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Have you ever felt…forgotten?

Left out, unnoticed…

I, Tomoyo Daidōji, have personally experienced it.

When Syaoran proposed to Sakura, I really was happy for them. I really was. But then she began to spend all her time with the Li family, planning her wedding…

She spared no time for me.

When the wedding day would come, I would still be her maid of honor, yes…but it would be different. Syaoran would be her everything now. What would I be?

Nothing…I would be forgotten.

I don't know how I tolerated it.

It was probably because Sakura is my best friend, and I would be terribly unhappy without her.

Yet I know I was pushing myself around.

Was I letting myself be forgotten?


I could clearly remember the day that he proposed, the day everything changed…


"Aww, Tomoyo, this is SO cute!" Sakura squealed, gesturing to the chic dress I had designed. We were twenty-seven, and I was still trying my best to be the best friend a girl could have.

Syaoran then tapped me on the shoulder, a nervous look on his face. "E-excuse me," he mumbled. "May I talk with Sakura for a moment? This won't take long."

"Okay," I readily replied. I waved to Sakura, who cheerfully waved back.

While they were gone, I contented myself by drawing up some new designs for Sakura to marvel over. I knew she would look especially good in this emerald green dress I designed, a color the same as her eyes…

Sakura's eyes had never looked happier when I saw her next. Her emerald eyes were sparkling, her long hair seemed to stand on end, and her usually cream complexion was flushed with color.

"Oh, Tomoyo," she had said. "You'll never believe what happened!"


But I did believe what happened. Syaoran had proposed, leaving me in the dust… forgotten.

Sakura had readily agreed, leaving me…forgotten.

At first, I was more than happy to assist Sakura, but still…

I might sound like a brat to you. You might think I'm being selfish. You might think I am just horribly jealous. I will admit that I feel jealous. I will admit that I wish Sakura would just drop the marriage. But please don't think I am selfish. Once you find out that your best friend will forever be taken away from you…only then will you understand.

Only then will you understand what I feel.

I suppose that you want me to stop ranting. But she needs me. She needs me in a way that Toya, Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, or Syaoran don't understand. I was her first best friend. They don't understand what I feel for her. They don't understand what I want for her.

They understand nothing.

Nothing about us.

I told Sakura that I couldn't handle the wedding, which was true. She nodded and sympathetically patted my hand like the good, kind friend she is.

But she doesn't understand.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Now Yelan takes care of most of the wedding details:

I shall be the maid of honor.

Chiharu, Naoko and Rika shall be bridesmaids and Sakura and Syaoran are of course the happy couple.

Toya of course wanted to be best man, but Sakura and especially Syaoran wouldn't let him. Sakura had a special person reserved for that position.

I don't know who he is.

Our parents don't know who he is.

Rika, Naoko and Chiharu don't know who he is.

Even Syaoran doesn't know who he is.

Only Sakura knows…and I have a feeling he is going to be someone special.

Now I am sitting in Sakura's dressing room, with a reluctant Toya, an excited Chiharu, an ecstatic Rika and a nervous Naoko. Only one week more before the wedding.

"I don't believe it," Sakura muttered. "In seven days I'll be married!" She turns to us. "Help!"

Chiharu—who has been married to Takashi for five years now—lays a calm hand on her shoulder. "Calm down," she says gently. "It's only a week—after the wedding everything will be back to normal."

But she is wrong.

Nothing between Sakura and me will ever be the same again.

"Let's go over the list again," Rika instructs. She has also been married to a guy she met—Ryouta—for a year now.

"Sure," Sakura breathes. "We have to go over it—for finalizing," she sheepishly adds.

Rika nods and goes on with it. I sigh. This wedding—it's the only thing she ever talks about. I know I should understand—after all, Sakura is my best friend.

And yet I feel a deep anger inside of me, a part of me that refuses to be ignored.

A part of me that wishes she'd just drop this wedding.

A part of me that wishes to find true love…like Sakura has.

Real, true love.

And as I listen to Rika pore over lists of particular color shades (I want lavender but Sakura wants pink), roses, caviar and guest lists, I wonder…why do I let myself be forgotten?

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