Disclaimer: I do not own SWAT Kats or any of the characters except for Kairi Vinnyel

Sorry this took so long, I've just been buried in other stories lately. Well here it is at last.

Disclaimer: I do not own SWAT Kats or any of the characters except for Kairi Vinnyel. Remember that.



Kairi Vinnyel sat on the couch in the garage reading the latest Megakat Geographic magazine, there was an article about a newly discovered fossil and she was itching to read it. She read about the discovery by Megakat Bay when a dockworker dragged it up with his fishing net.

Kairi was about to read the interview with Dr. Abigail Sinian when she heard a sudden crash outside. She hurryingly put on her shielding device and went to see who it was, to her relief, it was only Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson. Something must have happened because Chance was chasing Jake around and throwing scrap metal at him.

"This'll teach you not to make a towering junk pile fall on me!" The tabby yelled.

"How was I suppose to know that car bumper was the only thing keeping it stable?!" Jake yelled back while avoiding flying car parts.

Suddenly Chance leaped and pounced on the brown kat and both were soon brawling on the ground, Kairi sighed and went to the hanger for some peace. The young human saw the fossil's picture in the article, it was fascinating.

She loved gadgets and machines, but she also liked the history of fossils and ancient bones. Kairi read that it would be placed in the museum as soon as Dr. Sinian can identify what it is, she couldn't wait to see it for real.

"Hey Kai."

Kairi lowered the magazine and saw Chance standing in front of her.

"Hey Chance." She replied.

"Ah geeze, sorry we drove you down here with all the commotion. You see, Jake and I were salvaging some parts outside, he pulled a car bumper from a tower of scrap metal and it fell right on top of me." Chance explained rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"I figured as much. You two seem to always be at each other when something happens." Kairi said.

"So whatcha looking at?" The tabby asked.

"Someone discovered a new fossil by Megakat Bay. It'll be in the museum in about a week, I can't wait to see it." The human said.

"Do they know what it is?"

"Not yet, so far Dr. Sinian is examining it."

"Can I pop a squat here for a few minutes?"

"Go ahead."

The burly tom sat on the bench next to Kairi, he could feel the blush burning and squirmed a little.

"Is that something wrong Chance?" Kairi asked.

"Oh no, nothing's wrong, everything's fine." Chance replied.

The hatch door suddenly opened and Jake stuck his head in.

"Chance, someone's coming up the road! Better get up here!" He called.

"It'd better not be Burke and Murray again." The yellow kat muttered.

Kairi stayed seated reading another article while the two mechanics went to the garage. As the vehicle came closer, it was reviled to not be Burke and Murray, it was a dark blue Chevy with nearly flat tires. The car pulled into the garage and a light brown male kat got out.

"You two the mechanics?" He asked the toms.

"Yes. What can we do for you sir?" Jake asked.

"Some wiseass punk let the air out of my tires while I was at work, he also keyed 'Feral is a douche bag' on the left side of my car." The kat said.

Chance and Jake snickered at the last detail.

"You find something funny with that?" The kat snapped angrly.

"The fact that your car was vandalized, no. The fact that Feral is a complete utter douche bag, yes." Chance said.

"Just fix it wisenheimer." The kat said rudely.

"Does your insurance have vandalism coverage?" Jake asked.

"Yes. I paid for it didn't I?" The kat rudely replied.

"Alright alright, don't flip your lid. Just show us proof of the coverage and we'll fix it." Chance said.

The kat went to his glove compartment and got out the insurance and gave it to Jake.

"Ok, here it is. The sanding, buffing, and repainting could take a lot of hours, I think you can pick it up tomorrow." The brown kat said.

"And how the hell am I suppose to get home without my car?" The kat said rudely.

"Get a dictionary and look up public transportation pal, it should be there." Chance rudely replied.

The kat huffed and walked down the road. The two toms were about to get to work until they heard the alarm sound in the hanger, they rushed down and saw Kairi already in her kat form and changing into her Sky Surfer gear.

"What's the emergency?" Jake asked.

"How the hell should I know? You guys are the only ones who answer the call." Kairi said.

Chance pressed the talk button on the speaker.

"T-Bone here, what's wrong Miss Briggs?"

"It's Hard Drive! He's back and he's broken into Pumadyne!" Callie said.

"Pumadyne? What's he trying to steal this time?" Jake asked.

"Who knows, but you'd better get down there and stop him!"

"We're on our way!" Chance said.

The two kats changed into their SWAT Kat gear and hopped in the Turbokat, the three heroes flew out of the hanger and made their way to Pumadyne.