Sakuno's Snapped!


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And now, we begin the real storyline.

There was one day that the Seigaku Tennis Club Regulars were very annoyed at Sakuno and Tomoka. Or rather, they were annoyed that Tomoka was yelling insults to Sakuno. Keep in mind that when Sakuno's patience snapped, it was for good, and she never again became the soft pushover that she once was. Hence, when Tomoka and her loyal band of followers AKA the Ryoma-sama We Luv U!! fan-club (not to be confused with the Ryoma-sama, You're So Cool!! fan-club) insulted her, she ... well ... there's an example below.

"You're nothing but a moron, Ryuuzaki!"

"Well, so is your face."

"You are so effing ugly!"

"Well, so is your face."

"You swear to your grandmother!"

"Well, so does your face."

"Ha. My grandmother's dead."

"She probably died after looking at your horrendous face."


They continued in this fashion, and many Seigaku Tennis Club members were getting really annoyed.

"As much as I enjoy watching people suffer, I do not like to experience suffering myself. That is why I honestly hope that those two will simply shut their mouths." Fuji commented. "Say, Inui, I don't suppose you have any potions that might resolve this little problem, do you?" Inui grinned evilly. "Why, actually, Fuji, I do." He began to laugh maniacally, earning several weird looks from his peers.

"Ryuuzaki." The girls immediately turned to face Echizen Ryoma, already dressed in his normal school uniform. "Come on, let's go." Sakuno blinked in surprise. "Ryoma-kun?"

"Oi, Echizen! Practice isn't over yet!" Momoshiro called. Ryoma didn't even bat an eyelid, grabbing Sakuno's hand ("R-Ryoma-kun!") and walking towards the exit. "Really? I thought it ended when Tezuka-buchou left."

Indeed, Tezuka was nowhere to be found on the tennis courts. "...Damn, the kid's right. We've been listening to the girls throw about insults stupidly while Tezuka had already left." Momo scowled and slapped the fence lightly. "All the time I could've spent with Ann..."

"Inui, be careful. You might accidentally slip Osakada-san and Sakuno-san your new potion." Fuji hinted, his smile turning sadistic.

The next day, Fuji hummed a happy tune as he walked to school. His sister had predicted that problems that have been plaguing the Seigaku Tennis Club were going to be resolved. He grinned to himself, knowing that Inui's juice was just the thing that would help to resolve the arguments. This will be an interesting day...


Yeah, sorry it's short. Try guessing what Inui's new juice does! I got the idea from a dream of mine. It was really weird, though. Anyway, this is probably the last you'll hear from me till after the 11th of September. There's a major exam coming up, and my parents are worried for my grades, so I'm not supposed to go on the computer, watch TV, read storybooks, play my Nintendo DS etc. until it's over.

It'll end on the 11th of September, though.

Till next time,

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