The end of all things

Leanne's legs were shaking violently as she walked dazedly back up from the dungeons. She could honestly say that she was the happiest person on Earth right now – she had a mother, and now a lover. It was ironic in a way that this was the last day of the tournament, which could end her life, when it had really only just begun. She looked out into the ground as she crossed the entrance hall, wandering if she would ever get to see these grounds again after the final task.

Her train of thoughts carried her up the marble stair case and towards Dumbledore's office. She halted in front of the entrance then realised something; she had no idea in the world what his password was. She sighed and ran her hand through her hair.

'I suppose I could see him after the tournament' she said to herself, 'providing I live through it.'

She simply sighed again and turned away; her head was too busy to think clearly so she went and found an empty classroom to practice spells for the remaining time until she went back to the dungeons to get her potion.

Leanne found it hard not to be a bit scared, nervous and a little excited when she finally, after what seemed an age to her, went back to Snape's office and knocked on his door. If it was up to her she wouldn't have left in the first place but she knew he had to work. She heard his voice reply to her knock and entered apprehensively.

'Hi,' she said smiling nervously, fiddling with the sleeve of her robes in her hands.

He just nodded in reply, looking incredibly thoughtful as he ladled some of the steaming silver potion into a goblet and handed it to her.

'I'm sorry,' he said quietly as she took it, and she raised her eyebrows questioningly at him.

'About what?' she asked

'I had no right before; you are a student and I am a teacher – I am too old for you and besides, it is forbidden within the school,' he said, not quite meeting her eyes.

'What, I-'

'You should drink your potion and go,' he cut her off.


'Don't!' he said sharply making her jump, 'just drink and go.' He turned away from her.

Leanne raised the goblet to her lips and drank with difficulty; it was not hot but a lump has risen in her throat and tears were pooling in her eyes. She drained it and set it down on a table, desperately trying to not let her tears fall – her weakness would not help the situation, but she couldn't help it.

'W-why?' she stammered as the first crystalline drop rolled down her cheek. He didn't turn around. 'I thought-'

'What did you think?' he snapped angrily at her over his shoulder, 'did you think that because of one mistake everything could change, the rules could change? You are living in a dream world and I suggest you grow up, miss Burress!'

She couldn't believe what she was hearing; an hour ago this man has kissed her passionately and made her the happiest person alive. Now he was taking that all back and calling it a mistake?

Leanne just stood there shaking for a few moments. Tears were flowing steadily down her face and she felt ill; she wanted to throw up, break down sobbing, but at the same time she wanted to kiss Snape and make him see that he was the one making a mistake now. But she was angry too – angry that he had used her and dumped her, broke her heart in two just when she thought it was whole.

'Fine then,' she said, her voice surprisingly calm and her eyes void of all emotion, 'just do me one favor. If I don't make it through this last task alive tell Dumbledore my mother knows the key to destroying Voldemort so he'll never come back.'

Snape didn't move, he just stood there rigid, with his back to her. 'What makes you think you won't come back alive?' he asked a trace of a forced sneer evident in his voice.

'I said if,' Leanne said evasively.

She turned and opened the door but didn't leave.

'I know you care for me,' she said her voice now shaking with tears, 'and I-I...' she squeezed her eyes shut for a second and willed herself to say what was in her heart, she had to say it now, 'I love you.'

And without further delay she sped form he room as Snape whipped round. Had he just heard her right? She loved him?

He turned back around slowly and lent over his desk, hands splayed on the top, his head down and his breath coming in short angry bursts. He slammed his fist down on the desk in frustration as he felt his eyes begin to water, 'You fool Severus Snape,' he muttered to himself, 'you complete and utter fool. Once again you drive away the one you love,'


And that was the last time Severus Snape saw Leanne Burress alive. She went through the maze, her mind distressed, and reached the Tri-wizard cup at the same time as harry. As soon as they touched it they were transported to a graveyard where, unknown to either of them, Lord Voldemort and his two faithful servants, Peter Pettigrew also known as Wormtail, and Cree Burress, Leanne's sister lay in waiting for them.

They reached the graveyard and the high cold voice of the dark lord in his weakened form gave the order to 'kill the spare'. There was a flash of light and Leanne crumpled to the ground and knew no more.

Voldemort used Harry's blood to regenerate himself back to his former glory and the next few years were filled with much sorrow and suffering for all who lived through them.

But there was still light at the end of the tunnel; Harry, Ron and Hermione defeated Voldemort and brought an end to his reign of terror.

In the final battle Severus Snape also met his end, in the shrieking shack, where he gave his memories to Harry and died a true hero. He never knew that Leanne, the girl he fell in love with even after he swore he could never love again, had died thinking only one thing; 'Severus...'


Well, what do you think? I was going to carry on the story longer but admittedly it wasn't that good. I may re-write this story so it is better, or I may do a sequel with Cree as my main character. Any reviews and feedback are appreciated .