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The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot

(A comedy/romance)

By Drarryfan1

It was a hot, sweaty, tangled mass of limbs, and frankly Hiro had no idea how he had gotten involved in such a thing. That was until he heard a voice screaming,

"What the HELL are YOU and MY SHU doing on the floor in the BEDROOM? I leave to get groceries and come back to this?"

The movement beneath, around, and beside Hiro paused, let out a squeak of surprise and then,

"YUUUUKI!" Before he knew it, Hiro was on the floor, and Yuki was encased in a hyperactive, pink-haired mass.

"Shuichi, what were you and Hiro DOING?" Yuki nearly shouted. "And without shirts on to top it off! Or should I mention that all of this is in the BEDROOM again!' Yuki glared down at the pink mass that was clinging to him, and rubbed his temples.

Shuichi stuttered, a blush as pink as his strawberry hair forming on his face.'Y-y-uki, I can explain-I'

"Well, you better have a DAMNED good explanation because if this is what it looks like-"

'It's not Yuki really! You see it all started like this…'


Shuichi had just gotten home after a long day of working on his new song called "Floating and Falling" when he realized thatt here was a package on the front walk of Yuki's apartment. (Yuki stilled refused to call it their apartment. He claimed that he alone paid for it, so it was his.)

'It must be that fun-looking American game that Ryuuichi-sama said that he got for me,' thought Shu. "I'll call Hiro and try it out. Not like he has anything better to do anyway," Shuichi joked to himself.

Once Hiro got there Shu opened the game box. Inside the multi-colored box were a spinner and a mat with a bunch of colored dots.

'Shu, you have to have at least three players to play this game' insisted Hiro. Nonsense Hiro," said Shu. "Shuichi! It says it right on the box for..." Hiro paused. "Damn.2-4 players. But who's going to spin the spinner"""You just need to keep one hand free to spin the spinner!" announced Shu proudly.

"Shuichi… I don't think that will work very well," said Hiro, voicing his uncertainty.

"Sure it will, Hiro… Just ignore one hand or something… Please?" Shuichi whined.

"Fine," said Hiro exasperatedly, "what's the worst that could happen?"

At first it went okay, as things normally do. No tangled limbs, no awkward moments, but then bad things started to happen. After just a few spins, Hiro ended up having to arch over Shuichi. Shuichi had his arms wrapped around Hiro's legs, and Hiro's right arm was bent at a very painfulangle. Shuichi seemed to be in no pain at all, even with his legs crossed! However, the tangled mass didn't last very long. Hiro went to spin the spinner, and the shaky movement caused the both of them to collapse. At that moment fate decided to intervene, and the door opened. In walked a VERY PISSED Yuki.


"So you see Yuki, that's all that happened, really!"

Yuki deadpanned, looking at the pink-haired boy like the idiot he the writer spoke."Seriously Shu hasn't ANYONE told you that Twister is the kinkiest dirtiest kids game of all time? I mean they should have just made it a game for foreplay- ugh, kid."Yuki massaged his temples. The movement only made him look more disheveled and pissed than he already was.

"Hiro, can you please get out of here, so I can sort Shuichi out?" Yuki said, his voice rough, with an odd edge that Hiro didn't quite recognize.

Yuki gave Hiro a look. One look was all it took for Hiro to realize that if he didn't get out of there soon, he might have to worry his sanity later. He left the house quicker than a kid running to the ice-cream truck.

Shuichi on the other hand wasn't so lucky. He was practically tackled by Yuki. A kiss was all the warning he got before he was thrown down on the bed with Yuki taking off his pants saying, "Now let me show you what Twister was really invented for."

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