This fic is set outside of the actual Death-Note storyline

This fic is set outside of the actual Death-Note storyline. It concerns Light Yagami and Misa Amane - quite a bit, actually. The actual scenario occurs in an alternate reality where Light Yagami doesn't get the Death Note and therefore doesn't become Kira. However, he does know both L and Misa personally through other means (I can't quite place how, but I would imagine it would be thus: L gets involved in a case that concerns the NPA, Light gets involved, and due to his exceptional reasoning abilities L becomes friends with him (a bit lame, I know...). The Misa side of things is a little more difficult, though I imagine, considering that this is only a fan fic, that it doesn't matter all that much. I'll just assume that a shinigami other than Gelus killed her stalker before he could attack her, and instead of meeting her now dead stalker, Misa somehow manages to bump into Light. It's a bit flaky, I know, but let's just run with this one. Basically: no Death Notes, no shinigami, no Kira case, but still Light/L/Misa, cake, tennis, etc, etc.)


Let's just get on with the fic...


Synopsis: Misa has an idea that seems very familiar to L, and to the average Death Note fan…


Chapter One: Jingle


Light cast a furtive glance over his shoulder. He was sure that someone was following him: though he could hear no definite footsteps, every so often...


There it was again.

He tried to shrug it off. It might just be another shadow L sent after him; it was natural, even for someone that L trusted as much as Light, to be kept an eye on. After all, being friends with an internationally renowned detective was enough to put anyone in a potentially dangerous predicament - even a fool... even Matsuda could work out that a detective that good would inevitably be a target of criminals around the world.

Yes, that was it. It was just another shadow... probably. If that was the case, he or she was probably only there for Light's personal protection...


Light stopped in his tracks, and strained his ears to listen.



It seemed to be coming closer...


He could hear footsteps now... They were quick, faint but close... It sounded like a child running towards him, Or...


Light felt something hard and metallic touch his right wrist. He bolted around in panic.


"... Misa!?"

She beamed up at him. "Hi Light!"

"Misa..." he narrowed his eyes at her, and considered his choice of words carefully. "Why... exactly... were you following me?"

The petite young model gazed up at him, biting her lip in silent mirth, and cast her eye for just a fraction of a second upon Light's wrist. "Well," she said, obviously trying to suppress a giggle, "does a girl really need a reason to want to be with her boyfriend?"

Light sighed. "Look, Misa. I have nothing against you personally, but... I've tried explaining this to you before, I even went on those dates with you to see whether I think it really could work... and frankly, I really can't see this relationship working between you an..."

He stopped. It was obvious that she wasn't listening. She seemed almost stupidly happy, and continued to look rapturously at his wrist.

At his...

Light made a few experimental movements with his right hand.


Raising his hand, he identified the source of the noise; a metal handcuff was secured around just under his wrist. With an involuntary groan, he followed the chain from his own wrist, with an already good guess where the other end was attached.

Sure enough, as his eyes reached the other end of chain, Misa's delicate left hand rose and gave a playful little wave. The handcuff on her wrist jangled against her jewellery.

"... Misa..."

Instantaneously, Misa's bubbling excitement overflowed. She hopped about frantically, and jabbered incomprehensibly until her mind caught up with her mouth. "Now Light belongs A-L-L to me! Just think, now we can go dating all the time, and, and... do everything together! We don't have to worry about ever being apart!"

Light grumbled. "Misa... Could you please just take this off now?"

She shook her head. "Nope! Misa wants to keep Light right by her side. I'm not going to take these off until I know you really, really, REALLY love me!"

Light looked down at his wrist again. Then he looked at Misa. Appearing to somewhat misjudge his emotions, she gripped his arm and hugged it alarmingly tightly.

"Do you really mean that?" he asked, with a little more distress in his tone of voice than he would have liked. "Are you sure handcuffs are necessary?"

Misa didn't answer directly. Instead, she seemed to reply by settling her head on Light's shoulder and snuggling against it. "Misa wants to keep Light right by her side, forever," she repeated, ominously.

Light had never truly feared for his life before. He decided that now was a good time to consider trying it out.


Author's Note: Sorry about the extreme shortness of this chapter - it's supposed to be just a sample so I could tell if anybody liked the general idea, or wanted to comment on my writing technique. There will be more.

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