Hey guys! I'm back! I decided to make this story a bit of a mini-series, but keep it all in one fic. Didn't think that it was long enough to constitute a whole new fic. Anyways, ENJOY!

Yuki was pissed to say the least. He had thought he had found a game that he was guaranteed to beat Shuichi at. It was a game that was 100% logic and deduction- both things that Shuichi definitely lacked. The first game that Shuichi won, Yuki considered sheer beginner's luck. Then came the second game, then the third. Yuki quickly began to suspect Shu of cheating, so he made sure that he chose the cards at the beginning of the round. When that didn't work Yuki assumed that Shuichi was hiding cards up his sleeves, so he made him take his shirt off. But once again, Shu beat him.

Yuki knew that if he didn't act soon, Shuichi would never let him forget his constant losses. He could only imagine Shuichi saying "Oh, yeah! I bet Yuki at his OWN game, Hiro! And not once, but, like, five times!" and "K! You won't believe what happened this weekend!" and lastly "I SWEAR I beat him Mika!" Yuki knew that Mika would, also, go out on a limb to taunt him at his loss. He had to win. Shuichi had already started getting cocky, constantly smirking at Yuki for every move he made. He was at the end of his rope! He had been taking careful notes the whole round. There was no way he could be wrong this time.

"Coronel Mustard, in the Kitchen, with the Candelstick!" Yuki declared. Shuichi looked down at his cards and bit his lip- a nervous habit of his. Maybe he had a chance! However then Shuichi began to chuckle. Just a little chuckle at first, almost so subtle that Yuki didn't catch it. However, then the chuckle evolved into a full-blown snicker. "Got a problem, brat!" Yuki snarled. Shuichi, forever unfazed by his boyfriends occasional lit fuse merely smiled. "It's just…. You are so wrong!" Yuki merely glared at Shuichi. "How about we make a bet on it then Shu? If I'm right you have to clean the house, wash the dishes, and sleep on the couch. For a week." He knew Shuichi would not take the bet. He despised cleaning with every fiber of his being- primarily because he was the one causing all the messes in the first place. And Shu never, ever, slept on the couch, even when Yuki was angry. He would always slink back to Yuki claiming that the couch hurt his back. He would whine and apologize until Yuki could handle it no longer, and then climb back into bed with him.

Yuki was stunned when Shuichi didn't even hesitate before taking the bet. "You're on Yuki. But if your wrong you have to take me on a date, not work for at least 2 night this week….and you have to be bottom. For the whole week." Yuki paused at the terms. He considered backing out of the bet. He had a deadline coming up, and knew that if he didn't get the newest novel handed in to his editor she would probably kill him in his sleep. But the thought of Shu mocking him once more, for his cowardice, was pulling him towards taking the bet. "Fine. Flip the cards."

In an act that Yuki decided was made to purely annoy him, Shuichi quickly flipped over the first card, and looked at Shuichi frowned. He laid it face down on the table. It was the Candlestick. Yuki held his breath. One down, two to go. Once again, Shuichi flipped over the second card and looked at it. This time, Shuichi ran a hand through his hair, another nervous habit. He slowly laid it down. It was Coronel Mustard. Yuki couldn't take it anymore. He quickly grabbed the third card and flipped it over.

He didn't look right away, but an over-exuberant whoop gave him the answer he had been looking for. The last card was the Library. He was wrong. " I knew it all along Yuki! See!" Shuichi revealed that he had been holding the Kitchen card the whole game. "I WON! NANANANANA! You lose!" Shuichi taunted. "HEY! That means that you have to take me on a Daaaaatteee!" Shuichi oozed. "We haven't been on a date in ages Yuki! Oh! I'm so excited! What are we gonna do? Where are you gonna take me?" Shuichi peppered him with questions.

Yuki rubbed his temples. It was going to be one hell of a long week. He quickly started grabbing cards and putting them back in the box. "Aw, aren't we going to play some more?" Shuichi whined. Yuki silenced him with a glare, then pulled him in for a kiss, meanwhile trying to decide if Clue mysteriously vanishing would tip Shuichi off- or if he would even notice. Well, if he was going to suffer, he might as well enjoy it. He dragged Shuichi off into the bedroom. Might as well start on fulfilling the bet requirements.

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