Title: MIShap

Pairing: C/O

Author: CaseyROCKS

Rating: T

Episode Spoilers: None

Summary: The second story in the MIScommunication Series. This follows immediately after MIStake. Olivia Benson proves she is an officer of the law….Murphy's law.

See part 1 for disclaimers


(story 2 in the Miscommunication Series aka It Sucks To Be You Series)


Benson/Novak Residence - Sunday 7:50 pm

Casey gave the room the once over and made sure that she had removed all traces of her earlier arrival. She also made sure that there were no lingering traces of Munch that she would have to acknowledge. She dimmed the lights, grabbed her purse and walked back to the front door. She opened it quietly and slammed it loudly.

"Liv honey, I'm home." She yelled into the apartment. Not getting any reaction, she flipped on the lights then she continued calling out as she walked further in. "Liv? Where are you, sweetie?" She smiled again when she saw the elaborately decorated table.

Making her way toward the bedroom, she spoke through the door. "Liv, I'm home." She paused. "And something smells great. Are you going to come out here and join me or do I get to eat it all myself? I'm starving."

Casey heard the radio click off and the dull silence that followed. She silently counted off the time it would take for Olivia to cross the room to the doorway. She heard a sniffle on the other side of the door and then the door opened.

"Hi, Sweetie." Casey leaned in and kissed Olivia. It was obvious that Liv had been crying. "Mmmm, something smells really great." She kissed Liv again. "And the food does too." She pinched Olivia's butt. This got a slight but puzzled smile out of Liv. Casey looped their arms together and walked them toward the kitchen.

Olivia was surprised. It really did smell good in there. The mess had also been cleaned up and all traces of the earlier mayhem seemed to have been eliminated.

Casey unhooked their arms so she could hang up her jacket and purse on the coat stand by the door. "Olivia, that table is stunning. I can't believe you did all that for me."

Liv ducked her head shyly but still hadn't said a word.

Casey came back to the table. She used one finger to raise Liv's head up, then ran her hands down Liv's arms. She clasped their hands together. "I am so sorry, Olivia. I was such a bitch to you and you did all this for me." She laid her head on Liv's shoulder.


Casey leaned back a bit so she could look in her eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you too, honey."

They kissed once again. When they broke for air, Casey broke out in a grin.

"Now feed me, woman - I'm starving."

Olivia looked nervously at the kitchen. "Ummmm, okay." She moved off to the stove.

"What did you cook? It smells wonderful."

Liv ran her hand nervously over the back of her neck. "Uhhh, it's a surprise?"

She turned back to the stove and opened the oven door.

"Cool. I love surprises." The whisper came in a hot breath right near her ear.

Olivia gulped.

"And I love you, too." Casey nipped her ear and then backed off and leaned on the opposite counter.

Liv got out the hot mitts and carefully removed the casserole from the oven. She set it on the stovetop so she could remove the foil covering the top. Okay Benson, stall for a little time.We need to figure out what this is. "Casey, could you get one of those hot thingies and put it on the table? This dish is really hot."

"Sure." Casey opened up one of the kitchen drawers and pulled out a trivet. She walked it to the table.

Olivia uncovered the dish and looked at it. Hmmm. Pasta. Looks like chicken. It's creamy. Oh and I think that's ham. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, savoring the aroma. I owe you big, John Munch.

Olivia picked up the casserole dish and moved it to the table. She headed back to the kitchen. Let's see what's in the pot. "Casey, there's wine in the fridge. Could you get it out?"

"You bet." Casey replied. She pushed herself back off from the counter where she had returned to lean. She retrieved the wine. "Would you like me to pour us some?"

"That would be great. I just want to dish up the other... ummm... dish."

Olivia opened the pot to find a perfectly prepared mix of steamed vegetables.


"Did you say something, Liv?" Casey returned to the kitchen.

"I'm just surprised that this pot had veggies in it. I mean that the veggies turned out so surprisingly well."

Casey peered over Liv's shoulder. "They look wonderful."

"Let me get them in a bowl and we can eat."

"Sounds wonderful." Casey couldn't help the little smirk that crept onto her face. "Hey, Liv, what's in the other pot?"

"What other pot?"

"The one on the countertop, silly."

Liv looked. Oh crap. I have no clue. Stall, Benson. "Ummmmm..."

Casey beat her over to the pot and lifted the lid. "Ohh..." she sniffed appreciatively. "Cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins. Wow. You made rice pudding for dessert."

"I did? Yeah, I guess I did." Olivia turned away from Casey, a completely flabbergasted look followed by a grimace appeared on her face. I hate rice pudding. She turned back to Casey. "Yum, huh?"

"Yum doesn't begin to cover it. You shouldn't have. Really. I mean you shouldn't have taken all that time to make a dessert too. We could have just eaten some ice cream or something." God, I hate rice pudding.


Benson/Novak Residence - Sunday 8:45 pm

After being overruled in her offer to do the dishes solo, Liv graciously accepted Casey's help in clearing the table and washing the dishes. Never argue with an attorney.

"Geez, Liv, I'm stuffed," Casey said and she patted her belly. "That was incredible. I don't think I ever had chicken cordon bleu pasta before. My compliments to the chef." She kissed Liv on the cheek.

Olivia finished washing the last dish and handed it to Casey to dry. She shut the water off and turned to accept the towel Casey was holding. While Casey put the dish on the counter with the others, Liv dried her hands.

"Me either." Olivia stammered then corrected. "I mean, I never made it before; it was an experiment."

"Well, it was wonderful." Casey beamed. "How about we go retire to the living room and just sit for awhile?" Casey held out her hand.

Liv took it. They walked a few steps and Olivia stopped. "What about dessert?" She pointed over her shoulder at the kitchen.

"Oh, I don't think I could eat another bite right now. Maybe in a little while we can share a little bowl. How's that sound?" Please say yes; then I'd only have to eat a couple of bites.

"Yes... I mean that sounds just fine," Liv replied quickly, "since we are both so full." I love this woman.

"Great." Casey did an internal happy dance. I love this woman.

Casey waited for Olivia to sit down. She stepped around Liv's legs and gingerly sat in Liv's lap. Olivia smiled as Casey leaned her head on her shoulder. Casey kissed her ear and then kissed her way down Liv's neck.

Olivia tilted her head to give Casey more access. "What did you do today?" Olivia asked and she pulled Casey into a tight hug.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Casey screamed and jumped up.


TO BE CONTINUED IN MISCHIEF...buwahahahahahahahaha.