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Prolouge --

'Why Bel? Why did you kill him?'

. . .

'He was your brother, Bel. Why did you kill him?'

. . .

'Bel. Don't you realize what you just did? Bel. Bel?'

. . .

'Belphegor. Why are you laughing? He's dead. You killed him.'

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

'Why are you laughing, you little bastard!? It's not funny!'

. . .

Why couldn't they realize it was just a game? I was all just a game! It was all just a game! Hehe. All just a game. A game to little Belphegor . . .


Interesting, how he still remembered that night so well. There hadn't been one like that since. The thrill of killing his brother . . . it all came back to him at certain times, when he was injured. Still, that was just a memory. Being an assassin was fun, but it still couldn't compare.


First day at Varia; several years back. Little Bel being led inside, demonic grin plastered on as usual, being told to wait while 'mommy and daddy' made arrangements . . . Being inspected by Boss Varia . . . Varia was only for the Elite. The boss only laughed at them. How could such a small child possibly be ready for the Elite?

"He's older than he looks, and he's caused more blood shed than you'd think."

Ah. Ba'al was not the first person that he had killed, but it had certainly been the last straw for his parents.

More conversation was exchanged. Bel hardly payed attention at all; it didn't interest him. Everything they said, he already knew.

"He's very smart."

"He likes knife-play."

"Death makes him laugh."

"He's abnormal for a child."

"The killing amuses him."

They really wanted him gone, didn't they? Had his actions really been so bad that they didn't care to see him anymore?

He saw it as something bigger. A chance to live his life the way he wanted it. A beautiful deed, in fact, coming from his parents. He would never be able to thank them enough, not that he intended to thank them at all.

Still, the boss of Varia was skeptical. "Prove it," he said. "Let's see him kill."

He motioned for two of his rather boring looking sub-ordinates to come forward. Obviously, they were not true members of the Varia elite. They were too dumb and too dull looking, and obviously not worthy.

They charged at Bel, and it only took a couple of glistening knives and a flick of his wrist to beat them both. Stabbed in the neck was one. He was dead. He was dead on the floor already. No fun. But the other . . .

Giggling, he stepped forward.

Only to be stopped and disgruntled when the boss called out to him and said that was enough. He seemed pleased though, and that was a good thing. Perhaps he'd even smiled at Bel, if only for a flicker of a moment. Who knew? The boss was unpredictable like that . . .

"Belphegor . . ." he said. "How would you like it if one day you could be in charge of a dozen guys like them?"

Belphegor was grinning again. A dozen guys like this? All for him? What a blood rain that would be . . . it made him laugh again just thinking about it.

The boss nodded, more to himself than anyone else. "That's it then. Bel will hone his skills here, with the Varia . . ."

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