A/N- Part 2 of 2. Inspired by another amazing song by Kate Havnevik called Unlike Me (if you plan on taking a listen to the song, I recommend listening to the acapella version as well as the regular one, it's absolutely amazing). Lyrics are in italics. I hope you like it;


There are no guarantees in life, for the present, nor for the future.

If your parent's broken promises didn't teach you, Jake leaving sure did... No, your expectations were never high for anyone after that. Except for yourself.

Now, watching Eric you feel as you always do when you are around him. I love the way you live so intensely, enjoy every minute of life, with space to swing your arms around; laughing loudly.

No, you aren't jealous of the way he shows affection, at least not anymore. You used to wish you could be like him, acting carefree, letting go of insecurities to simply enjoy. He allows himself to let go without feeling self conscious and silly; he allows himself to love easily and freely.

You aren't envious as you once were, you just love to watch the way he loves. It makes you glow inside simply knowing that that kind of love could exist.

Unlike me, do you think I'm strange?

Unlike me, I am not pretending.

Life's made you that way. You've come to terms with the fact that that isn't you, and it probably never will be. But you've accepted that, and so has he.

...He's told you he loves you more for it.

You'd been told by your past boyfriends that it was hard to love you and with each skeleton immersing from your proverbial closet most would run away, with each late night drunken call from your father, they would get fed up, with each development in your career, the most important thing to you, they would run away, intimidated.

You move and change, yet you go nowhere.

He hasn't run yet, and you get the feeling he won't.

With all the hardships your friendship has overcome all these years, you find it strange to look back to when you weren't together.

You feel like a child thinking of all the suppressed feelings you two had for so long.

Everything stays the same.

He's been the one constant in your life. As everything changes he stays constant. Even when you weren't involved, he'd been there, changed with you, changed for you.

And you needed that, for once in your life.

He constantly glances at you from across the lab, once, twice, three times now. His face is soft and filled with affection. His plump lips curl into a smile saved for you. (Like you don't know he's looking)

You stare at me and ask me questions...

'You okay?'

A question you'd never liked too much.

..makes me nervous

It meant that somehow your front had faltered. You'd let something show, someone had noticed. And that made you uneasy. It made you uneasy to think, for a moment you lost control without even realizing it.

The room it keeps a constant tone, while I'm on a rollercoaster

How could everything around you be so perfectly neat, while inside you felt like a stirring hurricane.

But the fact that he had noticed made you feel wanted, and as he asked that question more and more, it made you want to tell him everything. His pleading eyes and loving expression made it feel easy.

There is no time

And now, neither one of you has to steal secret looks from across the room, or tiptoe around lines and boundaries, you can shamefully, honestly look into his eyes without feeling like you are looking too long.

And looking into his eyes makes you feel calm and grounded, like everything around you is stopped short and floating aimlessly.

With him,

Time doesn't really exist ...



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