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We ran out of the restaurant laughing, and went straight to the super extraordinary top most secret base of operations, I downloaded the pictures and the video onto the computer, we printed off the best pictures and pinned them to the F.P.T. (fluffy pink teddy) board. Then we uploaded the video on to youtube and sent Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme and ourselves the link from an email address that we had just made up. Then Alice had a vision.

"Yay! There's going to be thunder tonight! Quick lets go get the boys! Oh, don't forget to pick up some of the shopping bags so they don't suspect us." we did that then ran to the house.

"We stashed the bags in our rooms then went to the living room to find everybody staring at laptop and computer screens.

"Watcha doing?" Alice asked perkily. They simply pointed at the screens.

They were watching the video.

We burst out laughing as we watched it.

"Never mind about that, it's gonna thunder in about 3 hours, who's up fr a game of base-ball?" Alice asked. There was a round of 'yeahs' so we went to get changed and waited for a couple of hours. We ran to the clearing me following the other Cullens as I had never been to this one before, the trees thinned abruptly and I was shocked to see a wide clearing almost exactly like the one in Forks.

"Do you have one of these near EVERY one of your houses?" I asked shocked slightly.

"Yes." Jasper answered simply. I shook my head and helped make the bases.

The teams were Edward, Jasper and Rosalie versus Alice, Emmett and Carlisle. Esme and I decided to sit out this game and referee. Once the thunder began, so did we.

Alice pitched the ball and Rosalie swung at it, it went zooming into the forest,

"I got it! I got it!" shouted Emmett.


"Oh no! Poor tree what have I done?!" we all heard from the forest, and cracked up laughing. Oh how I loved Alice's visions, we had that on camera now too.

Rosalie got in a comfortable home run and we waited fr Emmett to come back with the ball. He did eventually and handed it to Alice. Jasper battered up and Alice pitched, Jasper sent the ball high into the air, and ran he reached third base before he had to stop.

"Damn!" he cursed. The game went on. Once the teams had swapped around a few times we were still in good spirits.

A twig snapped, normally this wouldn't have bothered us but a gasp followed after it. All our heads turned to the noise. We scented the air.

A human!

"Aw man! Now we have to move again!" whined Emmett.

"Come out child," sighed Carlisle. A girl stepped out from the woods. It was the girl from Wal-mart! Amelia I think.

"I knew you weren't human, I knew it. There was no way you could have been. So the question is, what are you?" she mused to herself as she walked towards us.

"Maybe you should come to our house and we can explain?" I suggested.

"Yes, that would be nice... if it's all right with all of you?" Amelia looked unsure.

Rose looked resigned and slightly pissed.

Edward was curious.

Alice was...Alice and being a hyperactive pixie girl.

Emmett was between excited and annoyed that we would have to move again.

Esme looked worried fr the girl.

Jasper was working on keeping his blood-lust under control,

and Carlisle was politely interested.

I offered to run her back to the house, and the others agreed.

"Climb on my back and close your eyes." I instructed Amelia.

She looked way but did as I said.

We were sitting around in the living room, Amelia perched on a chair by herself.

"So...what are you?" she asked.

"Vampires, we are vampires."Carlisle answered. She gasped sharply.

"No we don't get burned by the sun." Edward answered the question in her mind, she looked at him strangely.

"I can read minds." he answered her again. Her eyes widened.

"Anyway," I said loudly, "we have super-speed as you saw, super-strength, super sensitive senses and some of us have extra powers. But the question now is, what now?" I explained to her.

"Simple, I want to be one of you." she answered. There was a stunned silence before Carlisle spoke out.

"No absolutely not, we cannot take your life from you, you will just have to keep this secret and hope you never meet the Volturi." said Carlisle in doctor/head of family mode. Amelia laughed bitterly.

"Ha! What life? I just found I have terminal kidney cancer!" she choked out.

Another stunned silence.

"I will examine you, then we will decide. Come with me." said Carlisle. They were gone for two hours, when they finally came back from the Hospital, Carlisle looked sombre.

"Yes she does." was his simple answer to our unasked question. I sighed and Esme turned to the girl.

"Is this truly what you want? You won't be able to e around humans for decades, you will be confined to the earth for eternity and you will never be able to have children." Esme told the girl.

"Yes. I was told I would die before my sixteenth birthday. This is just speeding up the inevitable." she grinned.

"How old are you Amelia?" Rosalie asked.

"15, my birthday was seven months ago." our eyes widened, this girl had literally months to live.

"Fine. While you are being changed, we will fake your death. A tragic accident in the woods I think, bear attack?" suggested Carlisle. We nodded and got to work while Amelia and Carlisle went upstairs so she could be as comfortable as possible for her change.

"So...where are we going next?" I asked. 3 days after we had finished faking Amelia's death.

"How about Scotland, there is some really nice country there..." suggested Jasper.

"Sounds good." came a voice from the stairs. We whipped around, and I have to say, Vampirism really suited Amelia.

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