A gift for the.israel.project107 for being just so awesome and actually writing with emotion.

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The walls were white.

But Demyx knew that.

The walls were scary.

Demyx also knew this to be true.

The walls were, quite frankly, walls.

Demyx sighed at his own stupidity.

Of course they were just walls.

But for a brief moment, he stared at his lover as he lay on their small bed, sick, gasping and groaning in pain. And then to the walls.

Zexion made a sudden lurch for the bucket that was kept near the bedside.

Demyx stared back fondly, even as tears pricked at his eyes- and he knew the agonizing truth- the walls were not just walls. They were Walls. Walls that had seen every lingering kiss and touch, every painful injection, each water session…

Each death.

Zexion let loose a silent scream, and Demyx began to gently stroke his hair.

Even if his lover's pain hurt him as well, anything, anything, was better than The Walls.

Absolutley anything.

Because The Walls knew.

They knew everything.

They knew that they were not walls- they were Walls.

They gave whispers of the doctor's in the hallways just the- something about a new 'patient'…

And, of course, they knew.

About how to open that god forsaken portal.

About how to cure Zexion.

About the faults in the labs security system- who would help them, who would deceive them.

Who the new kid was.

They knew, dammit! They KNEW!!

And then, when The Walls felt like it, they only let in the sound of clicking heels, or of the doctor's joyus laughter…laughing at him. Laughing at his lover.

Laughing at their pain.

For the sake of research.

Blood had begun to trickle down Zexion's chin as he screamed in agony-this time, letting it be known to the world.

He had seen Demyx glaring at The Walls.

And he knew too.

The Walls knew everything.

And they mocked them.


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