'Come on Edward, high school again

'Come on Edward, high school again!' shouted the annoying little pixie sister of mine. I got up off my sofa where I was reading, and went to mine and Bella's wardrobe she was already in there and staring at the room of clothes it has been 20 years since Alice gave me and Bella the room of clothes as a wedding present and we still haven't got round to wearing everything. Anyway she was staring at the room of clothes an odd expression on her face. I rushed over at lightning speed to ask what the matter was she turned to meet me and asked 'ripped jeans or skirt?'

'Hmmm, ripped jeans I think and that pale blue t-shirt with the v-neck.'

'Yes that sounds good, but I'll add my tight black jacket. White and blue tennis shoes…' she trailed off and went to look for the items of clothing. I decided to wear my dark-blue-almost-black jeans and forest green, long sleeved shirt I grabbed my water-proof jacket and joined my Bella in the bedroom where she was waiting for me. We ran down the stairs vampire speed to my awaiting siblings.

'Bags I'm driving!' Emmett thundered the second we were all gathered

Did he always have to be so loud and obnoxious?

We pulled into the school car park and took one of the spaces closest to the buildings. All of us pilled out of the car, we had gotten a car especially for school it was a Toyota Previa with blacked out windows and seven seats so that we only had to take one car. As we made our way to the front office of the school some of the other kids started arriving. The usual thoughts occurred, Bella suffered with me…

Oooh that guy is HOT….

New girls, excellent! Time to get out the old charm….

Thoughts like this were in every kids mind as they noticed us.

We collected our schedules from the middle aged secretary, Bella, Alice and I all had first hour English together and then second hour chemistry before meeting up at lunch after French and Spanish for Bella and Alice, and maths and phys ed. For me. We walked into the cafeteria and spotted Rosalie, Emmett and jasper already seated with untouched trays of food in front of them. After collecting our trays we made our way over to them.

'Are they scared of us yet?' asked Emmett. Bella answered for me.

'No. but they will be if that trashy blonde doesn't shut her mental yap!'

Emmett chuckled and went back to singing mama mia in his head.

Rosalie was thinking about what colour to paint her nails that evening, Alice was day-dreaming about her next shopping trip and jasper was remembering his newborn army days. Emmett changed the song in his head to Barbie girl mixed with sk8r boy, not a combination I would recommend. Just as we got up to dump our uneaten food, a black haired boy was ogling my Bella, I growled low and he quickly went back to his lunch but that didn't stop the thoughts.

'Eeeeeeew! Ew! Ew! Yuck!' Bella squeaked under her breath at the vulgarity of his thoughts, mainly concentrated on her cleavage. Emmett chuckled again as we swept out of the cafeteria. So there were people even worse than mike Newton and Jacob black for their fantasies. I never thought that was possible. Still Canada was a beautiful place….