only Edward could attempt Jacob felt himself prepared for what was to come. Edward met Jacobs eyes and smiled, "Ready?"

"Yes," Jacob returned the smile and closed his eyes.

"Don't worry Wolfboy," Edward whispered in his ear, "I'll be gentle."

Jacob let out a whine as Edward pushed forward. Edward reached up and stroked his cheek. Jacob leaned into it and reopened his eyes. Edward was looking back. The chill of the contact from Edward dulled the pain quickly. Jacob reached up and pulled Edward to him kissing him violently with a growl being released from somewhere in his throat. Edward took the actions as encouragement and sped up his movements. Jacob pulled back from the kiss and let out a howl of pleasure. Looking into each others eyes they noted they were black with lust. Both letting the wild side to come out. Soon they were rolling around, at times even off the bed.

"Not much longer Edward," Jacob whimpered. He could feel something deep down, it was more than an approaching orgasm.

"Whenever your ready," Edward spoke effortlessly. He smiled to himself.

A few moments later Jacob started to moan, it was coming. He didn't even notice Edward move until he felt the chill on his member, that was all it took, Jacob went wild. He felt the orgasm come but he also felt something else begin, the change. He couldn't stop it like he normally could. Jacob felt Edward run his hands through the newly sprouted fur, he howled in pleasure. The orgasm seemed to last forever and he pegged it as happening in this skin. He had never tried it before. When it was over he opened his eyes and felt Edward lower himself on his stomach.

"Pretty good, huh Wolfboy?" He smiled.

Best I've had, Jacob licked Edwards face. Then while still in his wolf form he flipped Edward over and pinned him to the bed. He pushed his way down rubbing Edward's body with this fur. He began lapping at Edward and what seemed to soon Edward was finished. He moved up and laid next to him.

"Thanks," Edward laid against Jacob.

No, thank you. Jacob licked Edwards face.

"I love you," Edward whispered a few moments later.

What about Bella? Jacob couldn't help but think.

"Not meant to be," Edward spoke simply.

I love you too, Jacob scooted himself closer.