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The Doctor and Rose go to Butlins

"Rose how would you like to go to Butlins?"

"Yeah I would love it"

The Doctor set the TARDIS then they landed.

"that was quick" said Rose

"yes straingly quick"

"Rose stay here I will look out side!"

The Doctor walked over to the TARDIS doors and opened them very slowly he popped his head around the corner and saw children many children working like slaves.

"Rose come here"

Rose came over and looked too.

"Where are we?"

"Rose I think we are in 79 AD in Pompeii and if I am right its volcano day" "Run"

The Doctor and Rose begun to run back to the TARDIS then discoverd that the TARDIS was not there.

The Doctor ran over to a random and practically shouted there head off "A BOX A BIG BLUE BOX WHERE IS IT?!"

"I sold it" "lucuspepsdeptus has it on foster street"

"Thank you"

The ran back to the man and asked "what did he want with a blue box?"

"I don't know take it out with him not me"

The Doctor ran to lucuspepsdeptus's house and come in as Vesuvius started to rumble.

"Hello I'm Spartucas and this is" "I'm Spartucas"

The house began o rumble and unlike usual The Doctor could not help with history "I think Vesuvius is erupting"

"What the hell" said Rose