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Goodbye Butlins

The Doctor and Rose woke up gave each other a little smile.

"I'm going for a shower" Rose told the Doctor


Rose walked into the bathroom turned on the shower, got undressed and got in the shower to have a wash. Next was the Doctor to have wash.

"Doc I'm done in the shower now so you can have one."

Rose got dressed and went out of the bathroom to do her hair. Mean while the Doctor got in the shower, they needed a wash before they had to leave they didn't want to smell.

"Rose where have you put the shampoo?"

"It's on the bottom shelf bit of the shower"


The Doctor picked up the shampoo and washed his hair. Rose was sitting in the bedroom and she got out her hair dryer turned it on and dried her hair.

"Doctor are you nearly done? We have to leave soon"

"I'm just coming"

By the time of about 2 pm the Doctor and Rose were ready they thought they might make the most of it and they went down to the restaurant to get some lunch. It had been 10 to 20 minutes since they had their lunch and so they went back to their room to pack so they could be ready for when Butlins say they have to leave.

"What time do we have to be out of here doc?"

"I think about 4 pm tonight."


The time soon went by it was time for the Doctor and Rose to leave, They got pretty upset cause they had only just got there.

"Come on guys you have to go now someone else needs the room you have been staying in."

The Doctor and Rose left Butlins went back to the TARDIS and went away from Butlins to some random place.