Small Variations

by Defeated Horizon

Disclaimer: I don't own any TV show (yet); NCIS and Stargate:SG1 belong to the authors and various companies that own them. Please note that I am making absolutely no money with this story. Just showing my love for these two shows. If that's a problem, though, I'll remove this story from the internet on demand.

Note : This is a crossover between NCIS and Stargate: SG1, but the focus is on NCIS, and you won't really need to be a Stargate fan to understand the story. I'm just going to use one of the devices from this show for my own plot, as well as some military context and a couple of characters. In terms of timeline, we are somewhere in NCIS season 4, and season 3/4 of Stargate SG1 (Key episodes for this story being Point of View and Shades of Grey).

Obviously, this is an AU story since NCIS is not really sci-fi. My favorite characters are Tim McGee and Gibbs, but though they will play the biggest part in this, this is mainly a team story. Last thing of note, English is not my first language, but I did spellcheck and I have a fairly good knowledge of grammar... if there are some mistakes (Ziva-isms?) though, please let me know!

This is the prologue; 5 chapters are planned. Enjoy !


The whip slammed loudly, first on the ground, then between the man's legs.

There was a yell, and Tony winced. Though he was not particularly fond of Daniel Craig's impersonation of James Bond, he had to admit that this particular torture scene was one of his favourites in the whole series. Craig was not Sean Connery, but he was good enough to make it sound real.

Another yell from James; another wince from Tony. Geez, that got to hurt.

James Bond started laughing hysterically. "You're losing it, James," whispered Tony. That's when his cellular phone started ringing.

A quick look at the clock above the television told him that it was 3:34 in the morning. He shook his head. "... and so are you, Boss," he thought when he saw the called ID. He paused the DVD player and answered.

"Yes, Boss ? What can I do for you on this auspicious Sunday morning ?"

There was a short pause, enough to make Tony frown. He could hear the sounds of car horns in the background, and guessed that Gibbs was in his car, and that he was driving way too fast.

"Dinozzo, stop that movie and get ready," Gibbs finally said, quietly.

Too quietly.

"... emergency case, Boss?"

Care to fill me in ?

"No... yeah. It's McGee. I just got a call from a hospital in Colorado. Apparently, he was shot yesterday."

McGee? Shot? Colorado? That was a lot of information to process, a lot of questions to ask. They all could wait, except one: "... is he okay? "

Another pause.

"That's what I'm going to find out, Dinozzo. All I know so far is that he's still alive."

Tony knew that tone in Gibbs' voice. It was the same he'd had when Kate had died.

Tony closed his eyes, but did not say anything; so Gibbs went on talking: "I'm on my way to the airport, first plane to Denver leaves DC at 04:35. I'll call you when I get to Colorado Springs. In the meantime, you call Ziva and find out what the hell McGee was doing in Colorado for the weekend. I'll call you when I'm there, and you'd better have something by then."

"Got it, Boss," Tony said, slowly but firmly.

"And Tony?"

Yet another silence. God, how Tony hated those.

"Don't call Abby. I'll take care of that."

"Roger that," said Tony, but Gibbs had already hung up.

Tony heaved a deep sigh and stood up from his sofa. The image of James Bond's tormented face was still frozen on the screen. Sorry James, priority to Probie, Tony thought as he switched the television off completely.

He called Ziva as he was getting ready to leave, and less than five minutes after the end of Gibbs' call, both of them were on their way to NCIS.