"Awesome isn't it?" Kairi said to the kats.

"Sure is." Jake replied.

The three kats were at the Natural History museum gazing upon a giant fossilized tooth that Kairi was itching to see for the past week.

"I can't believe how big that thing is, must be about the size of a monster truck tire." Chance said.

"If that tooth came from the mouth of a creature three times its size, I'm sure glad it's extinct." Jake said.

"Amen to that bro." Kairi replied.

Just then Dr. Sinian approached the three as they were standing behind a crowd of citizens that were here to see the new fossil as well.

"I see the new exhibit has become a real attention grabber." She said.

"It defiantly is Dr. Sinian, I don't think they've ever seen a tooth this big before." Kairi said.

"Yes, it's defiantly a fine specimen of a Megaphineusadon if I say so myself."

"Was it tough to crack the mystery?"

"Oh it was a real head scratchier, but no piece of the past can keep its secrets hidden from me."

"And how."

Just then Ann Gora and her cameraman appeared on the scene and approached Dr. Sinian.

"I'm here with Dr. Abigail Sinian, the discoverer of this magnificent fossil. Dr. Sinian? Is this fossil truly a remain of the prehistoric Megaphineusadon, or as others call it, the ancient terror shark?"

Chance, Jake, and Kairi went back to gazing at the fossil, they could get a closer since half the crowd moved on to other exhibits.

"You know, after what we've all been through the last week, coming to see this fossil makes it all worth while." Jake said.

"Yeah. I still can't believe how big that thing is." Chance replied.

Kairi just kept staring long and dazy at the exhibit in a glassy trance. Suddenly a black and white familiar scenery appeared before her eyes. It was a children's interactive museum in Florida and a 4-year-old Kairi and her parents were in front of an animatronic Jurassic exhibit.

Little Kairi stepped closer to the animatronic Allosaurus that towered over her, the dinosaur let out a roar and the frightened girl dashed away and clung to her daddy's legs.

Mr. Vinnyel picked up his daughter and explained that the dinosaurs were just robots used for entertainment and they wouldn't hurt her. Little Kairi stared chibi-eyed at the robot dinosaurs and pointed to an animatronic Stegosaurus.

"Wobot?" She exclaimed.

"Yes, wobot" Mr. Vinnyel replied.

The 4-year-old processed all what he had said and squealed in delight as the Allosaurus began to attack an animatronic Diplodocus. Kairi was suddenly jarred back to the present when Chance gently poked her in the head.

"Hey Kai, you alright? You spaced out on us." He said.

"Oh, sorry. A distant memory kinda popped up." Kairi said sheepishly.

"Well me and Chance were just about to head off to the bi-planes of Mega War II exhibit." Jake said.

"Go on ahead, I'll meet up with you later."

The toms walked off leaving Kairi at the exhibit, the she-kat/human replayed the memory in her head again. Even though she hated the decisions her father had made for her in the past, he was still her father, and she missed him very much.

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Jake: I'm just glad me and Chance are back in our correct bodies.

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