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Be My Escape.

Joe and Allison Dubois have three beautiful daughters, Ariel, Bridget and Marie. Raising three daughters under the age of fifteen is a lot of work, and quite a challenge, but Joe and Allison Dubois decide to take on another challenge, nonetheless.

Their 21-year-old niece, Hannah.

Hannah has come to Arizona to get her post-secondary education, and to become an interior designer. Allison figures that Hannah is family, and because she is almost 22-years-old, she shouldn't be any trouble.



Chapter One.

"How's lunch going, my beautiful girls?" Allison Dubois asked, looking at her three daughters as they ate lunch.

"It's great, Mom." 14-year-old Ariel said, without a hint of sarcasm for once.

"You seem awful happy, Mom." 8-year-old Bridget remarked, looking at her mother as she moved around the kitchen.

"When am I not happy?" Allison raised her eyebrows, smiling.

"She does have a point," Ariel agreed, nodding, "You do seem awfully happy."

"Why are you happy, Mommy?" 4-year-old Marie asked, her blue eyes wide.

"Oh, you'll see." Allison said brightly, sitting across from Marie and Bridget.

"A surprise?" Bridget immediately said, "What is it?"

"I didn't say there's a surprise." Allison said.

"You didn't say there wasn't," Ariel said, narrowing her blue eyes suspiciously.

"Good point, oldest child," Allison nodded, "Well… there is a surprise."

"When will we find out what the surprise is?" Bridget asked.

"As soon as Daddy gets home," Allison responded.

"When?" Marie asked.

"When Daddy gets home." Allison repeated.

"When?" Marie asked again.

"Yeah, Mom," Ariel agreed, tossing a piece of her long, white blonde hair over her shoulder, "When's Dad going to get home?"

"Well, I don't know, girls," Allison said, "It depends on traffic, and how long it takes the surprise to get here and—"

"Mommy, when?" Marie asked, blinking her large blue eyes at Allison.

"Soon, pumpkin."

"So, what's the surprise?" Bridget asked.

Allison looked at Bridget, "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now, would it?"

Bridget shook her head, "But, Mommy, I'd act surprised, for Daddy,"

"Too bad, Bridge, you're going to have to wait."

"Well, can you give us a hint?" Bridget asked.

Allison looked thoughtful, "You guys are going to like it… a lot."

"That's not a hint, Mommy!" Bridget exclaimed.

"When's Dad going to be home?" Ariel asked, looking slightly impatient.

"Right about…" Allison listened for the crunch of the tires in the driveway, "Now."

Ariel, Bridget and Marie all raced to the entryway, and gave Joe Dubois the mistaken impression that his three daughters were that excited to see him.

"Hi, girls!" He greeted, smiling at them all.

"Hi, Daddy," Marie waved and Ariel said, "Is the surprise in the suitcase?"

"Well, hello to you too, Ariel Dubois," Joe said, looking at his oldest daughter.

"Sorry." Ariel apologized and then began again, "Hi, Dad, is the surprise in the suitcase?"

Joe shook his head, "Ariel, you're almost fifteen, I would think you'd be a little more mature."

Ariel shook her head, and Bridget said, "Where's the surprise, Daddy? Is it in the suitcase?"

"Nope." Joe shook his head.

"Surprise?" Marie looked at her father expectantly.

"Surprise!" A voice exclaimed from the doorway, causing the three Dubois daughters to look up quickly, and find a slim, petite, dark-haired girl with shining blue-gray eyes.

"Hannah!" Ariel practically screamed, before dashing up to her dark-haired cousin and throwing her arms around her.

"Wow, Ariel! Look at you, you're practically all grown up!" Hannah Benoit exclaimed, hugging Ariel.

"Hi, Hannah!" Bridget exclaimed, "Are you here to visit for the weekend??"

Hannah looked at Allison as she scooped Marie up into her arms and then back at Bridget, "Not exactly, Bridge."

"I thought you visiting for the weekend was the surprise," Ariel remarked.

Hannah shook her head, "Not exactly."

Allison cleared her throat, "Girls, here's the surprise… your cousin Hannah is going to live with us!"

"Really?!" Ariel exclaimed.

Allison nodded, smiling, "Hannah's going to be going to college here, in Phoenix, and as soon as I found out, I told your dad, and we decided that, rather than have Hannah pay lots of money to live with people she doesn't know, she can live here, with us." She looked at her three daughters, who looked absolutely thrilled at the prospect of their 21-year-old cousin living with them and she said, "Ariel, she'll be sharing a room with you until Daddy finishes the addition."

"Awesome!" Ariel beamed, "This is gonna be just like having an older sister!!"

Hannah smiled at her and Joe said, "Girls, why don't you take Hannah's things into Ariel's room for her?"

"All right!" Ariel, Bridget and Marie all said in unison, and then they started dragging Hannah's luggage into Ariel's bedroom.

"Oh my, god, just look at you, Hannah Marie, you're all grown up!" Allison exclaimed, opening her arms as she beamed at her niece.

Hannah smiled too, as she hugged Allison tightly, "Thanks so much for letting me live with you guys, Aunt Ally and Uncle Joe,"

"Oh, it's no problem, honey," Joe said, "We're happy to help you."

"Yeah, kiddo." Allison brushed Hannah's dark hair with a free hand, "We're happy to help you."

"Well, thanks anyways." Hannah said, "I really do appreciate it."

Allison smiled and said, "You're family, that's what family does for each other."

"That's what people tell me." Hannah said, smiling faintly.

"You should probably go see the girls, before the tear everything out of your bags," Joe said, grinning at her.

Hannah smiled at her aunt and uncle before walking down the hall, "Oh, girls, who wants to help their favorite cousin unpack?!"

There was a loud exclaim of 'I will!' from all three girls, and Allison smiled, "This is going to be good for the girls… Hannah is going to be good for the girls."

"Hannah, this is going to be so much fun!" Ariel exclaimed as she, Bridget and Marie helped their cousin to unpack.

"Yeah, you can help us with our homework, and take us out…" Bridget said, "And watch cartoons with us."

"Sounds fun, Bridge." Hannah smiled at her cousin as she hung up a couple of pairs of jeans in the closet she and Ariel were going to be sharing.

"She's not gonna have time for us all the time though," Ariel said, "She's going to be busy with school, right, Hannah?"

Hannah nodded, "I am going to be pretty busy with school, but I'll try to make some time for us every day, okay??"

Bridget nodded and looked as though she was about to say something else when Allison stuck her head in, "Bridget, Ariel, have you finished your homework?"

"Uh, sort of?" Ariel offered, biting her lip.

"Sort of?" Allison shook her head, "Go finish your homework and then you can hang out with Hannah."

Bridget and Ariel left the room to get their homework, and Marie looked at Hannah, "Scooby-Doo?"

"You want to watch Scooby-Doo, Marie?" Hannah asked, smiling.

Marie nodded, smiling shyly at her older cousin, and Hannah nodded, "Sounds good to me." She looked at Allison, "Do you need any help making dinner, Aunt Allison?"

"No, honey, you occupying Marie is enough," Allison responded, smiling, knowing she had been right. Hannah living with them was going to be good, not just for the girls, but for all of them.

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